What Do You Do When You Can’t Sleep

I’ve been sleeping better than ever since starting my exercise plan.  Until last night.  I couldn’t sleep.

Maybe it was the bendaryl I took after lunch that knocked me out – but I had no choice.
Maybe it was the weather front moving in.

My mind was racing.  All sorts of things.

  • This idea I had for a retreat here on St. Simons Island for worshipers and creative artists …
  • A book I’d like to write …
  • A couple of “out of the box” ideas I have for worship on Sunday AM at SSCC
  • A video/training product on something I excel in that could help a lot of people  …
  • The fact that I have to get some sleep because my outdoor regimen training wakeup call is at 5:15 AM …
  • How to best communicate something we’re planning for this summer …
  • A desire to book a short US-based tour to do some intimate “worship interludes” nights in churches?  (interested???)

So, I think I dozed off between 2:30 or 3:00, and was awake before 5:00.  I got up, wrote down ideas and said a few prayers.

Nothing seemed to work.

What do you do when you JUST CAN’T SLEEP?

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6 comments on What Do You Do When You Can’t Sleep

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  2. Tracie says:

    I’m sorry you couldn’t sleep. Those are some awesome thoughts though. If God was speaking to you then I say do it Fred. Recently at a funeral for a friend her good friend told that when Margie was maybe a couple days before passing away she was saying “Forgive me God.” They wondered why she was asking for forgiveness because of her sweet spirit. When they asked her what she was asking for forgiveness for her response was “For when God asked me to do something and I didn’t.”
    For the ideas I see you have up there I really think people will be blessed.

  3. Jace says:

    Sorry to hear you can’t sleep. Sounds like God is working some incredible things in and through you. When I cannot sleep I usually go sit on my couch and read. Sometimes I’ll fall asleep real soon, sometimes I stay awake for hours.

  4. KO says:

    Buy this now and fall asleep in 10 minutes with no benadryl hangover! Alteril, all natural sleep aid. The main ingredient in it is tryptophan (think thanksgiving turkey) and other herbs. My husband used to have lots of trouble fall asleep, more specifically “winding down”. We bought this at GNC, and it’s the best money we’ve spent!

  5. brewster says:

    I pray. It works and I accomplish 2 things at one time.

    1. Steven,
      Yeah, I def. do some of that myself. We never really “know” what we’re praying for sometimes. I prayed for my wife (before she was my wife, before she even lived here) earnestly the night she was diagnosed with leukemia, and didn’t know until years later. Same evening. I warred for her, relentlessly. Wrote it in a prayer journal. Even had a pastor friend call at 1:00 AM’ish who also couldn’t sleep and knew he had to call me and pray. We prayed … we didn’t know why … but i found out years later. She’s my wife now. WOO HOO.

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