Sunday Setlists #28 – What Happened in Your Church?


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the 28th edition of “Sunday Setlists”.  This is the place where we come to share about our worship services each week.  I’d like to welcome all of the new people who have been participating … please continue to participate each week and spread the word to all of your friends.  Anyone can participate – worship leaders, pastors, or just people who were out in the “congregation”.

Here’s the rules for Sunday Setlists:

  1. Post a blog about your worship experience this week.  If you don’t have a blog, feel free to share your recap below in the comments section.
  2. In your blog post, be sure and link back to this entry.  Most people say something like “I’m posting this worship service review in collaboration with other worshipers in the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival at FredMcKinnon.Com”.  Link to this URL:
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Here’s our worship service recap for
St. Simons Community Church:


Walk-In:  “I Have Found” (Kim Walker)
Opening:  “Your Grace is Enough” (Tomlin)
Worship Set:
“When I Think About the Lord”
“Come Thou Fount”

Special Music:  “Lead Me to the Cross”

Video:  we had a powerful video of a lady in our church who tragically lost her leg.  She’s been a dancer since she was a little girl and has been a professional dancer and teacher.  Her video was about finding her greatest gain through her greatest loss.  It was powerful.

Sermon:  “It’s Personal”, Week 1

Closer:  “I Will Never Be” (Hillsongs)

OK – your turn!  By the way – how do you like the new design here at FredMcKinnon.Com?  Comment below and share!

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47 comments on “Sunday Setlists #28 – What Happened in Your Church?

  1. Paul Ingram - Revolution Church Tucson says:

    Saturday set list
    Worship Set 1
    “I Am Free” – Desperation Band
    “Free” – Hillsong United
    “Home” – Hillsong United

    Cover Song – “Questions” – Jack Johnson

    Scripture reading – Jonah 1
    Message – “When God Doesn’t Make Sense”

    Worship Set 2
    “God of this City” – Tomlin
    “Came to my Rescue” – Hillsong United
    “All Because of Jesus” – Steve Fee

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  5. Randy Neufeld says:

    Greetings once again from Canada … Nice new layout Fred … but I miss last week's "white space" 😉


  6. fmckinnon says:

    Randy, haha – that white space was driving me nuts!

  7. Randy Neufeld says:

    And if you are at all like me … you can't sleep until it is fixed!

  8. Johnny Sierra says:

    Great site! love your setlist Fred. When I think about the Lord is a classic at our church.

  9. Brad Hafner says:

    I Will Never Be is a great song. I can't remember the last time we played that one.

  10. garydurbin says:

    I like the new layout look and it seems to load a lot faster. Thanks again for providing this forum, Fred.

  11. Rich says:

    I am here…for some reason your site will not fill in the comment form. Is that new?

  12. Paul J. says:

    See you in Nashville, Fred!

  13. Johnny Sierra says:

    I accidentally submitted twice on Mr.linky. The second oneis the right one.

  14. Lori Biddle says:

    Fred, sounds like it was a powerful service! Way to go!

    God Bless!

  15. beth says:

    It's been a few weeks – but I'm in!!!!!

  16. Bobby Gilles says:

    I've been singing "Your Grace Is Enough" in the car today. Good song.

  17. Janaki says:

    I like the new design too!

  18. Rob Petrini says:

    Love the new look mate…

  19. steff says:

    Love the new design Fred!
    I also really like "Lead me to the Cross" great song.

  20. Love the new look! See you tonight at Recreate!

  21. Russ says:

    Great setlist!

    Miss you guys at re:create.

  22. jon mark says:

    i'm in…GREAT new look by our buddy Gabe…

  23. Brandon Teer says:

    Like the new design…..
    Thanks Fred!

  24. Eric Frisch says:

    I'm in! We celebrated baptism and heard a powerful testimony yesterday in worship!

    I love "When I Think About The Lord" – great song!

  25. Monty Hobson says:

    love this site. thanks for connecting us and helping see what God's doing each week.

  26. James says:

    3 days late to the party, but I just posted this week's set list…

  27. fmckinnon says:

    James, better late than ever … bring it on!

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