What Songs are you TIRED of doing?

Hey Ya’ll,

Today I’m battling what many worship leaders battle – the reality that I need to choose some songs for this Sunday – and all the ones that “work” are songs that … well, I’m just kinda tired of.

We’ve all read the stories – we’ve all been told … “when the WL gets tired of a song, that’s just when the congregation is starting to really get it”.

I know this is true – which is why I go back to these songs again and again … they’ve been working, and continue to inspire our congregation in praise and worship.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not ready for something new.  (and we’ve got room to learn a few new songs, I think!)

Here are some of the upbeat ones that I fall back on weekly, yet … just don’t want to keep using. (though I probably will for a while)

Everlasting God
Your Grace is Enough
Meet with Me
You, You Are God
No Other Name

in the medium/moderate tempo, as much as I love what it does in our congregation, I’m getting weary of “Mighty to Save”.
(just noticed it was now the #1 song on CCLI).

This doesn’t mean these are “bygone” songs … it just means that I’m struggling to keep them fresh.

How about you?

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13 comments on “What Songs are you TIRED of doing?

  1. Brent says:

    I'm tired of "Lord I Lift Your Name On High"

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  3. fmckinnon says:

    Randy – we say "heaven meets earth where no words can express" … I did this with another team a few weeks ago and they said "heaven meets earth with a soft, gentle kiss".

  4. Jon Morris says:

    Hosanna – Paul Baloche
    You, You are God – CFNI
    I am Free – Desperation Band
    Your Name – Paul Baloche
    Everyone Praise – NLWorship

    I love all these songs but they do get to the point where the lyrics don’t come to life and the song is to predictable, especially if you play it the same way everytime.

  5. Hope says:

    Ok, I’m starting to feel sorry for my congregation! ; ) We are always doing something new. Generally, we intro 2 new songs a month. We do the new song 3 times in one month so it will be absorbed. (This is Paul Baloche’s idea — do a new song 2 weeks in a row, skip a week and then do it again and add it to the rotation). We do 5-6 songs / Sunday and one MUST be a hymn (usually rocked out a bit). Every couple of weeks we do a “golden oldie” like Everlasting God. Once a song is in our reg. rotation, we probably only sing it once every two months. Why do the same thing for years when we have an infinitely creative God? We finally (after a year of wanting to) added “How He Loves” because God provided an electric guitar . . . the congregtion really sings out! Bottom line, for me, it works best if I pray before I pick songs and ask God to pick the right ones. . .only He knows who will be there and what they need to hear.

  6. Miki says:

    Hey, everyone! This is my first time here, and already I’m commenting! 🙂 As much as I love the lyrics to “Hosanna”, I think we’ve killed it. Like I said above, we’ve had to reinvent “Holy is the Lord” into a reggae style… it’s pretty fun! At my old church we used to do songs until they were dead, buried, and resurrected again, only to die again, be buried, etc. At my new church, that doesn’t happen so often, which is great! We’re always introducing new stuff. Current faves are “Desert Song” and “You’ll Come” by Hillsong.

  7. Kendall says:

    I think it just depends on the season you are in. You as a worship leader have to connect with the songs. I am in an interesting situation where I lead blended on Sunday Morning, whatever I’m feeling on Sunday night, Traditional (Piano and Organ) on Wednesday Prayer Meeting and Contemporary with the youth praise band. So, I get a REAL mix every week. Here’s and example – “You’re Worthy of My Praise” wasn’t hitting with the kids. So, I brought it back to Sunday Morning and now they own it there. They were a little tired of “How Great Thou Art” on Sunday morning, so I took it to the youth and played it Charlie Hall/rocked out. They now love it. You can twist so many things and make them new – it just depends where you and your church are. Right now I am loving “Counting on God” New Life Worship but I couldn’t lead it Sunday Morning. They’d pack the Uhaul for me. So we’re adding it tonight in youth. I love “Take It All” but we’ve worn that one out in youth – so it is off for a few weeks and we’ll bring it back in a couple more. There are so many great songs – just make them your own and enjoy the ones the body owns. We’re in a blended culture and it is hard to get everyone on the same page. That being said – Lord I lift Your Name on High dies every time. Sorry.

  8. JustinK says:

    Friend of God is getting to me Everlasting God- i am so over it Sing Sing Sing- just annoyed me because it ruined one of my practices because of the octave jump and it’s fairly new but i’m already tired of it haha You Won’t Relent- i think that’s a worship leader’s way of trying to be “emo” pretty much my entire front half of my worship book. ha!

  9. Randy Petty says:

    I think for the most part I don’t do ones I’m really tired of. My bad. Seriously, I do recognize that we get tired of them long before the congregation so it’s a “meet me halfway” thing I suppose. Shout to the Lord is one I’d like to leave behind, but find myself inserting it still some weeks. I introduce at least one new song per month. If I don’t want to repeat older songs towards the end of our “music/worship” time, I make sure the newer ones are those that have a good chance of really leading people into worship. It’s funny, I liked Baloche’s Friend of God, especially as the first or second song, but our fairly conservative congregation seem to be like deer in the headlights on such songs so I’ve avoided it lately.

  10. Erika Michelle says:

    I am getting tired of “Friend of God”. Our Pastor and our congregation loves it, though!!!

  11. milepost13 says:

    We typically rotate songs out after about 2-3 years…I can only think of a few on our list that have been there for longer than that. I do get tired of practicing some of the older ones, but as you mentioned, if the church is responding well to them, I rarely get tired of using them in corporate worship and watching/listening to people worship with them.

    We also spend some time most weeks trying to re-invent a song or two that might be getting a little old for us. There are several songs in our rotation that we can play 2-3 different ways, which makes it much more interesting for the band.

    I would like to die before I ever have to do “Shout To The Lord” again, which is one of the first songs I cut from our list when I got here three years ago…although, I’m pretty sure our people and our guests would be totally wool with us bringing it back.

  12. Steff says:

    All the earth will sing Your praises, For who You are, Everyone(praises), My Redeemer lives

  13. I don’t get to introduce new songs as often as I (or my team) would like. We usually shoot for one new song per series. Our congregation just doesn’t have the exposure to Christian worship music unless they go looking for it, and I’m not sure many do. It takes a while for us to learn and embrace a new song.

    Thus, songs tend to stick around for awhile, especially once they really get it. Two for me would be “Open the Eyes of My Heart” and “How Great Is Our God.” Great content, but… Well, you know.

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