Guest Blog: “Angels Sighted, Part 1” by Craig Walker

(from Fred: I’m on vacation with the family this week. So I’ve got some great folks doing guest blogs! The first series is by a true friend, mentor, and pastor. His name is Craig Walker. Craig hired me in my first full-time ministry role as the Worship Leader for his church in Vicksburg, MS. We’ve had an awesome time in ministry, have been to Africa together, and have prayed and fasted together for over a dozen years each January. He’s the guy who called me in the middle of the night when I was praying for the life of my future wife without even knowing it. Craig’s story that he wishes to share with you is incredible, but long. I’m breaking it into two sections. If you’re too busy to read it now, please keep “unread” and check back later.)

Angel SightingMy name is Craig Walker and I am writing this blog from my deck as I look across our lake to the roof of the Communication Building of Regent University and the tower of CBN’s studio building. Let me begin by saying that I have never seen angels before now.

Like many of you, my initial reaction to a story like this would be one of skepticism. Hence, let me tell you a little bit about myself so you know something about me. I have been the pastor of churches in China, Czechoslovakia, and America. I have preached crusades in Africa and founded an international student ministry that reaches over 90 nationalities. I am blessed with a wonderful family and dear longtime friends. I do not believe that anyone who knows me well would describe me as “spooky spiritual.” I believe we must be totally grounded upon the Word of God and so I post a daily devotional at Please check me out further by reading my blog. Most of what I am going to share with you can be verified with witnesses or is recorded. It is an incredible true story, that is now “my story,” and therefore, it has become my responsibility to tell it.

In June of 2008 I traveled to Virginia Beach from Pensacola, Florida to look for a home for my family. We felt that God wanted us to move there and lead a church in Norfolk, Virginia. I was staying with a friend while I looked for a home. At his suggestion, we decided on Friday, June the 14th to go to Regent University and conduct a prayer walk.

We were walking and praying around the open area, or mall, in the middle of the campus between the communication building, student center, library, and law school. There is a beautiful fountain right in the middle of this area. We had walked down to the end, near the communication building, and my friend said, “Let’s sit down here on this bench and agree together in prayer. I want us to hold hands and agree in prayer and I don’t really want to walk around holding your hand.” I said, “Good idea.” 🙂

As we begin to agree in prayer, I looked toward the library and suddenly I saw about 50 angels walking between the buildings on the other side of the fountain. The best way I can describe them is that they were like “whispers.” They were faint, semi-transparent and dressed in white robes. I didn’t see any wings or anything like that, but you could see right through them and they were very tall. All of them were very business-like, moving briskly along, very involved in each of their particular assignments. I could tell that each of them had been given individual assignments.

I blinked my eyes in astonishment to make sure I was seeing this great sight. I said to my friend, “I know this is going to sound spooky, but I have just got to tell you what I am seeing.” I then told him of the angels and how they were each on an assignment. I concluded by saying through my tears, “Now I realize why Jacob said, ‘I must build an altar here for the Lord.’ It is no wonder that Jacob was overwhelmed when he saw the angels of the Lord ascending and descending, and declared, ‘This must be the house of God and he called it Bethel.'”

I then turned and saw all of the satellite dishes that broadcast the Gospel all over the world. I told my friend, “It should be no surprise to us that the angels of the Lord are here. Surely there are mighty angels assigned to this place to keep the skies open over this place. The Gospel is going out from here to the entire world.” I then reminded him of Gabriel’s visit to Daniel and how Michael the archangel had to come and help Gabriel break through with his message.

When I turned back, I could no longer see the angels. We couldn’t stay long because my friend had to go to work.

As we pulled out to leave someone stopped him in the street. When they finished, my roommate called me to tell me that his friend had just told him that there was a big meeting that morning at the CBN studio. He told me that Gordon Robertson was concluding a 12 week teaching on spiritual gifts and that I should try to get into the studio. I said, “Sure, I will try to get in, but I’m in shorts and a t-shirt!”

Now normally you must register the day before you. You name must be put on a list to get into the studio. There are metal detectors, a security protocol, and security personal on-site for their protection. Unfortunately, this is the world that we now live in.

I walked into the lobby, just as they were ushering the last group in. One of the hosts looked at me and asked, “Are you on the list?” I replied, “No, I am a pastor from Florida and I just heard about this meeting and I would sure like to get in.” She said, “Oh, you’re getting in today! I am going to put you in the balcony.”

Two minutes later I found myself in the CBN studio audience.” I quickly called me wife and said, “Turn on the 700 Club. I’m in the studio audience! I’ve got to go. Bye.”

Gordon Robertson began by telling the studio audience what the plan was for the day. He said that they were going to do something they had never done before. He said that when the show started, they were going to have those of us in the studio audience on a video conference call with leaders from around the world. He said, “We have a live worship team here and we are going to begin by worshipping God. We are expecting God to speak through, and to us, from all around the world today.”

The worship team began …. (to be continued in tomorrow’s post)

Thoughts so far?

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6 comments on “Guest Blog: “Angels Sighted, Part 1” by Craig Walker

  1. I can’t wait to read more! Having met Craig personally and knowing him through you, I have no doubt whatsoever as to his seeing what he saw.

    I can remember no time in my twenty-four years of walking with God where angels were being seen and talked about as much as they are now. What a blessed time we are living in, and what a “pregnant” time in the spirit we are experiencing!

    Robert McKinnons last blog post..Marriage and God’s Word: What do we really believe?

  2. I was also going to say, “I can’t wait to read more.”

    dorothy (vicar of vibe)s last blog post..Lord’s prayer…

  3. Peter Park says:

    Cool story. I believe it.

  4. Craig Walker says:

    Thank you Fred for getting this story out there. Blessings to all you followers of Christ.

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