Sunday Setlists #1 – Join the Carnival

Sunday Setlists, #1 (a new Blog Carnival)

(yes, this is the Sunday Surprise, so join in!)

Recently, I’ve been introduced to a few sites using a technique called the “Blog Carnival” to build community on their blogs. The “blog carnival” helps the blogger (with incoming links) and the participants (with outgoing links and exposure) as a result of participating. Some of the blog carnivals I’ve participated in include the “Watercooler Wednesday” with Randy Elrod and “Creative Chaos” with

After making lots of new friends, bloggers, twitters, and bringing quite a few new subscribers on board, I thought it would be fun to pull everyone together weekly for a blog carnival called “Sunday Setlists”.

Choosing a topic such as “setlists” greatly reduces the number of people who can participate in the carnival … I realize that, but I’ve chosen this topic because it’s of genuine interest to me. I really enjoy seeing what other people are singing in their churches, and I think most of you enjoy it as well. By having everyone link on “Mr. Linky” it will be easy to visit other’s blogs and see their “Sunday Setlists”.

The Rules:

Each Sunday, I’ll post a recap of our Sunday Setlist. It may be a Worship Confessional video or a “textfessional” (a written setlist). You are encouraged to do the same thing. As a matter of fact, if your worship pastor doesn’t blog, feel free to post a recap for your church .. you don’t have to be the leader!

1. Post your blog entry with your Sunday Setlist recap.
2. In your blog, you should link back to this post (the most current Sunday Setlist) and indicate that you are posting your setlist as part of the “Sunday Setlists” theme. Feel free to copy and paste this description:
“This week’s recap of songs is posted in collaboration with other worship leaders on the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival at”.
3. After posting your blog, fill out the “Mr. Linky” form below, with your name, and the URL to your “Sunday Setlist” blog entry. (please don’t just link to your blog’s homepage, or the link will be deleted – the idea is that we can all easily click over and see your setlist).
4. Leave a comment below letting us know you’re participating.

I think this will be a lot of fun … so many of us are already posting our weekly setlists, and this is a way to allow everyone else to see each other’s setlist posts easily. Got questions? Just leave a comment below.

Sunday Setlist for Sunday, July 27
St. Simons Community Church
Worship Leader: Shannon Lewis

“All I Have”, Charlie Hines (iTunes link)
“No Other Name”, by Todd Fields (iTunes link)
“Jesus Paid It All” (Kristian Stanfill Arr.) (iTunes link)
“How Deep the Father’s Love For Us”, by Stuart Townend (iTunes link)
“Mighty To Save” by Hillsongs Australia (iTunes link)

Ok, so post your setlist, link back to this post as part of the “Sunday Setlists” group, and then include your name and link back to your Sunday Setlists post in the Mister Linky below.

Then, come back and see everyone’s setlists as it grows.

This “Sunday Setlists” is now closed – below are the links to other worshiper leader’s and church attender’s Worship Confessionals, Textfessionals, and recaps:

1. Billy Chia
2. Fred McKinnon (Mister Linky Test)
3. Jamie Burnside
4. Rick Scheibner
5. Steve Lowe
6. Jim Drake (Worship Post-Fessional)
7. Bobby Gilles
8. Ryan Egan
9. HL McConnell
10. Mandy (GCC rocked it)
11. Paul Joseph
12. Gary Durbin
13. Russ Hutto
14. Klampert (CECWorship)
15. Ben Abu Saada
16. Wayne Thomas
17. Matt Stevens
18. Jon Morris
19. mandythompson
20. Grupo de Alabanza – ICCM
21. JonWesley Barnhill

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47 comments on “Sunday Setlists #1 – Join the Carnival

  1. Billy Chia says:

    Great idea! I was thinking to myself yesterday, “Man Worship Confessionals are dead. I miss getting to see everyone’s set lists and getting a pulse on what songs people are doing.”

    This could be a good encouragement to get lots of guys posting.

    A suggestion: Remind people in the linky form to post the URL to their post not their homepage. Rather than “leave your URL” have something like “Leave the URL for your set list this week.”

    Billy Chias last blog post..No Drums, Yes Holy Spirit

  2. Billy,
    Thanks for being #1! Great idea about the URL – I’ve got that in the rules (see #3) … the text you are referring to is automatically added by the Mister Linky code, and I’m not quite sure how to edit that particular text. I’ll look into it!

    Fred McKinnons last blog post..Sunday Setlists #1 – Join the Carnival

  3. Ryan says:

    Fred – great idea – this will also make sure I remember to post a weekly set list. I’ll be joining tomorrow when I post the recap.

    Ryans last blog post..The Power of Words – Shoutout to Ragamuffin Soul

  4. Fred are you using Worship Kitchen? I made all my iTunes links by hand, but i know Worship Kitch can prob do it. I found the font too tiny to work with. just curious if anyone out there has worked with it and made the font larger?

  5. Ryan, Look forward to it tomorrow.
    Jamie … I don’t use Worship Kitchen b/c it’s not on Mac platform yet … but that will release in September, according to the “chef” himself. I just create my own links – you can go into the iTunes music store and right-click on any item and “copy itunes music store url”.

    For the sake of transparency, though … I actually use the Linkshare itunes affiliate link maker to create my links … so, when people click those links and if they purchase the songs, I make a ton of money. Like, for the last few months, my Linkshare check has been over $1.00! (that’s one dollar!)

    Fred McKinnons last blog post..Sunday Setlists #1 – Join the Carnival

  6. Rick says:

    I’d already posted our set list today as a “worship confessional”, but I came across your post here and updated mine to include the link here. Hope that’s ok. Thanks, Fred, I look forward to reading more.

    Ricks last blog post..Worship Confessional, 7-27-2008

  7. Fred says:

    Sure thing, that’s awesome … and thanks for spreading the word. I’ve linked to you in the main blogroll as well.


  8. Steve Lowe says:

    Great idea, Fred. I didn’t make iTunes links on my post as I’m using my linux laptop at the moment – will update later when I’m on my Mac.

    Steve Lowes last blog post..Worship setlist, July 27, 2008

  9. Fred says:

    Hey – thanks SO MUCH for jumping in on the Sunday Setlist idea. Hopefully, we’ll do this every week … at least, that’s the idea. I hope you get lots of click-thrus to your blog, too.

    About your setlist …. that’s a ton of songs, it’s awesome that you have that much time for corporate worship. About how much time do you devote to the singing/musical portion of your corporate worship service?


  10. Jim Drake says:

    Fred–great idea. I already do a post mortem in the afternoon on Sunday–so I’ll just link to you on these posts.

    If you could link to me on my blog–that would be great!

    Jim Drakes last blog post..Worship Post-Fessional, July 27, 2008

  11. Fred says:

    Steve … PS: there’s no requirement for itunes links … that’s just something I like to do … a lot of folks in my church like to see them ’cause they hear a song they like and want to check it out.

  12. Fred says:

    Awesome – thanks … and you are on my blogroll! Listed as “Jim Drake” … I added it earlier.

  13. I should have clarified my set. Lotsa music.
    We do an opening hymn, then P/W set of 3 or 4. Song for the offering, song for closing, and then we have extended worship time for folks who come up to the altar to “linger” or pray. Service is 1.5 hrs long prior to the lingering time.

  14. Mike says:

    Excellent. We had a Father/Son campout this weekend, so the recap will not be a fair shake – it was specially picked for the event. But I will add this to the worship confessional next week!

    Mikes last blog post..Saturday Fun – What have you read?

  15. Ryan says:

    Sunday Recap posted here! Thanks for doing this.

    Ryans last blog post..Sunday Recap – A Challenge to Adults

  16. Peter says:

    Sounds fun. I will get on it when I lead and maybe even on the Sundays I don’t lead.

  17. Paul J. says:

    I’m in! Thanks, Fred…

    Paul J.s last blog post..Sunday Retrospective – July 27, 2008

  18. I was just about to dive in and share my set-list, but then I realized I hadn’t read the whole blog and you had beat me to it! Oh well… what Fred said. 😉

  19. Gary Durbin says:

    Great idea! I’ll be in on this every week.

    Gary Durbins last blog post..Big Snake

  20. Russ says:

    Go Fred Go! Thanks for the opportunity to continue to network with other worship leaders! This is what this is all about! God’s Best!

  21. Fred says:

    Peter, Paul, Shannon, Gary, and Russ .. thanks a ton. Russ, your link is fixed in the sidebar, BTW!

  22. I was sick as a dog so I wasn’t even at church. My good friend, Mark Perez, took my place. I heard it was great.

    Bridget Willards last blog post..Songs for Sunday

  23. klampert says:

    i’m in man…and i agree with chia…seems confessionals are out for now.

    klamperts last blog post..Set List: July 27th 2008

  24. Ben says:


    Bens last blog post..Vacasheeeoooon 2008!

  25. Wayne says:

    This is a tremendous idea! I love it! Posted my 1st Set List a few minutes ago.


    Waynes last blog post..Daybreak Baptist Church – Sunday Set List – 7/27/08

  26. Fred says:

    Hey Joel, Wayne, Ben … great to have you guys on board this week! Hopefully, we’ll see ya next week as well!

  27. Matt Stevens says:

    Great idea! I look forward to seeing what is happening at other services. Thanks for putting this together.

  28. Jon Morris says:

    holy cow, it’s tuesday and i’ve already forgot what songs we did sunday…i’m going to have to do this on sunday night. haha. i’ll have mine posted everyweek by tuesday at the latest.

    Jon Morriss last blog post..7.27.08 Set List

  29. way to pick up the slack after the slow death of worship confessionals.
    this fits our crazy worship world MUCH better.

    mandythompsons last blog post..they’re not dead yet

  30. Fred says:

    Thanks, Mandy – so head over to your blendingworship and put up your “confessional” and then fill out the Mister Linky. (that sounds kinda BOSSY doesn’t it!).


  31. Jon Morris says:

    i think i got it right this time.

    Jon Morriss last blog post..7.27.08 Set List

  32. Nicole (on behalf of ICCM's Grupo de Alabanza) says:

    Estimados Amigos–
    Dear Fred & friends-

    Les mandamos bendiciones desde Minneapolis. (We send you blessings from Minneapolis.)

    Hope we got all the linking, etc done right. We’re new to all the blogging/online stuff — half of our worship team doesn’t have or check email, anyway! 🙂

    But we leaders have been silently lurking on your blogs, reading and learning from you all.

    And now you started this wonderful setlist thing & we want to play, too. 🙂

    Even though our entire Sunday service is in Spanish — including our music — we made a BILINGUAL POST for Sunday Setlist on our blog, so it is easier for public consumption.

    You’ll recognize some songs…. and others were originally written in Spanish & haven’t been translated (at least to our knowledge) into English yet.

    So folks can listen to these new songs (or probably new to folks that go to church in a language other than Spanish)… we included YouTube videos where we could find decent ones.

    Many of the mp3’s of the newer songs we do are not available in the U.S. – and not on iTunes, so YouTube is the best — or ONLY — resource in many cases.

    Thank you for (unknowingly) mentoring us. 🙂 Much-appreciated 🙂

    Dios les bendiga (God bless you)

    De: el Grupo de Alabanza de Iglesia Centro Cristiano de Minneapolis
    (from the Praise & Worship team of “Minneapolis Christian Center Church”)

  33. JonWesley says:

    Hey, I actually posted my set list before I knew about the Carnival! Does that count? I’m in. Bless ya, Bro.

    JonWesleys last blog post..Worship Confessional- July 27, 2008

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