Sunday Setlists #61 – Worship Service Recaps


Hey Everybody,

Better late than never, right?  Here’s the 61st consecutive week of “Sunday Setlists” – where we share our worship service recaps with the world.

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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

WOW.  It was a major day for worship at SSCC.  In addition to our normal Sunday AM services we had our big “Night of Worship” in the evening.  What does this  mean?

Thursday:  rehearsal from 6-10 (almost 4 hours)
Sunday:  arrive at 7:30, rehearse, play two services, get home for lunch, return at 3:00, rehearse 2-1/2 more hours, and lead a 1-1/2 worship event.

It also means I’m completely exhausted.  I’m completely grateful for the hard work of our volunteers.  The musicians and singers were phenomenal.  The tech team made it all happen and never missed a cue.

Here’s a quick recap of Sunday AM:
Walk In:  I Have Found (Kim Walker)
First Song:  See His Love (Tim Hughes)

Second Set:
Come Thou Fount
Mighty To Save
Shout to the Lord


As for Sunday evening – here’s a link to see our “Setlist” for the Night of Worship:

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2:  WATCH our “Night of Worship” Video – the entire service was captured and is available NOW in the “On Demand” section at:


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46 comments on “Sunday Setlists #61 – Worship Service Recaps

  1. Bobby Gilles says:

    Wow, that must have been strenuous. But rewarding, I’m sure.

  2. Cool – in the top 5 this week!

  3. Wow, Fred, long day. We had a great time in God at Life Church, but just one service that lasted 4 hours. Thanks for taking the time to post this morning!

  4. Just finished posting our recap from yesterday Hope you all had a great day!

  5. I love Come Thou Fount!

  6. Brian Lusky says:

    Took a while, but finally got it posted. Hope worship went well last night Fred.

  7. Pingback: fmckinnon
  8. Pingback: fmckinnon
  9. an AMAZING weekend people!! 🙂

  10. Hey Fred,

    Sounds like a great day at SSCC. Take a break! Sounds like you earned it. Great day at Westhill as well.

    Blessings all!

  11. Pingback: Chuck Harris
  12. Paulo says:

    I’ve been away for some time. What did I miss?

  13. You think you’re tired? I can barely even talk this morning, after extended Inside Out, Thursday rehearsal, Friday’s concert, Sunday A.M. worship, Rush Hour, 2nd rehearsal, and Night of Worship. Glands are swollen, throat hurts, and I’m DRAINED. Coffee just won’t quite cut it…


    …I was absolutely BLESSED to have been part of all of it, and wouldn’t change a THING!

  14. p.s. – thank you thank you thank you for suggesting we do “Never Cease to Sing”… I was really blessed to get to share it with our church.

  15. Pingback: Ryan Rotman
  16. Lori Biddle says:

    I watched you night of worship for a while Fred – really was great! Do you guys do a separate mix for your broadcast?

    Finally posting – a long day at the county fair! ha ha priorities you know!

  17. great article thank you.

  18. Bj Collins says:

    This weekend, we revisited the new Matt Redman song, “How Great Is Your Faithfulness” at both of my churches, and at Central Highlands, we rolled out my arrangement of “God Of This City” for the first time. A curious reaction to the Redman song, which I really like a lot. People didn’t seem to get into it like I thought they would, but this was only the second time they had heard it, so I am still hopeful. “God Of This City” received a very warm welcome at Central Highlands church on Saturday night!

  19. Kyle says:

    I’m just in awe of what God is doing at LCC. Incredible things happening everywhere I look. Honored to be part of it. This week we did John Mark’s “Death In His Grave” , one of my favorite worship songs period.

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