Saturday Social and Music Request

Hey Everyone!

I don’t always post on Saturdays … but I missed saying so much this past week on vacation, I’ve just gotta blog!

First, thanks to those who are voting daily for my song, “Restore My Heart” on IndieHeaven.Com’s “FanFaves” charts. I need you to vote every day. And if you’ve got multiple computers, vote from each one! (yes, that’s fair!). Today, “Restore My Heart” finally hit the Top 20. But time is running out to get it into the Top 10. Just go to

This morning, while waiting on the sun to dry out our soaked yard so I can mow, I’ve spent some time setting up (and cleaning up) my account on a few social networking sites.

Thanks to Russ Hutto’s recommendation, I’ve signed up for an account with HelloTxt.Com. Because my “Twitter” account automatically updates my FaceBook status, I’ve tried to limit myself on how many times I use Twitter to send @replies to friends. I can now use HelloTxt when I want to update all my social networking sites at once, and turn off the Twitter App on FaceBook.

Twitter is quite the rage these days. I use it often. There’s a great dialog happening right now on Billy Chia’s blog about it. It’s both friend and foe. I have a lot of friends that use it. Last night I posted about the Olympics and since my tweet updated my FaceBook status, I heard from lots of friends about how they were reacting to the opening ceremonies. It was like having everyone in my living room together. That’s cool.

Speaking of Twitter, there is a similar site called Plurk. I’m reserving Twitter for my microblogging, but think it’s always cool to stay informed, so I’ve opened a new Plurk account. It will mostly be updated from my HelloTxt account. If you have a “Plurk” account, come follow me.

Though I don’t often use it, I do have a LinkedIn profile as well. Feel free to add me if you are using that as a means of communication.

As for my other sites for “social networking”, join me on FaceBook and MySpace. FaceBook is preferred. I only login to MySpace if I must. Try FaceBook, it’s much better, in my opinion.

Of course, my favorite way to communicate with you is via email. You can contact me right here through the blog.

Well, time to mow the lawn.  Speak up, though – what are YOUR FAVORITE SOCIAL NETWORKING TOOLS?


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13 comments on “Saturday Social and Music Request

  1. Bobby Gilles says:

    Facebook and Twitter all the way for me.

    I have a Myspace page that I never log into unless I need to approve a Friend request — which isn’t often, since hardly anyone knows I’m on Myspace. I do run the Sojournrecords Myspace site, but again, I don’t really like going there.

    I probably update Twitter most often, but Facebook is a close second — and I post my videos there. Reserving judgment on the new Facebook page, though.

    Bobby Gilless last blog post..Lots Of Cool Links, What’s Ahead, And Here We Go A’ Bounding!

  2. Jay Sellers says:

    Favorite social networking tool? My big fat mouth. I’ll talk to anybody, anywhere, about anything.

    Btw, I was considering having some shirts made up that say “I Go There” as a warning to unsuspecting strangers.

  3. Russ says:

    Way to go, Fred! and I think a service called allow you to choose a whole bunch of social networking sites to update. I like the concept.

    I have a myspace music account. I actually use it as my personal account as well. It has it’s ups and downs. I’ve actually connected with about the same number of people from the past on both facebook and myspace, so I like to keep them both updated.

    Russs last blog post..Feedreader Friday [8.08.08]

  4. Tyler says:

    Good luck keeping track of all of those. Blogging and Facebook along with email is enough for me.

    Tylers last blog post..Making a New Memory

  5. Fred says:

    Not so much trying to keep up with all of them, as much as using the “status” to update folks who for whatever weirdo reason, are following me. Granted, I suppose if they reply, I’ll have to “keep up”. We’ll see. I can always cancel one.

  6. Billy Chia says:

    I’m focusing right now on blogging, facebook, and twitter. I’ve resisted the urge to plurk or otherwise.

    Tribes sounds like something cool that I may need to invest in.

    Billy Chias last blog post..The Value of Narrative Tweets

  7. Jon Morris says:

    twitter, facebook, and blog….i’m tapping into more of what facebook has to offer by using pages and some other things

  8. facebook, blog,and Im just learning about twitter. downloaded it but have not looked into it yet.
    facebook is pretty user friendly. email is great too, and i like how you can link everything one way or another.

    Jamie Burnsides last blog post..Final Creative Project for ICEWS – Song w/Mp3

  9. Mike says:

    I’ve been on Myspace for years, but like you, never really log into in anymore. Maybe once a week, or if I get a message. I have a Bebo account as well (church folks were using that for awhile, because it’s “less dark” than Myspace) but just about everyone I know stopped using it.

    Facebook is pretty big with our youth and members of our church. It’s clean, simple and a good way to share photos and messages. That’s probably the site I use most.

    I have a LinkedIn profile as well, but this is more business and old college aquaintences. (You’ve got requests from me on all of them, BTW, Fred. 🙂

    I guess I don’t really get Twitter, or don’t see the value in it yet. I have to look further into it.


    Mikes last blog post..If you like guitar, this is truly amazing.

  10. Steve says:

    I use almost all of them. My favorites are facebook and twitter. I use instead hello.txt simple because I can do blogger posts through it as well as status updates. I’ve also been playing with, which is location-based social networking, kinda fun. Loopt is another that I’ve not tried. Pownce is another that adds filesharing – very handy for exchanging soundclips and charts with members of your team.

    Steves last blog post..A Wordle from me

  11. Casey Craig says:

    Twitter is definitely the bomb. But like most everyone I’m agreeing that Facebook trumps all.. Myspace and tumblr are close seconds. Haven’t heard of Plurk just yet..

  12. Jon Lloyd says:

    Hey Fred, I’m with you about myspace. I can’t remember the last time I got on it, and only really use it to post some of my originals tunes. I tend to use Facebook & Twitter the most, along with my blog.

  13. I closed myspace about a month ago. Everyone I minister to hang out ot facebook, so I do too.
    btw, just voted again.

    dorothy (vicar of vibe)s last blog post..bread machines during worship…

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