Worship Confessional – SSCC, July 18

Wednesday Evening:  3 hours of rehearsal
Thursday Evening:  3 hours of rehearsal
Friday Evening:  1 hour of rehearsal, 2 hours of passionate worship for hundreds of people at “Night of Worship”, SSCC.

Sunday Morning?

Exhausted.  Hoarse.  But the benefit of using the same band and songs from “Night of Worship”?  A simple sound check and rehearsal.

So, off we went, into another gathering of God’s people in this place we call “St. Simons Community Church”.

Walk-in:  “You Save” (1st Service) and “Mighty to Save” (2nd service)
*this is the song that I co-wrote with Mandy Thomson.  Wow, I’m overwhelmed by the incredible response to this song.  It was kinda weird to do this as a “walk-in” song, so I made a decision to move it to “in” the service during the 2nd service.

Opener:  “Alive Again” (Matt Maher)
Worship:  “Blessed Be Your Name”, “Mighty To Save” (1st service), “You Save” (2nd service), and “How Deep the Father’s Love”.

Loved having Ms. Carol Parks play violin again.  Her intro to “How Deep the Father’s Love” was beautiful, and of course, ‘You Save” isn’t complete w/o the violin!

Well, Pastor David pulled a fast one on us, and stopped about 75% into his sermon and called me up …. he felt like it was time to stop and worship.  So, we pulled an impromptu version of Kate Miner’s “Holy Spirit Come”, followed by “You Save” and “Open Up the Sky” by Jonathan Stockstill.

An incredible day of worship and ministry, capping off an incredible weekend!

Curious as to what other churches did?  Checkout the weekly “Sunday Setlists” event over at TheWorshipCommunity.Com!

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3 comments on “Worship Confessional – SSCC, July 18

  1. Sounds like a great weekend, Fred. You gotta love it when a pastor stops preaching and says it’s time to worship!

  2. Bryan Nelson says:

    Fred – You mention “walk-in” music.

    How do you work your walk-in music? Do you typically do songs that are new so they can learn them prior to official start time? Sound check purpose? Do people filter in to the worship space? Just curious what your experience has been.

    1. Bryan,
      We use this time for any number of things … typically, the words to the songs aren’t up – our “announcements” loop is running … some people sing, some people seem oblivious to the fact that we’re doing a song.

      We’ve used it to try out a “new song” … sometimes it’s a “cover song” or something niche-oriented to setup our sermon series, other times, it’s just a familiar song of praise and worship.

      Sometimes, I will jump in about 1/2 way through and say “c’mon, get those lyrics up and ya’ll sing with us” … other times, we just let them come in, listen, talk, or whatever they are doing …

      So, the short answer … “it’s different every time” …

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