Sunday Setlists #36 – What Happened at YOUR church?


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Sunday Setlists for St. Simons Community Church
March 29, 2009

Great day of worship @SSCC.

Walk-in:  Glorious One (Fee)
(we drop this down to C for singability)

Opening Song:  See His Love (Hughes) – Bm

Announcements:  normal church announcements, and a great update from one of our missionaries in Haiti.

Second Set:
Jesus Messiah (E)
Hosanna (Hillsong) (E)

*this was a great medley.  We come out of Jesus Messiah and end it in E, and as the song fades down, we go into a vocal only chorus of Hosanna.  It’s an awesome way to sing that Chorus and hear all the people in the congregation singing.  No band drowning them out.  Pull out your in-ears.  Listen to the most glorious sound ever – YOUR PEOPLE SINGING.  After singing through the Chorus, we end on that C#m and the band kicks in w/ the normal arrangement from the Hillsong album.

Special Song:
Psalm 13 (Brian Doerksen)
We did this lament last week, and it was requested that we do this as a special again this week, continuing our series on Job.  It was powerful, like last week.  (see last week’s setlist to listen to it).

It is Well With My Soul (traditional)

Great day.  Harriet (the original, founding Worship Leader here at SSCC) and myself were the main leaders.
Fred McKinnon:  Keys/Vocals/Leader
Harriet Jones:  Acoustic Guitar/Vocals/Leader
Kim Meadows:  Vocals
Larry Wade:  Vocals
Jay Sellers:  Vocals/Electric Guitar
Gary Share:  Bass (loved the fretless on the lament!)
Rick Joyce:  Drums

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63 comments on “Sunday Setlists #36 – What Happened at YOUR church?

  1. Billy Chia says:

    Totally agree! Last time I played in worship I used these fancy Bose in-ears that don’t block out all the sound. I could hear the congregation great during the whole set and it was amazing.

  2. Lori Biddle says:

    Fred, your list and weekend looks like it was strong!

    I’ll be back later to look at everyone’s set lists! Can’t wait! bye for now!

  3. Matt Stevens says:

    Happy Sunday, everyone. What an honor we have to praise God in our local churches!

  4. Jim Drake says:

    Short day on music but we had a lot going on…. read on!

  5. Brad Hafner says:

    Hey there everyone! I love the missionaries when they come. It helps to lighten the load every once and a while.

  6. That Jesus Messiah/Hosanna medley sounds great Fred.

    Hillsong recorded their 2009 album last night following the first Colour conference. From all reports it was an amazing evening – I’m looking fwd to hearing the results 🙂

  7. Pingback: fmckinnon
  8. Mike Mahoney says:

    Jesus Messiah/Hosanna sounds interesting! Wow. I love stuff like that.

  9. Love the idea on the Jesus Messiah/Hosanna medley!

  10. I’m in this week! 🙂

  11. Wayne Thomas says:

    We still haven’t done Glorious One! I really want to do that one soon. Have to go check out See His Love.

    Sounds like a great set, Fred.

  12. Jan Owen says:

    Today was a bittersweet day for us! The official “last Sunday” of our interim period as a church. Read how we transitioned and said “good-bye” well.

  13. Love that you are doing this Fred! Have a great week.

  14. Jeff Miller says:

    First day with our new sound system and a new drummer. Good times!

    Thanks, Fred.

  15. Ellen says:

    Thanks for the tips on the Jesus Messiah/Hosanna medley! We havn’t tried Jesus Messiah yet, because I’m afraid it may be too big for our band, but I’m inspired to try it with lighter instrumentation.

  16. Pingback: Russell martin
  17. Eric Frisch says:

    Looks like you had a good morning! We’ll be doing “Hosanna” next Sunday.

    We had a good morning too, despite some potential issues. Just posted!

  18. Bobby Gilles says:

    “Listen to the most glorious sound ever – YOUR PEOPLE SINGING.”

    I love it. Great way to put it, Fred!

  19. Brandon Teer says:

    Glad to have another week to post, thanks Fred!

  20. beth says:

    I’m in. We had a killer day.

    It’s so cool to see and hear about God moving among His people all over the place….

  21. Conner Byrd says:

    Fred, cool deal man! My first time back leading worship in forever and we did Hosanna as well! I’d love to try what you did. Sounds sweet!

  22. YAY SUNDAY!!!

    the real miracle is that I actually got my Worship Confessional posted ON Sunday today 🙂

  23. Two weeks in one this time around. Went to the largest church in the world last week – talked about first impressions in my post

  24. Mark Jaffrey says:

    OK, so I finally got round to doing this. Hooray! We have our worship services on a Thursday and Friday (Friday is the holy day here in Egypt) and I’m normally so tired after four services in a row that I can’t muster the energy to blog about them. But this week it’s different, so sorry it’s taken so long Fred, but I am now a part of this discussion.

  25. Dean Lusk says:

    Wow! Participation seems to be ratcheting up quickly every week. Great!

    “Listen to the most glorious sound ever – YOUR PEOPLE SINGING.” Agreed — “glorious” is a perfect word.

    And that Brian Doerksen song… Listening to it now. Amazing. (That’s an over-used trendy church-speak word these days, but I can’t think of a better description.) We’re definitely going to present it soon. The words and melody have a marriage you just don’t hear very often.

  26. MIcah Petrea says:

    Tanks to all of you for sharing. What an awesome day!!!

    See ya’ll next week!

  27. Russ Hutto says:

    woohoo! #50!

    We had a pretty uneventful, yet awesome day! I’m sure that people’s lives were impacted and God was glorified though!

  28. Kyle says:

    Some train wrecks musically, yet the spirit moved in spite of the band. One of my more raw, confessional posts. I got rocked yesterday in many ways.

  29. Jon McKanna says:

    “singability”…love that term!!!

    love the set too…it is well with my soul is one of my favorite hymns to sing in my personal time…acoustic…key of e…and just let go!!!

  30. Janaki says:

    I’m in! I love “It is Well”. It was the first hymn I ever learned (I grew up in a very contemporary church that didn’t sing hymns).

  31. Chris says:

    Our Sunday was much different than usual, but very powerful.

  32. Paul J. says:

    Which Hillsong CD is “Hosanna” on?

    1. Paul,
      “All of the Above”

  33. Great set, Fred! We need to plan a face-to-face this summer. We live too close not too!! I just got get through the end of school and then I can think about it! Glad to be back this week – I hated missing last week. I had quite a streak going there!

  34. Bill Horn says:

    Man, I’m not fast enough! I hope you all had a great week in worship.


  35. Tracie says:

    I was thinking I miss Worship Under the Stars. Will it come back? 🙂

  36. Hey Fred,

    Finally in! In-House concert last night. Great fun running the board … it’s been a while! Not much left in the tank when I got home.

    Blessings all!

  37. Louise says:

    “the most glorious sound ever – YOUR PEOPLE SINGING”

    I really wanted to do that this week with Jesus, Name above all Names on the third repeat, but my guitarist forgot. : D

    Always a next time.

    PS – not sure how to log into fb from here. Used the link, got WordPress.

  38. Finally was able to get it posted. Had some website issues, but all is good now.

  39. B.J. Collins says:

    Why do I have so much trouble logging in as me on this website?

  40. Fred,
    I like your list. It appears you are often on the cutting edge of modern worship, but then out of nowhere you surprise me with a song like “It is Well”. That’s a great song.

  41. Gary Durbin says:

    better late than never…had a sunday off.

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