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Sunday Setlists Worship Confessional
St. Simons Community Church
Sunday, March 8 2009

Worship Confessional – March 8, 2009 from Fred McKinnon on Vimeo.

As you see, it was a short setlist for us today, due to having a 15-minute “Annual Meeting” at the conclustion of each of our two services.

PlanningCenterOnline Logo
(view our service plan at PlanningCenterOnline.Com)

Walk In:  “Glorious One” (Steve Fee, North Point Live Arrangement in C)
I really don’t know how people expect congregations to sing along in D … you’re asking people to sing a high F# on the Chorus, which is way out of range for most people, myself included.  Even the high “E” in the key of C is tough, but if you sing loud and strong, you can nail it.

No Other Name (Todd Fields, North Point Live Arrangement in G)
Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin, Key of E)

Closer: God of this City (with Click and Video)

It was a good Sunday.  David’s message on Job and suffering was very good, I thought.  It’s always tough to talk about that stuff.  You can listen to the series, “When It Hurts” on our podcast at

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82 comments on “Sunday Setlists #33 – Worldwide Worship Recaps

  1. steff says:

    I'm really not sure how I managed to get the #1 spot two weeks in a row. I guess just being near my computer at exactly the right time. 🙂

    “Jesus Messiah” and “God of this city” are great songs!

  2. Sorry about the double entry. I linked to the wrong page on the first one. Delete when you can.

    Otherwise, looking forward to all of the lists. We had a great day here in NYC.

    1. Hey Anthony,
      Both links were home page links, which aren't allowed – you need to post the URL to your actual entry – not just your blog's main homepage.

  3. steff says:

    I'm really not sure how I managed to get the #1 spot two weeks in a row. I guess just being near my computer at just the right time 🙂

    Love both the Tomlin songs! Great set!

  4. B.J. Collins says:

    I'm too tired to write a blog right now! This time change thing messed me up, and one of our guitarists didn't show up! It also caused our 11:00 (late) service to be the biggest service today for a change!

  5. jim drake says:

    I win the Silver Medal this week. Would love to have some comments this week!
    Better week this week–not so many technical issues….

    1. 70x7 says:

      Jim, I was going to leave a comment on our blog page to let you know how much I loved your blend of old and new this Sunday, but I couldn't figure out how to do it on your page. Probably will get more comments there if that's addressed. That being sad: NICE FLOW, brother!

  6. HL McConnell says:

    Fred, that's a good set you had today. I like all those songs. Really like “Glorious One”. How did that go with your people? We haven't done it yet. Anyways, you rock man.


  7. Brad Hafner says:

    Hello everybody. I hope you had a great Sunday. Great setlist, Fred. I hope we start doing Glorious One soon.

  8. Chris Moncus says:

    We did Glorious One as well on the youth group side. Your boy Shannon did a fine job today.

  9. Jan Owen says:

    Well today was a monumental day in the life of our church. Come read about our GREAT news!

  10. Trying to get our pastor to do “God of This City” during our Vision Series.

  11. Wayne says:

    Great morning of worship, Fred. We're still trying to get the video worship confessionals going. I'm having a hard time with Pinnacle video editing. I'm so dumb. LOL!
    Hope you all you guys and gals had a great morning! See you on your blogs!


  12. Posted! Thanks everyone!

  13. Eric Frisch says:

    Looks like a great set, Fred! I've been wanting to give “Glorious One” a shot, but haven't had the right service to plug it into.

    We had a good morning today, despite a little general sleepiness from the time change – tried a couple of different things.

  14. kitpalmer says:

    Dang…been waiting to post since last night, Took the kids to see “Mall Cop” and next thing you know, I'm not even in the top 20! Good list Fred…love “Glorious One”!

  15. Pingback: fmckinnon
  16. Pingback: fmckinnon
  17. Hi everyone, looking forward to checking your worship services out…

  18. Steff says:

    Great choice of songs Fred!
    Thanks again for hosting the blog carnival!

  19. Jay is a NUT!!! I can't help but crack up every time I see him on your worship confessional videos. His head is just about as shiney as my hubby's.

  20. Eddy Mann says:

    Fred, amen to the statement [Glorious One] on key awareness.

  21. Janakid says:

    Love your videos!! Awesome. I haven't heard Glorious One, I'll have to check that one out.

  22. As a “baritony bass”, I tend to re-key a lot of songs. I've learned that for most congregational singing, a D is pushing the limit!

    Be blessed,

  23. Bobby Gilles says:

    Cool worship confessional. Those ear monitors do take some getting used to.

  24. 70x7 says:

    Hey people! I finally woke back up! DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME – an evil plot by the government to disrupt worship services all over the country??? I guess you'll have to read my 70×7 Captain's Log to find out!

    I'll be stopping by to see what you folks were up to – I'm making a list, and I'm checking it THRICE.

  25. 70x7 says:

    FRED, I'm feeling your pain on the annual meeting… I remember an awkward moment in a church when at the end of the service, all of the “non-members” were “invited” to leave the sanctuary. Oh well, so much for the Christian hospitality THAT day!

    The left foot of fellowship!

  26. Dean Lusk says:

    Heh heh… That first song is a killer on the vocal chords for you guys. And the chorus doesn’t just HIT an E (playing in C); it stays up there long enough to write letters back home. “You Shine” is bad enough for an early service, and it only hangs out around C#.

    I’d like to be there for one of your services some time.

  27. jon mark says:

    after a week off…i was back at it…and now checking back in here…

    it’s interesting to get takes on how high to ask people to sing…i usually don’t put to much thought into it…but trying to be more conscious of it lately…

  28. Paul Mugarura says:

    First time doing this…

  29. Anonymous says:

    Woot! #42! For those who’ve read/seen Hitchhicker’s Guide, you know just how special that number is.

  30. fmckinnon says:

    Hey Paul,
    Welcome! I think your URL was incorrect – it needs to be the uRL to your post, not your homepage – so click on title of your blog post, and copy that URL, and paste it into the linky.

  31. chuckazooloo says:

    glad to be able to share with what everyone is doing. i will have more to add as i get into this a little more.

  32. Pingback: fmckinnon
  33. Kyle says:

    What a huge weekend for us. We had Ryan Delmore (Vineyard worship leader/recording artist) out to lead worship for our Anthropology Men’s conference. What an incredible conference, God moved powerfully in the lives of all the men their. We saw salvations, deliverance and had some incredible teaching.

    Ryan stayed to lead worship for our Sunday service and man, incredible! It was so fun playing with him and hanging out all weekend. I included an audio sampler from the worship set, a minute or 2 from each song. Entire set compressed into about 10 minutes. So you can check that out on the post. Great weekend at Life Connection Church! God is good.

  34. Jen Kerr says:

    Hey everyone..Hope you had a great service! I posted my first sunday set list. Check it out if you get the chance.

  35. Micah Petrea says:

    First time Posting on the blog.

    Hope to gain insight and ideas from you all.
    Sunday Rocked…even thought like most… early sunday service was a little cricketty.

    About to watch the video….HAVE A GREAT WEEK Everyone.

  36. Brandon Teer says:

    Back on board with the setlist this week, glad to be back. Sorry, the first time I posted the wrong URL. Have a great week!!

  37. Paul J. says:

    I’m putting a “Sunday Setlist” blogroll together on my blog. Anyone who wants to be included, please drop by and leave a comment. 🙂

  38. fmckinnon says:

    Brandon, hey, both links were bad, they were homepage links, not allowed – can you repost the actual URL to your entry – not your main blog’s homepage?

  39. Artie says:

    Cool idea.. love this..checking out what everyone else is doing..

  40. Rachel Lusky says:

    thanks for following me on twitter!! i’m excited to be part of the sunday worship confessionals on the weeks I lead with Brianl

    and i am so there on the in – ears. one in, one out – that is how i wear them every week!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to being part of the Sunday Setlist experience.

  42. It’s funny to me that I’m usually so late to the party to post my worship recap when Sunday morning comes many hours earlier for me here in Korea…

  43. Pingback: fmckinnon
  44. Pingback: fmckinnon
  45. Lori Biddle says:

    A great weekend! God is good!

  46. Facebook User says:

    Did this work?

  47. Conner Byrd says:

    I can’t believe I’m this late Fred!
    Sorry man but …better late than never?

  48. Little late to the party, but glad to finally get here.

  49. Bill Horn says:

    Man! I’m way late! Good week, though! I totally agree about “Glorious One.” Fantastic song, but tough for congregational singing-the verse is low by comparison, so you can’t bring it down too much, either! Steve does it in C when he plays it live. D is just plain ridiculous!

    How did “Jesus Messiah” connect?

  50. Anonymous says:

    my bad, you said that the people connected with “Jesus, Messiah” in the video. I just watched it…

  51. #65, Wow. I’m a slacker.
    Better late than never I guess.

  52. Russ Hutto says:

    I made it!!

    Better late than never.

  53. O.k., so evidently I was really tired Sunday. Came by commented and didn’t post to Mr. Linky…doh!
    Better late than never.

  54. And Fred,
    Liked your list for Sunday.
    ALso want you to know I am still spreading the word. I just found an old high school friend (via facebook, gotta love social media) who is pastoring a church start in CA.
    Told him he needs to come by…

  55. Viqui Dill says:

    bluegrass this week in South Carolina. w00t.

  56. Tim Suddarth says:

    Indescribable – Tomlin
    Hungry – Scott
    Hallelujah (Your Love Makes Me Sing) – Brown/Doerksen
    Mighty to Save – Hillsong
    Those Who Trust – Waterdeep
    Let Your Glory Fall – Ruis

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