Worship Confessional #1

Hey Ya’ll,

Well, thanks to Carlos over at RagamuffinSoul.Com, I’ve been inspired to join the growing network of worship leaders who are doing a weekly “Worship Confessional” … a quick video recap of the song selection we’ve used in church, etc.

Today was my first attempt – I’d rather use my nice Panasonic DV Cam, import into iMovie, add credits, background music, and produce it right – but the truth is … that would take hours .. hours I don’t really have to spare. So hope the low quality, cell phone video is sufficient to get the idea across!

For those interested in seeing the written setlist and flowsheet, I’ve posted it over in TheWorshipCommunity.Com.

Now .. the Worship Confessional #1


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7 comments on Worship Confessional #1

  1. Los says:

    AWESOME!!! Hey check out the Ragamuffin soulcast coming out this Tuesday. I pimped The Worship Community.com!!!

  2. Herb Stucky says:

    Thank you, realy enjoyed hearing what and why you did what you dis. God bless.

  3. Robert says:

    OK… if you are going to do it… do it right… lets see your band…
    Love ya buddy!

  4. alex says:

    sweet! We’ll be on the same confessional schedule (our first was last week too). I miss my treo, go a moto q and the video completely sucks on it!

  5. klampert says:

    great set list and nice first video

  6. Gary Hodges says:

    Woah dude. Did you ever see the Star Trek: Voyager episode where the ship was trapped in this like temoral distortion or something crazy like that and everthing was sort of wavy and twisted? Kind of like you and your car in this video. Cool.

  7. Chad says:

    I saw ten moving violations commited in five minutes!! Interesting stuff.

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