O Holy Night Saga Revealed, Pt. 5

Hey Everyone –

For those who have missed this series, checkout:
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Wow, this has to be the longest running series ever … and it just keeps on going! Before we get into Part 5 .. I have to confess … this may draw out even further. Why? Because Part 6 (scheduled for tomorrow) features the actual phone interview with Mr. St**** M*****, the real singer of “O Holy Night”.

The good news … the interview happened, and is recorded in ProTools and ready for release!
The bad news … the interview is nearly 1-hour long!

So, I may be FORCED to break the interview into yet another series of releases. Who is really going to sit here online and listen to 1 hour of a phone interview! Let me know your comments!

Now … onto Part 5 …

Fred joins Chris and Brad in San Francisco on 106.9 Free FM …

Fred joins the show
(source: 106.9 Free FM)


The Spoof Argument with Chris and Brad
(source: 106.9 Free FM)


Fred answers the question, “What is a Worship Leader”
(source: 106.9 Free FM)


My friend, Chas from Atlanta, joins the conference
(source: 106.9 Free FM)


OK everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed this! Now, stay tuned for the exciting release of the “REAL O HOLY NIGHT SINGER” tomorrow (Friday), right here on FredMcKinnon.Com. As I said, I may be forced to release this phone interview in segments (arrggggh!). It’s nearly 1-hour long. But I promise I’ll give you enough answers tomorrow to bring satisfaction!

Thanks for hanging in there .. now … this is a huge story … so how ’bout posting it on YOUR BLOG and spreading the word!


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3 comments on “O Holy Night Saga Revealed, Pt. 5

  1. russ says:

    I’d personally love to hear the entire radio interview with FM Free.

  2. Kevin Eades says:

    You major bloggers will do ANYTHING for people to read your blog! I have really enjoyed this “saga”

    I would also love to here the whole interview!

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