re:create 2009, Nashville TN

Hey Everybody,

I’m sitting in the ATL airport waiting on my flight to Nashville – I’ll soon be joining so many of my friends here in “blogworld” at “re:create 2009”, the “Annual Thinktank for Arts and Worship Leaders from around the world”.  I’m looking forward to this gathering.

I’ve setup “live blogging” for the event here – what that means is that I’ll be posting snippets here and there each day – you can follow along right here on this post.  I’ll also be inviting other re:create bloggers to join as well.

If you want to comment “live” – just go here:

  • 8:43 AM fmckinnon – Monday – Feb 2: Currently blogging, twittering, and texting – everyone enroute to Nashville for re:create. More bloggers and participants joining – all tweets with the recreate hash will post here as well. Have fun.
  • 9:12 AM snowjunkie – – On the plane heading to music city usa!
  • 9:04 AM Cynkeys – We are getting ready to leave Chattanooga and head to Franklin…having lunch with some peeps from Cross Point Dickson #recreate
  • 9:02 AM okjedi – Hoping the best for all the cre:ators this week! I really wish I could be there. #recreate
  • 9:02 AM inworship – @fmckinnon that’s cool. Boarding now. Will live blog as soon as we can. #recreate
  • 9:02 AM inprogress – – We’re off. @inworship & I are headed to #recreate
  • 8:38 AM rkweblog – leaving Ontario for Denver to get to #recreate conf in Franklin
  • 8:27 AM inworship – @inprogress and I are sitting in thale airport getting ready to board. I am wondering who created times earlier than 8am. I am wondering if it has something to do with the fall of man. This is pure evil!
  • 8:26 AM janjowen – I arrived last night and visite Cross Point in Nashville. It was good to sit in worship, and not to be leading. I’m looking forward to a week of refreshment and I’m really praying for a word from God. I haven’t met any re:creators yet but Anne Jackson and Pete Wilson will both be with us some this week. I also met Blake Bergstrom last night. All of CPs staff are always so friendly and welcoming! I’m going to spend some time writing this morning and then I’ll meet up with fellow re:creators at Merridees around 11:30 or so….
  • 8:15 AM fmckinnon – OK – so just sent an email and several tweets to a few bloggers I know who are attending – most of them are in airports or on planes right now … wow – I sit here at gate b22 – they have changed our gate to T7 – that’s quite a hike. I’ll unplug and head that way.
  • 8:02 AM fmckinnon – Just sent a twitter invite to – hope to get more re:create bloggers posting as well.
  • 7:43 AM fmckinnon – Test post for live blogging from the re:create conference, 2009 – updates posted throughout the day here, feel free to join the conversation.

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3 comments on re:create 2009, Nashville TN

  1. russhutto says:

    Woot! Live blogging from re:create! Have fun and safe travels!

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