Worship Planning + Web2.0

Hey Everyone,

So it’s official. I will be teaching a class this year at the National Worship Leader Conference in Austin, TX. The title: “Worship Planning + Web2.0”.

“From FaceBook to Twitter, Blogging, Social Networking, and Online Communities … how can the web enhance your ability to plan and create great worship encounters for your congregations.”

I’ll start writing the syllabus soon – but I need to hear from you ALL … how has the web, and more specifically, the 2.0 web helped you as a Worship Leader, Musician, or Tech?

1. Leave a comment and share your story.
2. Blog about it, email it, and share it on your links … I need HUGE PARTICIPATION here.
3. COME to the class if you’re attending the NWLC!

Let the stories begin.

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12 comments on “Worship Planning + Web2.0

  1. beth says:

    Fred, the biggest impact so far has been the opportunity to ‘experience’ other worship services via the Monday morning Worship Confessionals I’ve read. Larger churches make video available, but folks that are working on a smaller level are able to recount their services- music, creative elements, messages and – most importantly – the work that God is doing, through us as WL’s and in the Body. That, for me, has been transformational – both in terms of new music/creative ideas and in encouragement.

    There’s probably more, but that’s a start…

  2. Fred says:

    That’s awesome … so many times, I’ve asked myself if the weekly video or text confessional is a complete waste of time. I’m glad to see that it actually makes a difference.

    I went a few months without doing it, and people in my own church started asking me why I wasn’t posting the set list anymore!


  3. Hey there,
    Good stuff about looking at web 2.0. Can I just stress web 2.0 and how we use the internet today helped me completely turn around my business online.
    Since then, I have felt God empower me to help churches wordlwide to start to use web 2.0.

    I would liove to share sometime with your readership for you.



  4. Russ says:

    For us, I’d say that the google apps suite has had a huge impact. Also, we all stay connected trough facebook and myspace. My team hasn’t quite twittered over the edge yet, but I’m working on it!

  5. Bryan Nelson says:

    I recently let people in our church select the music for worship. Took the top 5 songs after everyone voted for their top 3 songs online. See the following links for example…



  6. alex mclean says:

    For us I wish we could be more web 2.0 savvy but it seems we don’t all value it’s importance where I’m at. We have been using planningcenteronline.com for almost a year now. Which is HUGE even though we are only tapping about 50% of its potential.
    We also were doing worship confessionals but since I am no longer involved on a weekly basis we no longer do them. They are hugely valuable though and I would recommend any worship leader or team member to watch and do them.
    Blogging is also a huge tool for team members to hear/know your thoughts/dreams/struggles, etc – and to learn from people all over the world.
    Twitter is the latest addition to the mix although we haven’t really gotten on board yet (I am personally). But I could see huge potential in using twitter as an informational or feedback tool.
    Stuff that is going bye bye? (IMHO) myspace, facebook, email…

  7. Well, since I’ve asked the same question, I thought I would weigh in. I’ve use planningcenteronline.com extensively, but I don’t think it’s Web 2.0 because the content is not really user-driven, and the last time I used it (a couple of months ago), there was really no interactivity tools within it.

    I used MySpace and Facebook to send Monday Morning Attaboys, and used GoogleDocs to move things back and forth. I’m investigating the church using Twitter officially as a medium of communicating within.

  8. I have created Facebook groups for the two praise bands I lead each week at two different churches. So far it’s mainly a networking tool.
    Sites that are a regular part of worship planning: CCLI SongSelect, Bible Gateway & iTunes Store. YouTube has been a helpful resource as well. I check in at the SongDiscovery Community & Worship the Rock once in awhile.

  9. steve says:

    As a musician, internet tools and sites have helped immensely in learning, gathering, and planning. YouTube is a great resource for learning, especially when artists like Daniel Carson of Chris Tomlin’s band posts videos of how he plays parts in songs. Lots of artists post chord charts and other tips. Online forum and tab sites are a good resource for this too.

    As a techy sort, google apps is a wonderful tool! I bought a domain for my team, setup google apps, gave everyone their own email address – all in the space of an hour or so. It’s a great tool.

    Most members, though, aren’t Web2.0 savvy. I think myself, our bass player, and my wife are the only ones with a Facebook page, and I’m the only one I know of who twitters. (just started following you, btw – and emailed our leader about attending next month in Austin, I feel a motorcycle trip coming on!)

    steves last blog post..On Change, Transformation, and Death.

  10. Travis says:

    Based on our PCO experiences recently, I advise digging in deep before really trying to set it up. Avoid the messes we got into.

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