Sunday Setlist #17 – Worship Service Recaps

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****  Sunday Setlist for St. Simons Community Church, Nov 16, 2008 ***

Today I co-led with Harriet Jones, another one of our worship leaders.  We sat down together earlier last week and considered the service, elements, and picked some songs that would flow together and compliment our various styles.  Here’s what we came up with:

“Thank You, Lord” (Don Moen/Paul Baloche)
Comments:  I wanted to introduce this as a “walk-in” song, and will use this song again next week as a fun, celebration song for Thanksgiving.

Open Set: (led by Harriet)
My Redeemer Lives (Hillsong)
Revive Us Lord (Alvin Slaughter)
Comments:  Harriet led this set, and I played B3.  The “Revive Us Lord” was just the Chorus, we sang it through 3x, getting faster each time.

Announcements:  Larry Wade was back, making everyone laugh as usual.

Second Set:
Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing) Brian Doersen
Comment:  new arrangement on his CD, starts slow, then has a seriously cool groove on it.  It’s still not quite there yet in our rhythm section, but we fared OK.  Tim, our acoustic guitarist was so into it during the 11:00 he forgot the song was ending, and just kept playing and playing – it was pretty funny.  It started getting awkward when after a couple of times through the last bars of the ending, we’re all stopped and he’s still jamming back there.  He finally figured it out, and rather than move on in awkwardness, I kinda joked about it and said “Yes, Lord – Your love makes us sing … and it REALLY makes us PLAY…” to which the congregation really chuckled, so it lighted up the weirdness.

Agnus Dei:  Great flow here.  Though we didn’t rehearse it this way, when we finished the song, I brought back the Chorus, just vocals and pads – it was sweet.

Sermon:  today was a rare day, in that we basically took the entire sermon time to discuss our history, where we are, and where we’re doing, and specifically tied this into our building fund and capital campaign.  It went really long (20+ minutes longer than normal), but our people seemed to hang in there.  I hope and pray that hundreds of people will take their pledge cards home and seriously consider giving above and beyond what they are doing now.  (myself included).

How Beautiful (Twila Parise
O The Wonderful Cross (Tomlin/Redman version)

It was a great day – a LONG day, but great.  There was good energy on the stage, and though we had a really long rehearsal this week, it paid off and we came together quite well.

That’s a wrap for us – your time to share!

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. Jim Drake
2. Woody – Level 13 Church
3. Mike Mahoney
4. Brad Hafner
5. Ed Schief
6. David Lindner
7. Shawn Stinson
8. Amanda
9. Dorothy Holland
10. Gary Durbin
11. Jeff M. Miller
12. Jon Morris
13. Wayne Thomas
14. Janaki
15. Alastair Vance
16. Steve Eller
17. jon mark
18. Eric Frisch
19. Paul Joseph
20. Angela Ramsey
21. ReadScott (Scott Magdalein)
22. WorshipCity – Youth Style
23. Ronnie Burgess (MandoRon)
24. Bobby Gilles
25. Steff
26. matt macdonald
27. Dean Lusk
28. Matt Stevens
29. Brandon Teer
30. Ben Abu Saada (Overland Park, KS)
31. HL McConnell
32. Johnny Sierra
33. David Goodwin
34. Rich Kirkpatrick RKWL
35. Michelle Weger (Collision)
36. Kyle Campos (Our RIsing Sound)
37. Chris Harrison
38. Wisdom Moon
39. Jason Petermann

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72 comments on “Sunday Setlist #17 – Worship Service Recaps

  1. Jim Drake says:

    I’m first…wow

    So, on THANK YOU LORD–did you do it Country style?

    Looks like you had a busy day.

    Jim Drakes last blog post..If Starbuck Marketed Like The Church

  2. Fred says:

    As country as it can be .. we pretty much covered it like the recording – “country style”!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  3. Mike says:

    I’m here… exhausted, but here. And I we have another service tonight. Nap time!!

    Mikes last blog post..Sunday Setlist – November 16

  4. Brad Hafner says:

    I love Agnus Dei. I used to have an E-bow for the main melody but would start with the melody line to Majesty the hymn first.

    Brad Hafners last blog post..bradhafnersfa: Kids to pick up here in a while, still no call just yet.

  5. Randy Petty says:

    Here’s our set for 11/16/08:
    1. Love the Lord your God ( Brewster )
    2. Everlasting God ( Chris Tomlin version)
    3. Open the eyes of my heart
    4. I stand amazed ( Bart Millard version of old hymn )
    5. I delight in the Lord (Chris Falson © 1989 Maranatha! Music CCLI # 420627)
    All went well except some changes in monitor levels during the set that the team wasn’t expecting. As usual with such things, the congregation worshipped and had no idea we were struggling a bit. Thank the Lord.

    6. Lord I lift my hands to you ( slow worshipful song written by one of our singers )

  6. Ed Schief says:

    It’s snowing here. Bleah…

    Ed Schiefs last blog post..Made To Worship

  7. Fred says:

    Hey Randy,
    Thanks for posting your setlist right there in the comments! Ed, snow – that would be awesome!

    from down south!

  8. So, do you have an actual B-3?

    David Lindners last blog post..Weekend Review – 11-1516-08

  9. Ah, David, I wish … just a keyboard.

    Fred F. McKinnons last blog post..Sunday Setlist #16 – Worship Service Recaps

  10. Agnus Dei is one of those songs that never gets old. We’ve sort of re-discovered it here at Westwood and it’s made it’s way into regular rotation again. Sounds like you guys had a good service.

    Shawn Stinsons last blog post..Sunday Setlist 11/16/08

  11. Amanda says:

    We had snow last night here! Brr!! Too cold for me sometimes, though the snow is beautiful!

    Thank You, Lord is a good song! We haven’t done it before, but I’ve heard Paul Baloche’s own version of it. Great for the Thanksgiving season, too!

    Amandas last blog post..Sunday Setlist – 11/16/08

  12. I am out of town (going on 2 weeks now) helping my youngest brother after his heart surgery.
    I am so glad to be able to be back with you all.
    I actually attended a new campus of my parents church, in my old denomination.

    dorothy (vicar of vibe)s last blog post..on the road…

  13. I also like Agnus Dei. A lot!

    dorothy (vicar of vibe)s last blog post..on the road…

  14. Gary Durbin says:

    Gotta bring Agnus Dei again. Great song.

    Gary Durbins last blog post..Worship Confessional 11.16.08

  15. Wow! I can’t believe I’m here this early. We had a really great day in worship and Bible study today. It’s days like today that give me hope that God still has something great in store for our fellowship.

    Jeff M. Millers last blog post..You Know What to Do

  16. Jon Morris says:

    Fred, thanks so much for getting it up early. You are my best friend forever now!

    Today we did Great is Thy Faithfulness…….let me say wow! more on that @

  17. Wayne says:

    Very nice set, Fred.

    It was a great time of worship at Daybreak this morning! I hope you all experienced God in a mighty way today!


    Waynes last blog post..Sunday Set List – 11/16/08

  18. Brad Hafner says:

    By the way, my e-bow was stepped on by my pastor’s son over 2 years ago and I haven’t replaced it yet. Any e-bow users out there?

    Brad Hafners last blog post..bradhafnersfa: Watching the last few minutes of the Pittsburg and San Diego game.

  19. Shasta says:

    Hi everyone!
    I guess I should preface this by saying that I’m not a music girl…have nothing to do with it at all, except to sing from my spot in the pew and enjoy the great stuff they deliver each week.
    I just wanted to say that our worship team today brought the goods! It was excellent.
    The team that led today is one of my favorites….great energy, sweet song list, fantastic feel… just good happiness and love. Great stuff!
    I love it when I walk in every Sunday….but I really love it when I walk in and see those guys on stage… know you’re in for a treat!
    So, I wanted to send a little ‘thanks’ to you all! I appreciate you bringing and sharing ‘the sweet stuff’.
    The Lord shines brightly through you! …and because of this, it always proves to be a special day of worship.
    Thanks to you all!

  20. Janaki says:

    Great set Fred! I love co-leading worship sets.

    Janakis last blog post..Sunday Setlist 11/16/08

  21. Fred says:

    Thanks so much for commenting! Glad you were blessed!

  22. Fred says:

    Brad, Jay Sellers uses on frequently on our team. Today, Tim Haynes used a slide for “Thank You, Lord”

  23. Alastair says:

    A great weekend overall. Still getting used to having a Saturday night service.

    Alastairs last blog post..NHC Setlist 15/16 Nov 2008

  24. jon mark says:

    i’m in…and i made it in, on sunday night…wooo hooo!!! that looks like a lot for one service fred…how long is a typical service, or do you have a time that you try to keep it to???

    jon marks last blog post..sunday setlists…take twelve…

  25. Eric Frisch says:

    Very cool. Happy to participate!

    Eric Frischs last blog post..11/16/2008 Set Lists

  26. Scott Underwood says:

    Sunday Set List 11/16/2008

    1. Better Than Life
    2. Arise (Moen / Baloche)
    3. Hallelujah (your Love is Amazing)
    4. Made Me Glad (Webster)
    5. Shout to the Lord

    We had a great sunday. Our focus has been on service for the past few weeks. We are wrapping up this series by dismissing our regular service next week and instead sending out teams to do ministry at several locations including yard clean up for elderly and some shut-ins, nursing homes, a service for area homeless and neighborhood canvassing for a sister church. We are basically putting our worship to work.

  27. Paul J. says:

    Fred – check out Baloche’s “You Have Been So Good”…also a great Thanksgiving song.

    Paul J.s last blog post..Sunday Retrospective – November 16, 2008

  28. I wish too. A couple of my friends around here have been blessed like that, just a keyboard for me too. Have you looked into any of the Leslie simulator pedals?

  29. Steve L says:

    5 services,all with the same set. It is interesting to watch how the dynamic changes in each service, from the 2 on Saturday night to the 3 on Sunday morning.

    1.There Must Be More (Ruis)
    2.I Found Jesus
    3. Forever
    4. Wonderful Maker
    5. Only You (Crowder)
    6. Your Grace is Enough

    I have to say, I love singing “It’s just You and me here now.” It is the coolest thing to consider and convey that for all the stuff we throw at it, worship is still just a table set for two.

  30. Trent Fuehrer says:

    …had a few musicians missing today so I stripped it back and did an acoustic guitar set just me and my lovely wife on vocals.

    -Today is the Day (Lincoln Brewster)
    -Better is One Day
    -Agnus Dei
    -You Never Let Go (Redman)
    sprinkled in some passages out of Psalms 84 and 91.
    (pastor and I had a good laugh over the unintentional “day” theme of the first three songs)
    after a great message on feeding the 5,000 we closed it out with “Enough” by Chris Tomlin.

    Good service.

  31. Conner says:

    Dang dude it’s Sunday night and you’re already in the 20s! This thing is really taking off!!!

    Conners last blog post..Sunday Setlist Nov. 16th – Youth Style!

  32. 20 Setlists and growing – post your worship recap at

  33. Bobby Gilles says:

    Haven’t heard “How Beautiful” in awhile, but that’s a great communion song.

    Bobby Gilless last blog post..“Assurance Of Pardon” Scripture Reading For The Season Of Advent

  34. Steff says:

    Great Set Fred! The wonderful cross is classic!

    Steffs last blog post..Sunday Set-list ~ November 16, 2008

  35. Dean Lusk says:

    Roger dodger! Got it posted. I had a relaxing weekend — our children’s choirs led in my absence.

    Trent, loved the theme and alliteration in those first three songs. 🙂

    Dean Lusks last blog post..Fall Reading List

  36. Matt Stevens says:

    Have a great week everyone!
    Also, if you’re looking for a good Christmas cd, the new one by Red Mountain Church is beautiful…

    Matt Stevenss last blog post..November 16, 2008

  37. Brandon Teer says:

    Posted, Thanks Fred!

    Brandon Teers last blog post..Sunday Setlist 11.16.2008

  38. Randy Petty says:

    Two questions: is it ok to post set lists here in the comments if you don’t have your own blog? Also, is there a better place to comment on “struggles” encountered during a set than here. I’ve had some problems with monitor levels being changed after our pre-worship practice Sunday morning and was thinking of a ‘diplomatic’ sign placed on the mixing console regarding this. Since I’m using a hybrid ( Carvin AE185 ) guitar it can be pretty quiet ( and stressful ) if the guitar level suddenly drops in the monitor.

    Here’s our set for 11/16/08:
    1. Love the Lord your God ( Brewster )
    2. Everlasting God ( Chris Tomlin version)
    3. Open the eyes of my heart
    4. I stand amazed ( Bart Millard version of old hymn )
    5. I delight in the Lord (Chris Falson © 1989 Maranatha! Music CCLI # 420627)
    All went well except some changes in monitor levels during the set that the team wasn’t expecting. As usual with such things, the congregation worshipped and had no idea we were struggling a bit. Thank the Lord.

    6. Lord I lift my hands to you ( slow worshipful song written by one of our singers )

  39. Great worship set Fred. I am sure you had lots of fun.

  40. RT @fmckinnon: 25 Setlists and growing – post your worship recap at

  41. I am gonna have a 2nd post, too… since we did a night of worship after this event I wrote about.

    Rich Kirkpatricks last blog post..Worship Mythbusters: The Myth of A Painless Offering of Worship (PART 3)

  42. Kyle says:

    This week MTV was in our sanctuary filming for a follow up to their Made series. It was a great service, I don’t think it could have really gone much better.

    Kyles last blog post..MTV “Made” filming in our Sunday service

  43. Greg Moore says:

    Hi! This part was the only part I could figure out how to do (I’m still not quite sure was a “URL” is, or whether my link is an “innie” or an “outie”). But, comments: I like the atmosphere and presentation of this thing, as well as the fact that you are into Hammonds (my Dad played them for a living, and I still have a D-152 and six volumes of Bach in my garage). This week’s set. Sunday AM we had guests; the leader writes a lot, and taught us two songs. He did something neat – he came out before church started, introduced himself and taught the two songs, so when worship time came we could flow right in. PM, again the word was ‘joy, thanksgiving, and, yes, taking a spirit check). Opening – “In Him We Live” and running right through the greeting time, “I’ve Got that Joy”, both full country-style (this is NW Oregon, after all, I mean people sometimes stomp their feet here). Then, l’istesso tempo right into “The Lord Reigns”, with an 8th-note CCAGCCAG idee fixe in the bass, like a locomotive). gets you happy.
    A brief usher’s prayer, and we continue to the main body of worship music – Ancient of Days (as Latin as possible), melding to ‘Everyday’ while my wife spoke us from ancientness to today. Musically we continued in the same tempo, just Aussie-izing the in-between beats. This song naturally leads into ‘Everlasting God’, and logically to ‘You Never Let Go’. We stopped here, as I sang as song I’d written in 2005 but have been waiting for the right week to sing it. The political year has made Psalm 73 almost a necessity to sing. My version starts out like a Hebrew song of thanksgiving, but quickly turns to self-examination, as the Psalmist considers his own rotten attitude towards the wicked; but it ends with a heart change and thanksgiving to God. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop on carpet. Without comment we continued worship with ‘Healer’ and ‘Breathe’, at which time I had a friend with folksinger in his blood sing ‘Lost and Found’, by Andy Park. Again, everyone was listening, actually listening intently. How could you conclude worship with anything but ‘My Tribute’? So that was Sunday Evening, a time of radical thinking and quiet joy.

  44. Christianity: FredMcKinnon.Com ” Blog Archive ” Sunday Setlist #17 – Worship Service Re..

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  46. Christianity: FredMcKinnon.Com ” Blog Archive ” Sunday Setlist #17 – Worship Service Re..

  47. Better late than never… maybe! Posted!

  48. Russ says:

    Sorry I missed this week. I was yuck sick.

    but I still played keys and dropped it like it was hot.

    Russs last blog post..iSpy iSight Fun

  49. Great Sunday worship … I felt unprepared and anxious, but God was prepared! Used an excellent arrangement of Holy, Holy, Holy by Don Chapman. Contemporary styling that all ages loved!

    Randy Neufelds last blog post..Westhill Worship – November 16, 2008

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