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Hey Everybody –

Welcome to “FreePlay Friday” – the spot where I try to break out of the normal postings on Worship, Faith, Church, etc … and just post crazy, random, real things about real life.  RSS Readers – come on over and leave a comment today, alrighty?

* I Ain’t No Metrosexual:
(from Wikipedia)
is a neologism of the 2000s generally applied to heterosexual men with a strong concern for their appearance, and/or whose lifestyles display attributes stereotypically attributed to gay men.

So, a friend of mine from SSCC used Twitter to alert another one of my friends about this blog “Understanding How Metrosexual Your Worship Leader Is” .  It’s a hilarious little quiz you can take.  I took it for myself, and scored a “2”.  Would be interested in knowing how others scored me.  My friend Jay scores much higher.  His wife Brooke thinks that I’m slamming him for that – heck, I’ve asked him to be my roomie on concert gigs, so clearly, I’m OK with it, right?

However, I do get some highlights in my hair from time to time – I think they look cool.  I did start getting a haircut somewhere besides the $10 barbershop.  Yikes.

* Twitter, FaceBook, and Life:

I’m always talking to people about Twitter and the internet.  (not on Twitter yet, check it out and follow me!)  Sure, it can be a colossal waste of time.  Even my buddy and co-worker Travis caved in and became a Twitter-ite.  Last night, at 11:00 PM EST – every single smoke detector in my house started going off.  I’m talking LOUD.  Not the random, single “beep” that happens every year or so from only one, single unit when the backup battery is dead.  I mean the whole system.  Nothing we could do would make them stop.

I hit Twitter and typed “11:00 PM EST – every smoke detector in our house going off, but no smoke or fire – HELP“.

Within 5 minutes, I’m getting tons of @replies on Twitter, and since my Twitter status updates my “Facebook Status” – I started getting responses there too.  The solution?  Start pulling those babies out of the wall – and pulling the wires out.  They are hardwired – the batteries are only in them to keep them useful in case the power goes out.  I even switched off the breaker.  I started yanking those babies off the wall one by one.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to rip the wires out of the wirenuts – the wires go into a plug which can easily pull out of the back of the detector.  After I got 3 or 4 removed, I got upstairs  and removed the one out of Rebekah’s room.  (Note – all 4 kids are sound asleep – this is ear-piercing noise, and they don’t even stir … but if I were to have turned on “Max and Ruby” on the TV, they would’ve been up in 3 seconds).  After pulling off the one in Bekah’s room, they all stopped.  So, I’m thinking that detector must’ve gone bad or something and set off a chain reaction.  We’ll see.

Speaking of Twitter, Facebook, Life … I was blessed by Joel’s post today.  He’s being real, authentic, and raw.  He asks for our prayers, and we should rally up and give them to him.  Drop him a comment of encouragement today.

That’s a wrap for FreePlay Friday.  Joy’s parents are coming down from G’ville today so we’ll have a great time of family gathering this weekend on the island.

I’d love to get your comments – let me know what’s happening with you!

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11 comments on “FreePlay Friday – I Ain’t No Metrosexual, Twitter, Life

  1. klampert says:

    wow…way to make me feel good matthew. lol

  2. Pingback: fmckinnon
  3. klampert says:

    OK I scored a 18 on the metrosexual worship leader list…UGH! lol

    I still think im more manly than fred.

  4. Matthew says:

    Thank God I'm only a 9. 🙂 I wasn't going to post the number if it was anything over 15. LOL

  5. Eric Frisch says:

    I took this a while back and got an 8… I think that's respectable 😛

  6. fmckinnon says:

    Kit – that's an awesome idea …

  7. dg4G says:

    Oh man – that scared even me…31…ouch…

  8. Leslie Brooke says:

    Your blog ate my comment. Anyway, Jay scored a 43!! He's proud of his metrosexuality.

  9. Chris Stout says:

    I remember that tweet. I'll have to remember that because all of our smoke detectors are supposed to be linked up to our Alarm System.

  10. gotta love stuff Christians like…
    lots of funny things happening there…

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