Ballot Issues?

Hi Friends –

Well … I resisted the temptation for quite some now, but I finally caved in. I created a new category on my “blog” …. “Politics”. (gasp)

I suppose I have some pretty strong opinions in this area. Then again, I seem to have strong opinions in most areas! (grin).

At any case, I’ve been watching this RSS feed/blog called The Electoral Vote Predictor 2004. It has a map with red/blue states showing who is ahead in the electoral college, along with graphs, charts, movies, spreadsheets, and commentary. Everything is updated daily. It even tracks the Senate elections.

Today, there was a discussion about the “ballot problems”, and after seeing it, I’ve decided that I will no longer tell jokes about Floridians who were smart enough to play 10 “bingo cards” at once, but not punch the right hole. In the case of the “Absentee ballot” for the county where Cleveland, Ohio is located – I would’ve thrown away my vote, no doubt.

See for yourself at the site I mentioned above, but here is a quote:

Here is an example of the kind of issue that might turn Ohio into Florida. Take a look at the absentee ballot for for Cuyahoga County, where Cleveland is located. Suppose you wanted to vote for George Bush. Which hole would you punch? If you picked the one I colored in green, congratulations, you just threw your vote away. The one in red is the correct choice to vote for George Bush. Blue is for Kerry.

Apparently, you’re supposed to punch the correct NUMBER – so a “Bush Vote” would mean you punch #4. Apparently, that big black arrow means nothing. It’s interesting; however, that the Kerry arrow just happens to point to the correct # on the punch card.

Seriously, as I was showing this to Joy and my in-laws (who are visiting), Joy’s comment was simply “it’s in God’s hands”. Ultimately, that’s true. I think …no, I’m sure … it’s our right and obligation to vote … but Even more, we should PRAY. Pray that God’s will is accomplished here on earth, as it is in heaven. Pray that those who stand for righteousness and life will be active and strong to make a stand.

Just barely over a week to go, and we’ll decide who is the President of our great country. I hope you’ll join me in prayer for God’s purpose to prevail.

For the Kingdom,

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3 comments on Ballot Issues?

  1. i think the prayer thing is indeed the way to go.

    many choose to fret and fear and then try to pray at the same time about these elections. that doesn’t work.

    most “christians” seem are so worked up about these things. like it or not, jesus wasn’t that interested in politics. he was more interested in spending time with sinners and his disciples, the broken and the devoted broken. i hear christians on tv, on the radio and my friends talking politics like there’s no hope left for us if a democrat is elected.

    i believe it stinks like rotting fish (or anything else really smelly) in god’s nostrils to see his people so faithless and consumed by things that don’t really worry the lord at all.

    it’s good to vote for the best candidate as you see it, but whoever wins this election, and every election for that matter, does so with god’s approval(a fun bible fact).

    we must keep our heads screwed on and seek wisdom and discernment and to see things through god’s eyes.

    boy i can’t wait until it’s all over.

  2. In some ways, I agree with what Robert says. But in others, I disagree. There is a clear Biblical pattern of praying about important matters. What would have happened if Moses hadn’t prayed to stay God’s hand against the children of Israel? We are not to walk in fear, that’s for sure. But I do believe that God has put us in this world with a responsibility to help determine the result of certain actions. While God will be faithful to His people, regardless of whether a Democrat or a Republican is in the White House, I do think that we we have a definite responsibility to act and pray for what we believe to be His will. He has called us to “stand in the gap”, and that calling didn’t go away when Jesus arrived! Just my 2 cents worth!


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