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Welcome to the 23rd edition of “Sunday Setlists” – a blog carnival where people share recaps of their worship services each week, link here for the master list (below) and the master list (below) hosts outbound links to some great blogs and sites featuring all the different themes, songs, and expressions of our worship encounters each week.

For the concept to work properly, please follow the rules below:

1.  Share a recap of your worship experiences this week.  It can be a written blog entry, a video worship confessional, or whatever you like.  You can post it on your blog, or in the blog-area of social networking sites – as long as you can link directly to your post.  You don’t have to be the worship leader to post – we’d love more recaps from folks who are just in the congregations!  Also – if you don’t have a blog or a way to post an entry, just share your recap in the comments section at the bottom of this post!

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5.  Please encourage everyone that you know who blogs (and attends a worship service) to participate.  Again – let’s get some folks who are NOT worship leaders … regular attenders.  Let’s get their perspectives.  So hit your blogroll – encourage them to participate.  Twitter it.  FaceBook it.  MySpace it. (are those verbs now?).  Yes, spread the word.

*** Sunday Setlist for St. Simons Community Church, Dec 28, 2009 ***

Here’s an interesting one … I have no Setlist.  The last Sunday of every year is what we call “Church in the Home”.  We encourage families to stay home and worship together.  For me, we’re out of town at my in-laws.  We’re going to pack up and go visit Joy’s uncle, who for the most part, stays shut in his home up in N. Georgia.  We are going to worship by showing him some love, companionship, and affection.  We’re taking up a few plates of leftovers from our Christmas dinners.  We’ll talk about  Christ, what He’s done for us, and sing some songs along the way.

I’ll enjoy the day off … but will be constantly reminded that “worship” is so much more than the rituals we go through in our buildings that we call church.  And that’s a “revelation” that needs to be remembered again and again.

Let’s hear about your worship services!

Sunday Setlists Participants

1. Jim Drake
2. Jim Drake (Christmas Eve)
3. HL McConnell
4. Mike Mahoney
5. Jan Owen
6. Alison Stevens
7. justin kirkendall
8. windbag
9. Dorothy (vicar of vibe)
10. Gary Durbin
11. Tyler (Man of Depravity)
12. Matt Embry
13. Viqui Dill
14. Russ Hutto
15. Johnny Sierra
16. Jason Petermann
17. Steffanie Oltmans
18. Jon Morris
19. Jordan
20. Lori Biddle
21. WorshipCity – The Observation
22. Russell Martin
23. Ben Abu Saada (Overland Park, KS)
24. Kyle (Our Rising Sound)
25. Eric Frisch
26. David Goodwin
27. Bobby Gilles
28. Randy Neufeld (Westhill Baptist)
29. Brandon Teer
30. jon mark
31. Michelle Weger
32. Steven Bruce (
33. Ronnie (MandoRon)
34. Wayne Thomas
35. Vanessa C.
36. David Goodwin
37. Rob Petrini
38. Janaki
39. Jennifer Hudson

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59 comments on “Sunday Setlists #23 – Share Your Worship Experience

  1. Jim Drake says:

    Enjoy your day off Fred. I’m also off today and have posted the list from the worship service today @ FBC.

    See you in a month or so!

    Jim Drakes last blog post..Worship Pre-fessional, December 28, 2008

  2. Jim Drake says:

    Ok–I posted again. Did a Christmas eve Set List

    It’s out of date now–but who cares!

    Jim Drakes last blog post..Worship Pre-fessional, December 28, 2008

  3. New blog post: Sunday Setlists #23 – Share Your Worship Experience

  4. Angie Kaltreider says:

    I am new to this and I do not have a website. I’m not exactly sure how this works, but here is my setlist for Sunday, December 28, 2008. We have a blended service, and we are currently doing more Christmas songs. But we will start up with the praise songs the first Sunday in January. We have a large variety of songs in our service to accomodate all ages and styles including praise & worship and hymns.

    December 28, 2008 Sunday Setlist
    Angels We Have Heard on High
    Call to Worship
    (Praise Set) Go Tell It On the Mountain – He is Born – Infant Holy, Infant Lowly
    Adult Choir – Prayer for the New Year
    Little Lesson (Children’s Sermon)
    Offertory – We Are An Offering
    Once in Royal David’s City
    While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
    What Child is This

  5. Mike says:

    That’s a cool idea! You’ll have to tell us what songs you sang!

    Mikes last blog post..Sunday Setlist – December 28th

  6. Fred says:

    Great to have you join in … anyone who doesn’t have a website is welcome to post their reviews right here in the comments section!

  7. Randy Petty says:

    Set for 12/28/08: We started off with two old gospel songs.
    1. I’ll fly away
    2. Standing on the Solid Rock
    3. Everlasting God ( Tomlin’s version )
    4. Fairest Lord Jesus ( hymn )
    5. Oh Messiah CCLI Song No. 339103
    6. My Savior My God Aaron Shust
    I have songs in the pipeline from Chris Tomlin’s Hello Love album, but things are too irregular during the Christmas season to work on new songs. By the way, here is a good site for new material.

  8. Jan Owen says:

    Hey hey everyone! Come check out our set from this morning and come back to my blog tomorrow sometime as I post some questions I am currently mulling over as a worship leader. I’d love to have your feedback and input as well……..

    Fred, enjoy the break…..

  9. Angie Kaltreider says:


    I read your post about using the DVD from the Youth Leaders Conference. We have a DVD from a past Youth Leaders Conference on passion. It was a previous football player and I’m drawing a blank on his name right now. But I’ll have to look that one up. It was an awesome session on passion and talked about you can’t teach passion, you have to show passion and they catch it.

  10. Hey so this is my second week- and I love this idea even more than the first week! haha. it has sparked a deeper interest in our church worship department- Thanks!

    justin kirkendalls last blog post..Worship Confessional #2

  11. Hey everyone – Happy New Year! Fred, I love that idea! Gonna share that with the powers that be at Journey. Rich played keys today (goes back and forth between that and sound, he’s the ‘head’ sound guy), and he said NOBODY was there today. Not surprising considering the demographic of our church and where we are – a large majority of a) people transplanted from other parts of the country and b) a large percentage are traveling musicians.

    That idea would totally make sense for us!

    Have a great holiday –


  12. windbag says:

    Stay at home day. Great idea. About half of our congregation must have heard about it, because they sure weren’t at the celebrations today.

    windbags last blog post..December 28, 2008 setlist

  13. I like having the new people chiming in. It’s fun to see this community grow.

    dorothy (vicar of vibe)s last blog post..being His hands…

  14. Gary Durbin says:

    hope you had a nice break.

    Gary Durbins last blog post..Worship Confessional 12.28.08

  15. LIke what you do by encouraging people to worship in the home. I really like your choice to “worship” with Joy’s uncle. That is cool.
    Way to be His hands…

    dorothy (vicar of vibe)s last blog post..being His hands…

  16. Viqui Dill says:

    long time listener, first time caller.

    Viqui Dills last blog post..Something Different This Week

  17. Russ says:

    We had a great time of worship today. Our entire service was one big “music/art/song” worship service. Went over well…twice!

    Russs last blog post..Sunday Setlist “We Worship” [12.28.08]

  18. Posted! Have a Happy New Year all!

    Jason Petermanns last blog post..Worship Confessional: December 28, 2008

  19. Hey Everybody – if you attended or led a worship service today, participate in the 23rd week of Sunday Setlists at

  20. Hey Everybody – if you attended or led a worship service today, participate in the 23rd week of Sunday Setlists at

  21. Hope you enjoy your weekend off Fred! Have a great New Year!

    Steffanie Oltmanss last blog post..Sunday Set-list ~ December 28, 2008

  22. Today I feel completely honored, amazed and humbled at the privilege of leading God’s people in worshiping Him. I can’t believe I get to do this, there is absolutely nothing I would rather do!

    Steffanie Oltmanss last blog post..Sunday Set-list ~ December 28, 2008

  23. Lori Biddle says:

    Looks like a lot of great worship happened this weekend! Way to go everyone!

    Lori Biddles last blog post..weekend report

  24. Conner says:

    Here you go Fred, my observational Sunday Setlist 🙂

    Conners last blog post..Sunday Setlist Dec. 28th – My Pastoral Observation Day

  25. Kyle says:

    Fred I think a lot of our congregation went to your service this Sunday…err that is stayed home or stayed on vacation. For those who soldiered on here’s what today’s set was like.

    Kyles last blog post..Chris Lizotte’s “Signal Hill Revival” now available

  26. Eric Frisch says:

    Just posted mine… transitional stuff this week for us – launching a new series next Sunday.

    Eric Frischs last blog post..12/28/08 Set List

  27. Looking at: “Sunday Setlists #23 at FredMcKinnon.Com | FredMcKinnon.Com” ( )

  28. So I was going to start doing this from the first week of 2009…but have decided to start with the last week of 2008 instead. Will have a better blog link from next week too 😉

  29. Bobby Gilles says:

    Present and accounted for!

    Bobby Gilless last blog post..Merry Musical Christmas From

  30. After a busy Christmas season, I’m back! We had a great Sunday. With holidays and traveling we combined into one service this week.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Great White North!

    Randy Neufelds last blog post..Westhill Worships – December 28, 2008

  31. Brandon Teer says:

    Hope you guys had a great Christmas!
    Got mine posted.

    Brandon Teers last blog post..Sunday Recap 12.28.2008

  32. jon mark says:

    i’m in, i’m in…i pray that everyone was able to enjoy time with their families despite the busyness at church!!!

    jon marks last blog post..sunday setlists…take seventeen…

  33. steven bruce says:

    I just joined up with the Set Lists. Thanks to everyone for posting. I pray that your new year starts off great! Now everyone take a much deserved break from the crazy Christmas schedule!

  34. Wayne Thomas says:

    Sorry so late, everyone! God bless you guys!


    Wayne Thomass last blog post..What is the desire of your heart? – by Darlene Zschech

  35. Vanessa C. says:

    Thanks for all who share. I love coming and seeing what is being used, and how the services go…. Blessings for the New Year.

    Vanessa C.s last blog post..Sunday Worship

  36. Billy Chia says:

    “Church at home” sounds like a cool idea. I love the intentionality of it so much more that “we take that Sunday off.”

    Billy Chias last blog post..Church Marketing Rocks

  37. Rob Petrini says:

    love the idea mate… seriously challenging!!! Way to go stepping out of the box!

    Rob Petrinis last blog post..Sunday Setlist Dec. 7

  38. Janaki says:

    A few days late on this, but I’m happy to be able to participate again!

    Janakis last blog post..Sunday Setlist 12/28/08

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