O Holy Night Saga Revealed, Pt. 2

Hello Everyone –

For those just joining us, you may want to play “Catch Up” on the saga by reading Part 1: Background.

Part 2: Celebrity Status

So on Nov. 30th of 2006 I get this “comment” on the original post (it’s still there) that reads:

Just thought you might want to know that free FM in San Francisco played this tonight as a part of their contest for worst xmas song ever. It was on the Chris Daniel and Brad Giese show titled Gray Area. The big kicker though is they introduced in as “O’ Holy Night as performed by Fred McKinnon a worship leader from Georgia” (edited for corrections)

Huh? Oh my, this is funny, but this could be bad. Somebody accidentally thought it was me? Well, it got worse. Throughout the morning, more people emailed and commented. By noon, there was a “myspace.com/fredmckinnonrules” page (no longer active, thankfully!) that had my picture, my name, and O Holy Night playing.

I quickly fired off an email to the 106.9 Free FM, the station in San Franciso that hosts this late night talk show, “The Gray Area” to let them know that although this was funny, I wasn’t the singer and they’d misunderstood. I requested that the MySpace be taken down. This was fuel for the fire and this is when it gets fun. I was invited to come on the show in San Franciso via telephone. So, I stayed up very late and recorded over 2 hours worth of what I think is some of the funniest stuff I’ve ever heard in my life.

Erica, the lady who “discovered” the song on my site, and the call screener (among other things) has a totally HILARIOUS blog that she keeps on the show … if you want a good laugh, load the December 2006 archives of her blog and use your brower’s “find” feature (Edit > Find usually) to search for “Fred” and you’ll see what I mean!

Here are a few clips to enjoy .. these may take a while, so if you don’t have time now … bookmark this, or for you RSS Readers, mark as “unread” so you can come back and have fun with this:

“Who is Fred McKinnon and what is a Worship Leader?”
(source: The Gray Area, 106.9 Free FM)


“Attributing Fred McKinnon as the Singer”
(source: The Gray Area, 106.9 Free FM)


“O Holy Night Played on the Air as Fred McKinnon”
(source: The Gray Area, 106.9 Free FM)

OK, so in Part #3 we’ll continue the 106.9 saga with a few snippets of the “call in” time where I was interviewed by Chris and Brad. It was a lot of fun. I have over 2+ hours recorded and should only share a few, short snippets for copyright purposes … just enough to let you see how hilarious and big this got.

As for the “who is this really” … I just love the comments about how I’m dragging this out … so, hang in there … “wait for it … wait for it … wait for it …”

It’s coming.

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14 comments on “O Holy Night Saga Revealed, Pt. 2

  1. Ben Harrell says:

    El Ben is waiting with bated breath for the outcome of this neverending saga.

  2. Chris says:

    “The cabin boy of the church.”


  3. Stephen says:

    That is absolutely hilarious, man. This is like some really bizarre form of identity theft, or something…

  4. For some reason this brings to mind the lyrics of of on David Crowder’s newest songs…
    “never ending always you will never end because you’re always neverending”

  5. this is perhaps the best thing ever. I’ll pay you $2 for the movie rights.

  6. Robert McKinnon says:

    Ok. I give up. But come Thanksgiving, your big brother is gonna kick your fanny and make you wear a florida gators shirt and wave a georgia tech banner during the Turkey bowl for making us all wait like this. I’ll post the pics on my blog for all the world to see!

  7. Mom says:

    I never thought this saga (though absolutely tear-jerking hilarious at the time) would come back to haunt me like this!!! It’s almost like the old “As the Stomach Churns” (Ginger’s paraphrase) soap on tv years and years ago. Of course I don’t do ‘soaps’ anymore so it may still be churning on like this is!!!!!!!!

  8. Billy Chia says:

    oh man that is so hilarious. I’d probably be equal parts excited and nauseated if radio DJs were talking about me like that. You are good sport for posting it.

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