Sunday Setlists – 40th Week of Sharing Worship Recaps #sundaysetlists


Hey Ya’ll,

TIME TO CELEBRATE – this is the 40th consecutive week – only 12 weeks shy of ONE FULL YEAR that we’ve networked together and shared our worship setlists and confessionals.

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My Worship Recap for St. Simons Community Church

Today was one of those days where I intentionally scheduled myself OFF the stage.  Turns out it was a good thing because I’m feeling pretty crappy right now – sinus, pollen, cold – just wiped out, and so ready to go to sleep.

During the 9:00 service I resisted the urge to hang out in the sound booth, and got out in the congregation and just took it in as a worshiper from beginning to end.  This is a critical perspective that every worship leader should try and do at least 1x quarterly, in my opinion.

During the 11:00 service I “floated” to the other venues and checked in on how our “culture of worship” was developing in Tiny Town (Infant – Kindergarten), The Kid’s Clubhouse (1st-5th grade) and Rush Hour, which meets in “The Rooftop” (Middle School).  (our High School meets on Wednesday evenings).  I snapped some pics with my cell phone throughout the morning and uploaded to Twitter:

Kim Dixon leading rehearsal before the 9:00 AM
(Jay Sellers on GTR, Amy Clack vocals, Kim Dixon on acoustic/leading, Gary Share on bass, RV Cate on drums, and you can’t see Cyle Lewis and Brent Barbee who are on the other side of the stage on keys and vocals)


Kid Jam cast on stage in the Club House Theater


Story Time Just before Worship in Tiny Town


Shannon getting the Middle Schoolers ready for worship in Rush Hour


Kim Dixon led worship and did a fantastic job today.  I really enjoyed just having the freedom to worship without any responsiblity durin the 9:00 AM service.

Walk-In:  “Joy of the Lord” (Rita Springer)

Opening Set:
“Freedom” (Darrell Evans)
“Lord Reign In Me”

Second Set:
“Marvelous Light”
“You Never Let Go”

Closing Song:
“With All I Am” (Hillsong)

I’ll be back leading next Sunday, closing out the 4th and final week on the “Break Free” series on Fear.

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66 comments on “Sunday Setlists – 40th Week of Sharing Worship Recaps #sundaysetlists

  1. Yeah Baby! I made first this week! Don’t know what that means but I was bound and determined to get up there once!

    1. PS – Sorry you’re feeling bad Fred. Looks like you had a blessed week with a good set list. Additionally, it is always good to see what else in going on around church. Hope your day was blessed…

  2. Posted! Thanks all!

  3. Bobby Gilles says:

    Sorry you’re feeling bad. Pollen is my enemy, too, this time of year.

  4. Jim Drake says:

    Glad you had a day off… thanks for posting the pics for us!

    Tell me about Peru!

    1. Jim,
      I always tell everyone “it wasn’t a day off, just a day off the stage – if it was really a day off, I wouldn’t be here!” … haha.

      Peru – coming up in October, one of the trips Compassion is sponsoring that they made available to us at re:create. Myself and our missions guy applied to go … give Ronnie Brock a shout, there is probably room to go!

  5. Marcus says:

    Thanks Fred for setting this up. It’s great to see what other churches are doing and is helpful for brainstorming, especially when people comment on how that particular set list went.

  6. Hey gang … so this was my week for the brain meltdown … yet there were so many that didn’t notice …

    Have a great week …

  7. Jon Morris says:

    I’m in. Posted pics of our tech guys in action

  8. So I was trying to be all fancy-schmancy and log in through facebook but apparently my worship set sucked all the brain power out of me.

    I’m in!

  9. Steff says:

    40 Weeks! I’ve been participating for 34 of those 40. Thanks so much for doing this for all of us Fred.

  10. Jan Owen says:

    Thanks for doing this week in and week out Fred! I love learning from and connecting to others.

    Feel better soon friend!

  11. kimbontrager says:

    soooo great that you had the opportunity to enjoy your entire church environment today!

  12. Pingback: fmckinnon
  13. Brad Hafner says:

    It’s been a while since we’ve done any Darrell Evans. Need to look into getting his new cd soon.

  14. Janaki says:

    I posted my first video confessional!

    Thanks for hosting this Fred, I really appreciate it!

  15. Marvelous Light – such a great song! Thanks for wrangling us Fred…it is so cool to see what others are doing and how God is working all over!

  16. Just recently started doing the Sunday Setlists, which I’d seen on a few blogs I follow as I get back into worship more, and recently started a blog trying to focus my thoughts on worshipping.

    Sorry I have 2 links this weekend, as I was singing on the music worship team at a youth event on Friday as well as singing/leading at my current home church (MBC in Edinburgh, Scotland) earlier tonight and I’ve done Sunday Setlists/Worship Confessional posts for both… I hope that’s ok.

    I have a few weeks ‘off’ singing now though! I’ve been singing post tooth-extraction. I don’t recommend it as my mouth has been sore and swollen all week and that doesn’t work well for singing.

    Hope you feel better soon Fred.

    1. Laura Anne,
      So glad you are jumping in – no problem on multiple links to multiple recaps – that’s awesome!

  17. I love pictures, but I’m not seeing them. Just a little red x in a box and an outline where the picture would have been. I tried refreshing the page and right clicking the picture, but nothing comes up. Not sure what the problem is.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    1. Doug, thanks – yeah, they are gone – I was deeplinking to their Twitpic url, and they must not like that – will fix it now.

  18. Eric Frisch says:

    We did “Marvelous Light” this morning, as well! Great morning all around.

  19. Hope you’re over the sinus stuff soon Fred.

    And we had With All I Am today as well and shared powerful time of worship with that song.

  20. Lori Biddle says:

    Finally I was able to get on line! Tough day with no internet! Oh well, finally got it on!

    I have a horrible cold too! blahhhh!

  21. Shawn says:

    My first time participating in this and hopefully not my last. Thanks for doing this Fred!

    1. Shawn, yeah where have you been!? Glad you jumped in!

      1. Shawn says:

        Where have I been? I’ve been… lazy! 🙂

  22. Wayne Thomas says:

    I’ve been away for a few weeks. Glad to be back. Hope you all had a great morning of worship!


  23. Chuck Harris says:

    Awesome pics Fred. I love ya’lls venues. the kids club looks awesome.

  24. Gary Durbin says:

    glad that worked out for you…hope you’re feeling better.

  25. Hey Fred,

    I didn’t have a day ‘off’ of leading, but we both sang You Never Let Go!! Awesome tune and lyrics!

    Have Fun,
    John 10:10

  26. Kyle says:

    Great day, great sermon, great fellowship and worship went well. Used vocal cues in out in ears for the first week, used the new condensed intro version of the True Love (Phil Wickham) loop I released a couple weeks back, and we played Ryan Delmore’s Jesus’ Name song for the first time, oh and we also did a new and quite difficult arrangement of Come Thou Fount that went awesome. So good week.

  27. Pingback: fmckinnon
  28. Fred

    Thanks for fixing the pics! They really help visualize what you described and give us a feel for the church you are a part of.

  29. Tuesday once again…just that kind of week!

  30. Don’t feel bad, Rich. I’m just behind you! Glad you had a week off, Fred. Hope you feel better soon!

  31. Jeff Miller says:

    Blegh, jury duty fried my brain this week. I’m finally here.

    Congrats to Tyler for grabbing #42. Enjoy!

  32. Pingback: Dennis Arriaga
  33. Louise says:

    Looking forward to reading this week’s sets.

  34. Louise says:

    Hi Fred

    Somehow I managed to make a mistake with Mr Linky. Please delete my first entry. Thanks!

  35. Whoo Hoo! Got mine in on Thursday1 rocking the number 68 spot this week


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