What’s In Your Toolbox?

ToolboxSo I’ve been kicking this idea around for a long time … and I believe I’ll just launch right into it this week.  I want to do a series called “My Toolbox” … and share with you some of the tools, resources, gadgets, and services that are my regular “go-to” items in my life … personal, ministry, professional.

You’re bound to discover some great resources and I hope to learn about what you use as well.

I’ll start it tomorrow, but for today … what are some of the tools, resources, services, gadgets, etc ., that you just can’t live without, and why?

What’s in your toolbox?

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7 comments on “What’s In Your Toolbox?

  1. Russ Hutto says:

    my iphone is the cat’s meow.
    my macbook pro is the bee’s knees.
    facebook and twitter keep me connected.
    tokbox helps me face-to-face with friends and musicians from all over.
    oh yeah, and the intarwebz is the glue that keeps it all together.

    1. and what exactly is intarwebz?

      1. 1. The Bible – yah, I know that this is the Sunday School answer, but without God’s word in our toolbox, we have no idea where we are going!
        2. PlanningCenterOnline – excellent worship service planning tool.
        3. Gmail account – I have way too many emails and they get consolidated here!
        4. My Blackberry – Apple-free zone here 😉
        5. CCLI SongSelect – where I get leadsheets
        6. Blogs – including Sunday Setlists, where I learn from other worship leaders and musicians and get new ideas.
        7. My family – great encouragers who are willing to listen when I say “you gotta hear this song!”
        8. The volunteers that God has provided in both Worship and Technical Ministries. Constantly challenging, supporting, and what patience!
        9. The pastoral team at Westhill – God’s assembled a great team here.
        10. The congregation of Westhill – we’ve never really experienced “worship wars” here. A real testament to the spiritual maturity of God’s people.

        And that’s just the top drawer!


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  4. gangwish says:

    Great question, I just started a new blog that will speak to this – my main one is google…. amazing (free) products to integrate to about anything you need or would want to do – here is the full post: http://w3how.wordpress.com/2009/12/01/ministry-with-google/

  5. Chad Markley says:

    1iPhone (duh)
    2 roboform password util (windows)
    3 SugarSync (keeps my mojo sync’d)
    4 google search (1/2 my brain)
    5 LogmeIn remote access
    6 Skype and Digsby for IM

    worship stuff
    Songbase (makes set building and key transposition stupid simple)
    D’Addario XLR Coated strings (haven’t broken one yet)
    iPhone GuitarToolkit App (great tuner etc)
    Dunlop .70 picks (the yellow ones)
    MediaFire Account (I have a paid account. Makes it easy to share tunes with the worship team)
    Gibson portable guitar stand (super small and easy to take with me)

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