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Hey Everybody,

OK – so it’s no secret.  I’ve been dialoging with some folks about hosting a worship conference.  I suppose it would be hosted by TheWorshipCommunity.Com.  It would be sponsored through Worship International, a non-profit ministry that I started a few years ago for things like this.  I’m asked constantly when I am going to do another “Worship Under the Stars” but I think an event that has worship rivaling that of “Worship Under the Stars” yet also equips worshipers and leaders is more of what lights my fire right now.

There is a funny discussion happening over at TheWorshipCommunity.Com called “so when is fred going to do a worship conference“?.  Check it out.

One thing I’ve said over and over is that I don’t want it to be like other conferences.  I’m not into having to have the big names with long lectures.  I want community.  I want social networking.  I want real dialogue, and real interaction in small pockets with proven leaders.  I experienced both (some big names and a lot of community) at the re:create conference, so the easiest answer is “just go to re:create” … but I do have it in my heart to do something here.

There’s some conference called “The Sticks” conference.  I don’t know much about it, other than it’s targeted for churches in small towns.  I was leading Tim Steven’s “Leading Smart” blog this morning and he discussed it.  He shared a testimony about that conference – let me post it here:

I am somewhat of a Conference Junkie. The problem with many of them is “The Cult of Personality”. You go to the big town with the big megachurch rock star pastors and everyone is looking for the next big thing to make their church grow.

I was skeptical of The Sticks myself. I had never heard of the any of the churches involved and only knew 2 of the speakers. But something about the concept of “The Sticks” gripped me. How could I overcome the challenges of ministering in a small town with limited resources and an over abundance of churches that quite literally “run” the town ……..

…… But The Sticks was different. I wasn’t watching the Mega Rock Stars of Church and listening to the Top Most Innovative, fastest gowing, cutting edge, blah blah blah people and feeling convicted that I wasn’t cutting it as a Pastor. I was watching normal guys who were doing abnormal things and I felt like I was home among friends.

We laughed, we cried, we worshiped and we felt the Presence of God – and we left more than inspired and overwhelmed with information. We left equipped and encouraged and ready to engage (I alliterated that for my baptist friends) our community for Christ! …. (from Tim Steven’s Blog)

Here’s my question …

How can we host a worship conference that would do this?  What would you want to see?  Would you attend – buy plane tickets, pay a hotel, registration fee … even if there were none (or very few) big names?

Let me hear from you – please.

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10 comments on “What Kind of Worship Conference …

  1. Mike Mahoney says:

    Testing the comments

  2. shane says:

    What about an online interactive conference?

  3. Chris says:

    Wow – talk about the heart of a servant. That is amazing.

  4. Chris says:

    I think you need to explore the online/interactive thing a bit more – especially where things are headed with the economy and budget cuts, etc.

  5. Mike Mahoney says:

    I was just checking out Googlemaps between here and there. Fifteen hours – not too bad. You didn't tell me you owned an airport!

  6. garydurbin says:

    I'd consider it…my parents live in Savannah, so that would be doable.

    1. Tim Miller says:

      I’ve hosted both big name and “who’s that” conferences. The most successful have been targeted to local churches across denominational lines with the following structure.

      Start with a heart-targeted “why we’re here” session by a local worship pastor.

      Have several break out sessions focusing on roles and jobs. Rather than have an instructor, ask competent local worship musicians to volunteer to facilitate by allowing 10 minutes for “why ___ reflects my heart for expressing worship” and passing out some resource material. Then the facilitator runs an open discussion for people to share either 1) this is the real question I brought with me or 2) here’s a lesson, trick, or tip I paid in blood to learn. Pray together. Share resources & experiences between churches.

      Don’t forget the surprises. Have some drawings for decent prizes from local or national businesses that support worship. A participant bag is a good touch and raises expectations. Have a nice meal. This kind of 1-day workshop-based conference can easily be run for under $30 per participant.

      It’s almost guarantee that the participants will leave better enabled to do the ministry they have been called to do.

      The last one of these I held was attended by worship musicians from over 22 area churches in a county with a population of only 30,000. Another one drew people from a 4 state radius. I’ve offered between 25-40 different workshops and different events. They’ve born amazing fruit.

      It’s a ton of work. But there are many ways to make it go more smoothly. Especially if you’re as passionate as I am about seeing others grow in ministry.

      1. Tim,
        Thanks a ton – keep subscribed here, I may be calling on you! 🙂

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