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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

It was great to have my good friend and incredible guitarist, Jay Sellers, back with me today at SSCC.  We had a shorter set of worship music today because of other things that were happening.  The most incredible part of today’s services was the return of another dear friend.  Todd Hendrix (you will see him singing on my “Worship Under the Stars” videos) was back on the praise team for the first time in nearly a year after a hard, tough fight with cancer.  Praise God that he’s defeated this disease and that Todd could be back on stage, leading those who attend SSCC in glorious worship.  We also broadcast the service on LiveStream, so Todd was taking part in leading people online as well.

Overall, everything went great.  We had a few mix issues and the room sounded different today – sometimes that just happens.  On the “walk-in” song during the 11:00, I invited people to stand twice and they couldn’t hear me.  My wife later told me that she was watching me when I said it, and she heard it, but it was muffled and she was pretty sure nobody else even understood what I was saying.  I had a pretty big crew of singers and musicians on the stage today, so that may have complicated and “muddied” the mix a bit.

Walk In:  “Glory to God” (Steve Fee/Vicky Beeching) – we did this in “A”, thanks to the many responses I got a week or so ago via Facebook and Twitter.  The song had a lot of energy and people seemed to catch on quickly.

Opening Song:  “For All You’ve Done” (Hillsongs)

Second Worship Set:
“Hosanna” (Baloche/Brown)
“Doxology” (new arrangement from Don Poythress, loved it!)

Closing Song:
“Take My Life and Let It Be” – we did the CFNI version of this, with just piano and vocal.  Kim Dixon, an extraordinary vocalist led out on Verse 1 and in both services got confused on the melody.  That’s not like Kim … it was a bit awkward and I had no clue where to go on the piano, and we’d finally sync up about half way through the verse.  She kept getting distracted by hearing the Chris Tomlin/Passion version.  We were singing the traditional version.  She was a great sport and we jumped right into Verse 2 and allowed Todd to sing solo  … his voice was strong and amazing, as always!

Our 11:00 AM was as packed as it’s ever, EVER, been.  Sadly, our parking lot was so full that people were turned away by the parking attendants.  There was absolutely “no room” left for people to park.  Next week will also be a huge week as we are having New York Times, Best-Selling Author, Ron Hall (co-author of “Same Kind of Different As Me”) speak in both services.

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62 comments on “Sunday Setlists Week 56 – Worship Confessionals #sundaysetlists

  1. Russ Hutto says:

    Today was a drum day! hope to have some pics up later in the week.

  2. Wow, sounded like a great morning at SSCC! We had some similar mix issues at WPBC this morning, but it really didn’t seem to cause any problems. Great to hear how God is blessing your assembly with people!

    Hoping to drop in again tonight to your live worship offering!


  3. Paul says:

    We also had a full house today and next week will be huge as well because the Convention of Atlantic Baptists are having their annual gathering here in our area. Our pastor is the incoming president of the convention.
    Thankfully we have a brand new parking lot extension.

  4. Brad Hafner says:

    Hello ladies and gents! I hope you guys had a wonderful time in worship today. I’m off to check out what a few of you did today.

  5. I like Take My Life. That’s a great song.

  6. Nick Thacker says:

    Great job today, fellow worship leaders and friends! Fred, I finally got around to doing one of these Sunday Setlist things, and I LIKE it!

    I’ll be back–good luck and God bless!


  7. Jim Drake says:

    Wow–would love to join you tonight–but I’ll be wrapping up with our Pool party at the city park. Be sure and detail it for me. Would love to have been there when Mark chimed in on Friday. I’ll be sure to encourage him to do that again.

    Thanks Fred for all you do!

  8. windbag says:

    Sounds like a great day for y’all.

  9. Tracie says:

    I’m really excited about Ron Hall for real. Like took the day off to go to the breakfast Friday am, and plan to be at sscc Sunday morning, excited to hear Ron Hall!

  10. Saw some of the SSCC service online. Everything looked great. but I had to leave early to lead our service. What a great way to reach out beyond the church building’s walls.

  11. Jan Owen says:

    rough day for me mentally but God moved!

  12. Pingback: fmckinnon
  13. Gary Durbin says:

    hey fred. We love “Glory to God Forever” as well.

  14. Posted… From Vegas!

  15. Lori Biddle says:

    Summer baptisms outside – always exciting! Hope you all have a great week!

  16. Pingback: Mt.Zion Praise
  17. Steff says:

    Wow! so packed you ad to turn people away, that is amazing.

  18. Posted my mini confessionalonbehalfoftheteam… I was up in the mountains this weekend, and haven’t yet been able to catch up with the team since I got home.

  19. It as a really long day yesterday. Left at 6:45 am. and got home a 8:45 p.m. At least the evening part of my day was relaxing with our worship leader after going over production notes and team notes at Starbucks.

  20. Great although tiring day at Ebenezer UMC. Great to get an opportunity to lead as opposed to playing bass on sunday. My post is up here!

  21. Jon Morris says:

    our pastor of 38 years just retired and first the first time ever Harvest Time has a new pastor. read about my thoughts on the Transition here.

    want to know how the church is supposed to move from one pastor to another, Harvest Time can show you.

  22. Chuck Harris says:

    great set Fred. thanks for sharing when your team has difficulties. transparency is wonderful.

  23. Sounds like a great Sunday morning. Sorry to hear you had mix difficulties – yet it’s strangely satisfying to know this happens everywhere, not just in our house! Missed the live worship session last night, but got in on it Friday morning, and really appreciated it. Thanks, and God bless!

  24. Just left my second post on the Sunday Setlist. Thanks!

  25. YO Fred… got to preach this weekend and my friend Staci Frenes led worship. Great times!

  26. Bj Collins says:

    Another beautiful weekend of worship at Central Highlands and Homestead Park United Methodist Churches!

  27. jeremy says:

    My first official Sunday Setlist. Used to do Worship Confessionals but I haven’t had a leading role in about two years… It was good to get back up there! Glad to join the carnival

  28. Glory to God Forever ROCKS!!! Thanks for your ministry Fred!

  29. Kyle says:

    Great service, God was moving in our congregation. As we sang Everlasting God, the truths affirmed led us into a great confessional time where we were faced with how little faith we have. I know I was humbled and need God to increase my faith.

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  31. Aubrey says:

    Fred, I finally visited your website. It is awesome! You have a lot to be proud of! God Bless, Aubrey

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