O Holy Night Saga Revealed, Pt. 4

Hey Everyone –

OK, we’re nearing the end of this saga … I promise.

For those who have missed this series, checkout:
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Time to Vote (Part 3)

Today, a short entry to share a couple more minutes of some of the funny callers. My favorite one is “Sid” at the end who expresses in disbelief that reality that this “Fred McKinnon” guy actually leads music in a church somewhere.

CONTENT WARNING: (reminder from yesterday) … In case you’ve not figured it out, this is NOT a “Christian” radio station, and I wouldn’t classify those calling into the show as your typical “christian” audience either. There is some profanity (gasp!) and other comments that could be offensive. I’m warning you now. It’s nothing too horrible. Trust me – I’ve only edited and shared the ones that are on the “clean side” – there were a few callers who although I have to confess, made me laugh very hard … I just can’t bring myself to post here on a blog that is typically about worship, leadership, and the like. And we’ll get back to some of that good stuff soon .. I promise!

The Callers and Voting, Part 2 (2:24)
(source: 106.9 Free FM)


Tomorrow (Thursday): Snippets from my guest appearance on the show.
Friday: the official unveiling … all the scoop, plus full audio interview recorded “live” with the REAL singer!

Stay tuned, and SPREAD THE WORD!


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5 comments on “O Holy Night Saga Revealed, Pt. 4

  1. Chris Moncus says:

    Well Fred. You have mastered the art of dragging something out. It’s kinda like the Rocky movies. Just kidding! Can’t wait for the end.

  2. russ says:

    Again….waiting waiting waiting!

  3. Robert McKinnon says:

    Now all of you who read these comments watch and see. Fred is going to have a blog tomorrow saying, “I thought about it and have decided that instead of revealing the end of this saga on my blog, I’m going to make a video/cd of the whole process. They will be for sale in the year 2009 and will be yours for only 15.00 if you go ahead and pre-order now. 20.00 if you buy later. Wow! What a savings!

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