The Coronation

Hey Ya’ll –

Well, I’m finally “back in the saddle”. Today feels like the first day of the New Year to me, as I’ve been all out of my “routine” since before the holidays. Last week was awesome – had an incredible time of prayer, fasting, and seeking the Lord at my annual retreat. God spoke (as usual) and it was a great time of renewal.

I was home for a few brief hours on Thursday morning and then headed out to Dublin, GA for rehearsals and preparation for our annual “Keyboard Praise” concert at Dublin First United Methodist. I was listed to do a piano solo and I decided it was about time to step out in faith and perform one of the pieces I’ve been preparing for the new album. I chose one of the most difficult ones – a majestic, regal-sounding theme that is in Db – a piece that I’ve struggled to find a good “title” for.

I had decided to call this song “Majesty” or “Majestic” – neither of those titles ever excited me, though. One of the anthems that we performed in the concert was subtitled “Diadem/Coronation”. Coronation – now that’s a word that I like. It described the “feel” of the theme I’d composed and after discussing it with Joy, we decided it was the perfect name!

One of my visions in performing this music is that the Holy Spirit will minister to people and reveal Himself to them as I play and worship. I anticipate this in both religious and secular venues. Sunday was the first public performance and my dream came true. An older gentleman – actually, one of the pastors on staff – came up to me at the reception following the concert and said something like this:

Fred, when you played that song, “The Coronation”, I had visions. The Spirit moved within me and I saw myself standing in that great, majestic hall before the King of Kings. I was overwhelmed and did not know whether I should shout “Hallelujah” or if I should just fall down”.

This really excited me – it’s exactly what I’d hoped for. The song was well received and I’m more encouraged to finish composing the other themes and get the album finished by late spring or early summer.

Well, back to work …

For the Kingdom,

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One comment on “The Coronation

  1. Segunda D. Mangaoang says:

    well, that’s good. hope i can hear all ur composed songs. well you have said before that you will give a free CD sampler to those members. hope i can receive one of your composed songs. i’m a worship song leader in our church here in the philippines(Church of the Nazarene). do you know darlene zschech? she is my idol. i love all her songs.

    well,just end my letter. God Bless you and your family!

    just call meh…

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