Sunday Setlists #4 – Share Your Stuff

It’s that time folks.  “Sunday Setlists” is a weekly blog carnival where I share a recap of our worship service with you, and you do the same with everyone else.  For this to work properly, please follow these rules carefully.  NOTE:  You DO NOT have to be the Worship Leader – you can just attend a worship service and write a recap, so anyone can participate.  Actually, I’d love to see more people participate in a service recap that are NOT on the stage!

1.  Post a recap of your Sunday service on your blog.  (It can be an alternate service, such as a Youth service, Young Adult Service, Saturday service, etc).  It can be a written recap, a video worship confessional, or whatever you want.

2.  In your blog post (not as a trackback), you must link back to THIS WEEK’s POST.  You may want to say something like “I’m posting our setlist in collaboration with other worship leader’s at FredMcKinnon.Com with Sunday Setlists”.  In that, be sure and link to THIS ENTRY.  The URL is:

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Sunday Setlist for St. Simons Community Church, August 17, 2008

Walk-in Song:  We Shall See The King (from the Lindell Cooley “Revival at Brownsville” arrangment)

Opening Song:  Sing to the King (Passion)

Second Set:
O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing (Hymn, my arrangement)
Hosanna (Hillsong)
How He Loves Us (Kim Walker version)

Center (Charlie Hall)

Here’s a quick video recap from the van … kids and all.  My Treo 755p ran out of memory, thus the sudden end! (At time of publishing, YouTube is still processing my upload, so it may not yet be available, but I need a nap .. update, nap over, YouTube still processing, reverting to GoogleVideo which got it done)


Mr. Linky is now closed – thanks to those who shared:

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. David Lindner
2. Amanda
3. Rob Petrini
4. Mike Mahoney
5. Rick
6. Russ Hutto
7. Christopher Culver
8. Billy Chia
9. Jake Gehret
10. Gary Durbin
11. Bobby Gilles
12. Jim Drake
13. Wayne Thomas
14. Michiel (the Netherlands)
15. mandythompson
16. Ben Abu Saada (Overland Park, KS)
17. Ryan Egan
18. Nick Pounders
19. jon mark
20. Jeff M. Miller
21. Brandon Teer
22. Kyle Campos
23. Alex McLean
24. pete
25. Peter Park
26. Steve Sprecker
27. Paul Joseph
28. JonWesley Barnhill (FBC Key Largo)
29. Rich Kirkpatrick(RKWL)
30. HL McConnell
31. Mike Miller
32. Michelle Weger (Mandarin UMC)
33. Klampert (CECWorship)
34. Mark Roach

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45 comments on “Sunday Setlists #4 – Share Your Stuff

  1. Thanks again for doing this Fred, I appreciate this.

  2. I very rarely lead worship any more… but I did today… What a blast. Here’s our list.

    I could sing of your love forever.. Such an old song, and one we haven;’t done forever… but i wanted to start things slow and get people singing right off the bat… it worked.

    Then we did Trading my sorrows. Again an old one but we blew the doors off with it…

    Then Unchanging by Chris Tomlin

    Ready Now by the Desperation Band. This thing really builds.. slow in the beginning by the time you hit the second chorus it is big and full. It was very powerful.

    Then over a d pad on the keys, we read Psalm 103:1-11

    And right into Friend of God… ended very big…

    The people responded great and they really sang and worshipped…. I was worn out by the time for my message… but i loved it. Will probably lead again in a few months.

    Robert Pooleys last blog post..Twitter, the PNJ, and me

  3. A. says:

    First one, cool! 🙂

    Great songs you did this week, Fred! We did Sing to the King last week (love that song), & Hosanna as well! 🙂

    A.s last blog post..Compassion Friday

  4. Rob Petrini says:

    Hey Fred, I’d love to hear your arrangement of “O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing”… is there a way to hear it?

  5. Mike says:

    All done. It was “oldies week” this week. A lot of dusted off songs that people really like.

    Thanks again, Fred!


    Mikes last blog post..Sunday Setlist – August 17

  6. Rick says:

    Done. Thanks, Fred.

    Ricks last blog post..Worship Confessional: 8/17/2008

  7. Russ says:

    We rocked Sing to the King last week…such a great song!

    Had a good week. Glad to be a part of this community!

  8. A. says:

    Ha ha, I see I wasn’t first. Totally should reload the page before posting. 😀

    @Fred: Do you mind if your “Sunday Setlists” text graphic is used in our posts for this?

    A.s last blog post..Sunday Setlist – 08/17/08

  9. Jake Gehret says:

    Thank you for this Fred; it is a great help to artists and worship leaders, and I am grateful for your hosting of it.

  10. Gary Durbin says:

    props on the video blog. We’re working on Hosanna. Hopefully will have that ready soon for a service.

    Gary Durbins last blog post..Worship Confessional 08.17.08

  11. Bobby Gilles says:

    You did a great Wesley hymn — cool!

    This is becoming my favorite time of the blogging week.

    Bobby Gilless last blog post..Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs: Sojourn’s Worship Music Set List For Sunday, August 17, 2008

  12. Fred says:

    Hey Everyone,
    Welcome back … thanks for posting your setlists … I think there has already been like 4 or 5 links bounced out of the Mr. Linky for linking to the homepage. The idea is to link to your actual post – not homepage .. otherwise, the link won’t really be pointing to your setlist a few days from now.

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  13. Jim Drake says:

    Here is the set list today– I was away on vacation–so I posted what was done here and where I also attended worship on vacation.

    Happy Anniversary Fred!

    Jim Drakes last blog post..Making the Most of Your Old Hard Drives

  14. Wayne Thomas says:

    Just posted my Set List for today. Hope you guys all have a great big God day tomorrow!



    Wayne Thomass last blog post..Sunday Set List – 8/17/08

  15. Michiel says:

    Hi! I’m in!

    Looking forward to reading your stories and your comments on mine… 🙂

  16. Ben says:

    Great weekend! We played another new tune “God With Us” by MercyMe.


    Bens last blog post..Worship Recap: 8/17/08

  17. Ryan says:

    Always enjoy being part of this…thanks for coordinating it.

    Ryans last blog post..Sunday Recap – How do You Teach New Songs?

  18. Thought I would join in on the carnival.

  19. Hello fellow happy worship leaders. I’m in.

    Jeff M. Millers last blog post..Worshi Confessional: August 17, 2008

  20. Brandon Teer says:

    Glad to be a part of this…. Thanks for the opportunity!! Have a great week.

  21. Kyle says:

    My first entry into Sunday Set List post, excited to join. This Sunday was the relaunch of my band after a reconfiguration and big change in musical direction. So a great week to start getting involved here.

  22. alex mclean says:

    Yes, we’re up and live – thanks Fred!

    alex mcleans last blog post..Sunday Setlist: 8.17.2008

  23. pete says:

    fun fun fun!

    petes last blog tunes from JJ Heller

  24. Peter Park says:

    This is pretty fun to do.

  25. Steve says:

    For my first post we had the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the paramedics.

  26. Paul J. says:

    I’m in. We had “The Jesus Painter” in our service this week. Check it out!

    Paul J.s last blog post..Sunday Retrospective – August 17, 2008

  27. Lincoln Brewster’s TODAY IS THE DAY… ROCKED!!!

    Rich Kirkpatricks last blog post..Worship Recap and Set List: August 17

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