#sundaysetlists – One Year Anniversary of Worship Service Recaps


Hey Everybody,


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EVERY PERSON who leaves a link to their “Sunday Setlists” blog or who puts their worship service recap in the comments section below will be entered into random drawings.  We’ve got A LOT OF STUFF to give away.  We’re giving away nearly $600 worth of songs for Ableton Live by Interactive Worship, books by Zondervan, CD’s by Centricity, GreatWorshipSongs.Com, EMI/WorshipTogether.Com, and Integrity … and more.

I’ll be doing a drawing daily, starting on Monday, so spread the word, spread the word, spread the word!

Here’s a recap on how to participate:

1.  Blog about your worship services this week.  (Don’t have a blog, just leave it in the comments below)
2.  In your blog or worship service recap, please mention that you are participating in the “Sunday Setlists” blog carnival at FredMcKinnon.Com and link to today’s post, which is:
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My Worship Confessional:

Guess what – I didn’t lead today.  I did attend, but at Grace Church in Overland Park, KS.  I’ve been out here for a week for the National Worship Leader Conference and some post-conference time for prayer/worship at IHOP and some R&R with my wife.  And since I already know that my friend Ben Abu Saada will likely be posting his own worship recap of that service, I’ll just share a link to our service back home at SSCC.  Kim Dixon led worship in my absence.  I have no doubt it was a glorious time.

Checkout the PlanningCenterOnline site for a glimpse of our worship service at SSCC today.  Maybe our Tech Director or Associate Tech Director could use my absence as an excuse to do their own recap, or our Associate Worship Director could chime in as well!

Be sure and spread the word about this on Twitter.  Below is some of the crazy talk already happening by people sharing their links and using the #sundaysetlists hashtag!  So go for it!  (the twubs discussion may take a moment to load below …)

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Time for you to share your worship setlists!  Remember, make sure your URL is the full URL to your blog post, and not your blog’s homepage.  Pretty please.  And check back here EVERY DAY this week for winners of some AWESOME PRIZES!

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79 comments on “#sundaysetlists – One Year Anniversary of Worship Service Recaps

  1. Posted! Happy anniversary! Let’s party!

  2. Rob Lewis says:

    Hey Fred thanks for doing this!!!

  3. Jim Drake says:

    Happy Anniversary Freddo!

    I’d send you a virtual gift, but Kim and I decided to send you FACEBOOK FARM TOWN MANGOS all week long!!! Get your Farm ready.

    Heavy day for me… you can read about it on my post. Hope you enjoyed KC one more day.

    Good to see you!

  4. HL McConnell says:

    It’s been great to learn from all of you over the past year! Fred Thank you so much for doing this. Many blessings!!!


  5. Russ Hutto says:

    So glad to be a part! Every week for the last year, it’s been a joy to get to know other leaders and team members through SUnday Setlists!

    Thanks for hosting it Fred!

  6. Jen Kerr says:

    Wow one year..that’s amazing!
    Glad you had the day off from leading…

    Scary day for me…
    This was the first weekend I led the band with guitar in the big venue at our church…The larger crowd and more professional atmosphere really put the pressure on.

  7. Paul says:

    Thanks for letting me be part of this ongoing worship conversation! Love it!!

  8. Brandon Teer says:

    It’s been awhile, but glad to be back. Happy Anniversary!

  9. Janaki says:

    Happy anniversary! I’m so grateful to have found this amazing resource and group of people 🙂

  10. It’s great to be a part of the Sunday Setlists. I thinks it’s great to have so many sharing what God is doing in their churches. Keep up the great work!

    Fred thanks for hosting this.

    We had another great Sunday; how can worshipping the Lord together and hearing his Word proclaimed not be? !!!

  11. David says:

    Always great to be a part of this Fred. Praying the party week is HUGE! 🙂

  12. Gary Durbin says:

    happy anniversary, bro…thanks for this community. great hanging with you and your wife last week.

  13. Mike Mahoney says:

    Here’s to another great year!!!

  14. Congrats Fred! Thanks for the being faithful in doing this every week.

    It was great to meet you and hang out at NWLC.

    Here’s to another great year.

  15. One Year of Sunday SetLists! Thanks for this great ministry Fred. Thanks to all the rest of the Worship Leader community for sharing so openly what God is doing through music in your fellowships!

    Have an amazing week!

  16. Eddy Mann says:

    The day’s not over until the post. Enjoy the time away.

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  19. Lori Biddle says:

    Yay! Thanks Fred for the opportunity to connect! Love it here, thanks for helping me out today while I was flying back to Ohio~

  20. Its a PARTY Fred!! I suggest Jack Stack BBQ for year 2??

  21. Bobby Gilles says:

    One year down, and it all begins again. Onward and upward!

  22. hi all!
    I am so greatful to have met all of you.
    Thank you Fred for drawing us into community here!

  23. From the comments I’ve received so far, our team is finally starting to gel. When I moved to El Paso in May to start work as the church’s first Worship Director, there was a lot to be done. Between improving our musicianship to vocals to song choices, we have been making a lot of changes and doing a lot of work, and it’s nice to see it finally paying off. No doubt the inclusion of three of our most popular songs helped this week. Be Unto Your Name, Your Name, and Con Que Pagaremos are mainstays here. But El Es El Rey, which hadn’t been done since I’ve been here, also went quite well, as well as My Hope Is Built On Nothing Else. As a bilingual congregation, we always include at least two songs with Spanish lyrics (often Spanish & English combined) as well as at least one traditional hymn. That pattern has been serving us well. We have a lot of new Christians in our congregation, but this week there was good participation in the singing as well, which is encouraging, as particularly with the men that is an area in which growth is needed. A blessed Lord’s day.

  24. Man, it just doesn’t seem like this baby’s a year old!

    Have Fun, Fred,
    John 10:10

  25. Eric Frisch says:

    So excited to be a part of this amazing community! Just posted our recap from yesterday… we had a wonderful time of worship at Centerpoint!

  26. Kyle says:

    Happy Anniversary! On your 1yr anniversary, it is my church’s 7yr anniversary. So anniversarys all around. We had an amazing service. I also attached a preview of the God of This City loop I’m working on and used in our service. Still some changes to be made, so I didn’t include the full loop yet.

  27. Wow, one year! It’s kinda cool that the 1 year anniversary of this is just 2 weeks off our church’s 1 year anniversary! Makes it easier for me to remember yours – ha!

    Thank you again Fred for doing this – I have made many new friendships because of this blog and what you are doing with it.

    And yes, I’m late this week, but I finally made it! The post is up (finally) at http://blog.alexandari.com/sunday-setlist-7-26-09/

    Have a great week!

  28. Fred! Thanks for wrangling us all! Blessings upon you man!

  29. It’s not a setlist so much as the most featured song in all the setlists I was singing during the last couple of weeks in South Africa. But wanted to share it with you guys…


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  31. LeAnn says:

    Thanks Fred! Congrats on a YEAR! May there be many, many more years of inspiring, equipping, sharing, and community-building for worship leaders.

  32. Daryl Goard says:

    1st week in 4 months I played at our main campus. Been helping to launch our satellite campus so it was great to be back with the “big church” band. I love all the musicians at both campuses but this is the first time in 2 yrs i have been playing somewhere else every week.

    So this weeks set was:
    Great God – Free Chapel
    Let the praises ring – Lincoln Brewster
    Inside Out – Hillsong United

  33. I am thinking whoever made the first post this week wins a prize! Oh wait, that would be me! ;-p

  34. Dean Lusk says:

    Done, and congratulations, Fred!

  35. Jon McKanna says:

    how could i forget to post here? and on the 1 year anniversary? thanks fred for hosting this!!!

    i love the IHOP worship set!!!

  36. Whew… I bit. 😉
    Hope it satisfies!

  37. Thanks a lot Fred for putting this together every week. I have found it to be a blessing and an awesome resource. God bless.

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  43. Mike Ellis says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  44. I was on vacation this week. I worshipped by watching my sons enjoy God’s awesome creation at the beach.

    I did want to comment though to simply say thanks to Fred. I began my current church staff position in 2004 and unfortunately I was in a real funk for a couple years in 2007-2008. I realize now that I introduced hardly any new songs during that time and spent most of it feeling like I was doing enough, when actually I was just getting by week to week doing the same thing over and over. When I stumbled upon this blog last fall, I was encouraged by the other worship leaders and all they do to prepare for Sundays. I’m not just talking about setlists, although that was part of it. I’m mostly talking about the attention that they put into every detail from practice to encouraging their musicians.
    I’ve got a lot still to learn about being a lead worshipper and I’m glad I found this community to be a part of along the way.

    Thanks for doing this Fred.
    It’s definitely an encouragement.
    -Shawn Stinson
    Westwood Baptist
    Birmingham, AL

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