Redneck Worship Leader – Gone Fishin’

Hey Gang,

I’ll be spending the bulk of this week in Chicago at Willow Creek’s Arise Arts Conference. For those who missed some posts over the weekend, checkout yesterday’s Worship Confessional and this weekend’s “Free DVD” challenge for CareNet.

So I thought I’d start this week off with a little bit of personal humor. While I was doing a concert at Ft. Belvoir in Virginia a couple of weekends ago, I had three people … count’em … THREE PEOPLE make comments about my “accent” … only, it was about my “lack of accent”. I was pretty disappointed that I’ve lived on a resort island with a melting pot of north/south/east/west folks so long that I’ve lost my redneck flare.

The truth is ….

“I live on an upscale, beautiful resort island in Southeast Georgia, but I’m really still a hunting, fishing, 4-wheelin’ redneck. I can skin a buck, I can run a trot line.”

Further inspired by my buddy Brent Hodge’s pics of some fish he caught (if you call that a fish) with his son, I went on a quest to locate real video footage from my glory days as a South Georgia Redneck.

I present to you, circa Summer 1994? (freshman in college), “Redneck Worship Leader Goes Fishin”.
Background: I love bass fishing. This was an early morning trip to a great farm pond in Telfair County with one of my best friends ever, Tommy Joines. We took along the camcorder (you remember, those huge black, plastic VHS ones?) and were making our own “fishing show” like you see on those outdoor channels. “Hank Parker Outdoors” was my favorite of all-time (hence, my whistling the theme show). I never would’ve guessed that during this morning I would have the honor of landing a monster 10-pound largemouth bass … and catching most of it on video. (we would’ve captured more of the fight, but we were hung up in stumps, and Tommy had to drive the boat before getting the camera).

Things to look for:

1. way-cool “I’ve gone to college now” blend of college student meets redneck attire.
2. the hook literally falls out of the fishes mouth when I grab it.
3. this was the day of 0% body fat. No need for Carlos’ challenge back then. (oh how times have changed)
3. enunciation is the key:
Pounds = Pow-wends.
Myself = My Se – yelf.
The Wall – da wa-wahl.

Hope you enjoy.


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15 comments on “Redneck Worship Leader – Gone Fishin’

  1. My, o my! Look at how skinny my little brother is! And WHAT KIND OF SHORTS ARE THOSE???

  2. Melanie says:

    Too funny….I don’t remember you talking that southern when we were in Brunswick…the island takes out the southern redneck twang I guess……

  3. inWorship says:

    “If you call that a fish”!?!?!

    By the way, not sure we saw an official weigh in on your “10lb’r” 🙂

  4. klampert says:

    uh…wow…u sure thats you? was there a confederate flag on your pickup?

  5. Pastor Tim says:

    Oh my! That was fantastic Fred! Brings back so many memories! I miss my own “honey holes” I left back in Georgia! I caught a 12 pounder on an 8 lb test line one time back in the days when no one could afford a video recorder! It is only a memory now! Blessings my friend!

  6. Chris says:

    Ha – that is hilarious. Those shorts are the best part.

  7. Daddy says:

    How well I remember! Your hat size went up two sizes that day!

  8. Ben says:


    Flashbacks to the glory days back in Pearson (my home town). That’s a pretty honkin’ big fish, although I’m a bit disturbed by you repeatedly kissing it.

  9. Peter Park says:

    Sounds like a fun conference. Share your notes later.

  10. Chris Moncus says:

    Dude you were buff.

  11. debby says:

    I don’t know Fred…are you sure that’s what you came for…really? because I am not quite sure you were sure. 🙂
    You are correct by the way, that was some accent!

  12. Mom says:

    I never knew what you and Tommy Joines were going to get into when you left the house (should I share more?????) but do remember how much fun we all had watching your homemade video and being so proud for you! I agree with your brother Rob, I had forgotten how thin you were!!!! By he way, Ben, I was a little disturbed about all the fish kissing as well! Happy memories! Thank you, Lord, for happy memories.

  13. Pingback: fishing buddy
  14. Chuck says:

    I forgot you used to ride a chicken… And I’m still not sure Tommy didn’t catch that one & let you take credit… Hehe…

  15. mandy says:

    thank you for sending me to this. and you’re even into technology about fishing. HD1,000 or something like that.

    you are SO a redneck. holy cow. i can’t believe you posted this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mandys last blog just a year

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