2009 Review Part 1: Best and Worst Happening


So this is the last week of 2009 and I thought we’d look back and share the best (and worst) memories in 2009.  Each day I’ll choose something, like songs, albums, happenings, movies, church services, etc.  Feel free to suggest a “topic”.

Today, let’s kick it off with your comments on the “best” and “worst” happenings for you in 2009.

This is very general and hard to define for me, so feel free to have more than one answer.


For me, I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for in 2009.  A couple of things that come to mind as some of the best highlights for me include


Jon Michael and Will’s Baptisms
I had the privilege of baptizing my oldest two sons, Jon Michael (9) and Will (7).  I can’t wait to baptize the younger two when they are old enough to make that decision and understand it fully.  (the rest of the baptism photos are in an album on Facebook – check them out)


My trip with Compassion International to Peru was also a huge highlight for 2009.  There is really nothing like getting out of the country and serving others for a much-needed shift in what’s important in life.   (view Peru Trip photos on Facebook)

On a completely personal and selfish note, one of my best happenings of 2009 was having Lasik surgery.  I’ve been extremely near-sighed since 5th grade.  I wore glasses and contacts ever since then.  Since having Lasik surgery, I am 20/20 and enjoy the luxury of seeing clearly the way God intended!  It’s been awesome.


I know this may seem ridiculous, but I can’t really think of any “happening” that I’d say was “the worst”.   Joy is sitting across from me and she just shrugged her shoulders.  No serious loss, no serious sickness or health issues (other than ongoing chronic lower back issues for me!), etc.  Church has been great, business has been great, friends are true  and faithful … we are full of God’s blessings.  I’m sure plenty of you reading this will immediately think of something as “the worst” happening for you.  There has been the loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, etc.  Express those, share them, and let us be a part of your life in doing so.

Your Turn – click below to comment!

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6 comments on 2009 Review Part 1: Best and Worst Happening

  1. D'Arcy McKinnon says:

    The best for me was Brandilyn being on the A-B honor roll all year in her first year back at a brick and mortar school.

    The worst was losing my best friend, two months later losing my brother and then two months after that losing my job.

    God has provided for me this year and I know He will continue to do so in 2010. I just pray for peace and strength.

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  3. Maggie Cook says:

    Actually, been a really rough year, in many ways, maybe the roughest I have had in my 52 years! The best? That through it all, I have learned to lean on Him and on the people I have come to know through Him, more and more and have managed to go through MOST of it with a peaceful heart! The worst? Nah, not worth listing. It was a year of tests, that is for sure, some still on-going. I thank GOD for Him and you people.

  4. Russ Hutto says:

    I decided to respond to this series with posts of my own on my blog!


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