Sunday Setlists #8 – Share Your Worship Recap

Hello Everyone,

It’s Sunday, Sept 14, 2008.  Today we continue with the 8th installment of “Sunday Setlists”.  Last week we had 44 (and still growing) worshipers blog about their worship services and share with Sunday Setlists.

Here’s the way this works:
1.  Blog about your Worship Service.  You don’t have to be the Worship Leader or Pastor, you can just be someone who attended.  The purpose is to share the songs you used, any creative elements, the sermon topic – just give us a walk through of your worship service.

2.  In your blog post, link back to TODAY’S SUNDAY SETLIST post right here.  The URL is:

I recommend that you say something similar to this:
I’m posting our worship recap today as a part of the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival hosted at FredMcKinnon.Com.  (and make that a link to the URL above)

3.  Come back here and fill out the “Mr. Linky” box below.  The URL you enter should be the URL of your “Sunday Setlist” post, and NOT YOUR HOMEPAGE.  That’s very important.  Links to your homepage will be deleted – the URL has to point to the actual post.

4.  Leave a comment that you’re participating.  (If you don’t have a blog to post your Setlist on, you can just leave your Sunday recap as a comment!)

5.  Visit the other worship leader’s “Sunday Setlist” to see what they did and encourage them as well!

That’s It!

*** Sunday Setlist for St. Simons Community Church, Sept 14, 2008 ***

Walk-in Song:  “Your Grace is Enough”

Opening Song:  “Marvelous Light”

*I did a quick welcome and announcement, and introduced Emilio H. who shared an awesome testimony about how he “reached out” with missions to Haiti.

* Pastor David came up after testimony and transitioned into our time of worship.

Worship Set:
“Come Thou Fount” (my arrangement)
“With All I Am” (Hillsongs, led by Kim Dixon)

Restore My Heart (my song, led by myself and Kim Dixon)
(this is a song I wrote years ago, Kim and I recorded this live during Worship Under the Stars, you can watch the video here)

As the people dismissed, we played “Glorious” (Martha Munnizzi)

Your turn!

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. Ed Schief
2. Jay Sellers
3. HL McConnell
4. David Lindner
5. Jim Drake
6. Dorothy (had to repost, sorry)
7. Jon Morris
8. Mike Mahoney
9. Russ Hutto
10. Gary Durbin
11. John Morris
12. windbag
13. Alastair Vance
14. Angela Ramsey
15. Amanda
16. brent(inworship)
17. Jan Owen
18. phentermine no prescription
19. Bobby Gilles
20. Kim Bontrager
21. Brandon Teer
22. Ben Abu Saada (Overland Park, KS)
23. Rob Petrini
24. Matt Stevens
25. Rich Kirkpatrick
26. Jeff M. Miller
27. Michelle Weger
28. klampert (carnival of JOY)
29. Pat Callahan
30. Billy Chia
31. Jamey Ketchum
32. beth
33. Steve Sprecker
34. WorshipCity
35. Chris from Canada – my first time!
36. matt macdonald
37. Victor Estrada
38. Wayne Thomas

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53 comments on “Sunday Setlists #8 – Share Your Worship Recap

  1. We had a great weekend, starting a new series.

    Fred, I don’t see the Mr. Linky box this week.

  2. Jay Sellers says:

    We miss you, Mr. Linky!

    Jay Sellerss last blog post..Elevate Worship Setlist – September 9, 2008

  3. Ed Schief says:

    I was ‘just’ a worshipper this week. Ahh….

    (Fred–no Mr. Linky Link?)

    Ed Schiefs last blog post..Zacchaeus Song Survey

  4. Fred says:

    Sorry, guys – Mr. Linky is now available – still having horrific internet issues @ church, so had to fix it once I got home.

    Let’s rip.

  5. Fred,
    I love this more and more. To see God moving all over. To see the trends. To chaeck our new music.
    Man it’s so cool…Thanks for doing this.

    dorothy (vicar of vibe)s last blog post..Sunday set list #7…

  6. I get a kick out of when we sing the same songs.
    We also opened with Marvelous Light.

    dorothy (vicar of vibe)s last blog post..Sunday set list #7…

  7. Jim Drake says:

    No time for long comments today. New set goes up in 30 minutes…old one comes down…then I’m away for 2 weeks. So much to do.

    Jim Drakes last blog post..Worship Leader Subs Are So Hard To Find

  8. Bryan says:

    Thanks for sharing the video of your song. Great song writing and good vocals. Would love to be a worshiper in your church.

    Bryans last blog post..Worship Leader Tip: Easy Slideshows without a Video Editor on Staff (TBC 2008 Baptism Video)

  9. Jon Morris says:

    new set-list posted

  10. Mike says:

    Great song…

    I’m with Dorothy.. it’s cool to see others lead to do the same songs. We did “Your Grace is Enough”, too.

    Mikes last blog post..Sunday Setlist – September 14th

  11. Russ says:

    We did Glorious today too. Fun stuff.

  12. Fred says:

    Thanks man … come worship w/ us sometime. Russ, posted a question re: Glorious on your blog. Can you play those hits on the Bridge and still sing the melody? That’s TOUGH!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  13. Gary Durbin says:

    little late today.

    Gary Durbins last blog post..Worship Confessional 09.14.08

  14. windbag says:

    Great songs on the various lists, folks. It is cool to see how many of us are singing the same songs some Sundays. It’s also very, very cool to see how much original stuff is out there.

    windbags last blog post..Sunday Setlists

  15. Amanda says:

    Great set list, Fred! I love “With All I Am”! Gorgeous song.

    Amandas last blog post..Sunday Setlists – 09/14/08

  16. Finally got my list up after missing last week. I missed you guys 🙂

    brent(inWorship)s last blog post..Sunday Setlist #3

  17. Jan Owen says:

    Hi everyone – I hope your services and times of worship today were really wonderful! It always amazes me that we’re all over the world and worshiping God – what a day it will be when we’re all in heaven TOGETHER!
    Drop by and see what we did today – our focus was on being FACEDOWN before God……

    Have a great week.

  18. Bobby Gilles says:

    Finally here, a bit late. I have no power at home — power is out in most of Louisville and the surrounding regions due to windstorms that are the remnants of Ike. I’m posting this in my employer’s building, where there is power.

    It’s crazy to think how strong Ike must have been to have caused such havoc here in Louisville yesterday. It makes me pray all the more for the many people who had to bear the brunt of this storm, rather than just damaging winds.

    Anyway, we had to cancel our evening services due to the wind storm — power outtage at our building, downed trees and power lines everywhere, etc. But we did get to worship together in the morning services.

  19. I absolutely love “Restore my Heart!” I think that I may add it to my worship repertoire…any place I could find the chart, Fred?

    Jeremy Killians last blog post..Oh….my….

  20. Fred says:

    Sure thing, man … thanks. All my songs, and all the other songs published by HPP are at:

    Chord chart is there!

  21. Brandon Teer says:

    Got my list up!!
    Good song Fred, thanks for sharing the video.

  22. Rob Petrini says:

    Great song Fred… mate, thanks!

  23. Matt Stevens says:

    Hey everyone,

    Present and accounted for. Did anyone do “The Renewed Mind Is The Key” this week? If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, check out the link on Jeremy’s post…

    Matt Stevenss last blog post..September 14, 2008

  24. Such fun to be part of a carnival, Fred!

  25. And late again. Fashionably I’m sure.

    I love “Marvelous Light” Fred. Would love to do that song sometime.

  26. klampert says:

    wicked late, but I am here…

    I do the tag on marvelous light from the passion 07 and it is awesome

    klamperts last blog post..Set List Carnival of JOY

  27. Billy Chia says:

    wow 30 post!! This is going really well. Thank you again for doing it.

    I’m one of those fem-a-phobes so I’m not huge on the line “I want to be your bride…” But man – terrific song! I love just the keys and voice.

  28. Fred says:

    I hear ya … that line was criticized by the SongDISCovery panel – not from the fem-a-phobe viewpoint, but from the standpoint that the “Bride” is typically not a personal reference, but a corporate one. Oh well, I like it, still … “I want to be that Bride, spotless and blameless” … I don’t think so much of myself in a white dress, but as a part of Jesus’ Bride, spotless by His blood.

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  29. Is it wrong that I think of you in a white dress 🙂

    brent(inWorship)s last blog post..Sunday Setlist #3

  30. beth says:

    here we go again…thanks, fred. this is such fun – and so informative!

    i LOVE ‘glorious’ but have yet to do it…

    beths last blog post..Sunday Setlist 9.14.08

  31. Steve says:

    Cool to be part of this, even if I’m at the bottom. 🙂

    Steves last blog post..SHCC Sunday setlist 9-14-08

  32. WorshipCity says:

    Thanks Fred, it’s a blast as always!

    WorshipCitys last blog post..Sunday Worship Sept. 14th – Guest Worship

  33. Hey, I’m finally in. I’m glad you’re putting these all together. I’ve been looking for new stuff and this is awesome for me to look all in one place. Thanks

  34. Wayne says:

    Very nice, Fred. I’m here! Better late than never! LOL!


    Waynes last blog post..Sunday Set List – 9/14/08

  35. Hi everyone. I’m up 😉

    Courtney Feias last blog post..Anti-theft lunch bag

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