Questions for 2009?

question-markHey Everybody,

So it’s almost New Years … tomorrow will be New Year’s Eve … and in 48 hours, we’ll be celebrating the New Year … 2009.  I’ll be enjoying my family, and hoping the DAWGS can pull out a victory.

I’ve been pondering and thinking about next year – how God would use me, how I’ll invest my time and energy.  Over the years, I’ve invested myself into way more activities than I could ever do great.

One thing is certain – I’m excited about continuing to pour myself into the ministry of my family and my local church position at SSCC.  I believe God will continue showing up and showing Himself strong at our church in 2009, and I pray that I’ll become a better, more sensitive, and more anointed leader for that incredible ministry.

What about blogging?  Has it run its course for me?  I have to confess, I’ve tried to keep the discipline of posting routinely here, but it was increasingly more difficult towards the end of the year.  Another key component to blogging is being sure I keep up with YOU – with your blogs, your lives, and what YOU have to say.  I have gone weeks without having the time to visit the Google Reader, so if you’ve missed me on your blog, I apologize.  Then again, I’ve missed so many of YOU as well.  (and the reality is, if I’ve missed you, you probably won’t be here to read this!)

That being said, I’m praying for a God-given vision and clear strategy for how I should use this space in 2009.  A huge part of my doing this is for my own discipline – to journal, to have something to reflect upon, to have an outlet for me to express myself to clear my mind.  But connecting with you, networking, and hopefully – encouraging you in worship, family, and leadership is also a major objective.

To do that properly, I need to ask you … the faithful readers … what would you like to see in 2009?  How would YOU like to see this space used?  If you continue to subscribe (and thanks to the hundreds who do!), how can I be an encouragement to you?

Sunday Setlists:  this has been a huge success, and each week, I read in the comments about how people love it, and have learned so much by observing what other churches are doing.  I say we keep this for a while.

FreePlay Friday:  this has been my random outlet.  Not the most-visited day, by any means – but a chance for me to break off any specific topic and just be “me”.

New ideas?
I’ve considered doing “Tech Tuesday” – and devoting Tuesdays to postings that are more tech-specific – ie. loops, sound, recording, etc.

What do YOU think?  What about the old podcasts I used to do … I still get asked frequently “why don’t you ever release new podcasts”, etc.

Eager to hear from YOU.

For the Kingdom,

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6 comments on Questions for 2009?

  1. Russ says:

    1) Podcasts. Yes. Yes. Yes. In fact, I’d be more than willing to team up with you and produce a TWC podcast. I’ve been thinking about it for about 6 months now and haven’t really jumped on it. But it would be nice maybe to do a podcast every other week with interviews, song spotlights, special guests, etc. Whaddya think?

    2) Sunday Setlists. A keeper for sure.

    3) Freeplay Fridays. I always enjoy reading them. Keep em coming.

    4) New ideas? I like the idea of a tech tuesday. I really enjoy your leadership posts so keep those coming.

    5) Networking/reading other blogs. I’ve found it helpful to schedule a block of time each day to “network” — my boss knows I do this and actually encourages it. For me, it’s an hour in the morning, I read forums, blogs, news, etc. as well as post on forums, blogs, etc. It’s been beneficial for me and because it’s blocked into my work day I’m able to be efficient with my time and keep up with the blogs I follow.

    Another idea is to always be “pruning” your blog reader. I know we all want to subscribe to as many helpful and informative blogs as we can…but in the end if unread posts are just piling up then it’s not beneficial for anybody. Pick a magic number and go through your reader once a month (at the beginning or end) and prune your blogs. Of course that’s tough because we don’t want to just “throw away” blogs…but I’ve found it’s a must. If I can’t go through my blog reader each day in about 10 minutes, then personally, I feel like I have too many subscriptions.

    Happy New Year!!

    Russs last blog post..You Have The Floor Moon Walker

  2. Mike says:

    I’m with Russ. I like Freeplay Friday. Gives us a chance to “get our Fred on.” Tech Tuesday is a great idea.

    Maybe – since you are big into community – feature another blogger from time to time. We can only grow stronger if we grow together. You’ve got a tremendous resource in your reader-base.

    I think there is a lot that a church like SSCC can impart to smaller churches coming out of your experiences.

    Mikes last blog post..Some Christmas Pride

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  4. Sunday Set-lists has to stay for Sure!! Its a definite must keep!

    Freeplay is always enjoyed!

    Tech Tuesday is an awesome idea!!

    Podcasts would be a wonderful addition!

    Also I really like the idea Russ gave on blocking an hour each morning for blog networking!

    Thanks so much Fred!

    Steffanie Oltmanss last blog post..Sunday Set-list ~ December 28, 2008

  5. I pretty much with everyone as well.

    Sunday Setlist is a must!
    Podcasts would be awesome. Like Russ said maybe doing one every other week that would be great.
    I also like what Mike said. You should feature other blogs so that we can all continue to connect. If you need any help you can count me in.

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