How This Apple Addict Fell In Love with the DroidX (Pt 1)

Hi.  My name is Fred McKinnon, and I’m an Apple-holic.

Since I was first introduced to Apple computers at Georgia Southern University in 1989 … it’s all I’ve used.  We’ve got multiple Macs and iPods … but the one Apple product that we’ve stayed away from was the iPhone.

I’ve wanted an iPhone for a couple of years.  The reality is, AT&T’s service in our area is less-than-reliable.  In our home, it’s essentially nonexistent.  That won’t work for us.  So I didn’t just want an iPhone.  I wanted a Verizon iPhone.

So earlier this month, I finally accepted the fact that maybe another phone could be as powerful as the coveted iPhone … at least, until an iPhone was available on Verizon’s network.  (the latest rumor is that this will happen in January 2011 … emphasis on the word, “rumor”).  So Joy and I both got ourselves the brand new “DroidX” from Motorola, sporting Google’s “Android” operating system.

In my business, Google is a constant companion.

Google Checkout
Google Base/Shopping
Google Analytics
Google Adsense
Google Adwords

Earlier this year, at the prompting of Travis Paulding, our Tech Director at SSCC, I migrated all of my email accounts to Google Apps.  After utilizing the powerful Gmail engine in Google Apps to power my multiple domains and email accounts, I asked myself why I didn’t do that a long time ago when Tony Morgan was talking about it.

So the courtship begins.  I have a Google-based phone, a business that networks with Google, and an “all-Apple” computer system, utilizing all the Apple apps like Mail, Address Book, and iCal.

And somehow, all of these have to not just get along … but be in love.

Well, a few weeks into my Google/Droid/Apple courtship, I am proud to say that “love is in the air”.
Stay tuned for Part 2 for details on the courtship, including my Apps, and how I brought my Google Phone into a beautiful union with my Mac Address Book, iCal, To-Dos, Email, Music, Photos, and Videos.

Part 2 … coming soon.

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6 comments on “How This Apple Addict Fell In Love with the DroidX (Pt 1)

  1. Barry Westman says:

    Well, Google may just be ultimate “middle-man”, or in this case “match-maker”! I’m writing this reply from my Google Android phone, the Samsung Moment. I used to be a Palm user for years before I left that for my new life with Google.

    I have been a Windows user forever, so used to sync my Outlook with Palm. But now with our friend Google Android and 1 3rd party app, I can sync my Outlook calendar and contacts with Google apps, then sync my Google phone with Google Apps. And the best part – that all happens on its own, wirelessly, continuously without me having to do anything! Yes, I too am in love…

    Barry Westman

    1. Barry,
      3 cheers from an x-Palm user myself. I retired my Palm Treo 755 for the DroidX.

  2. Alex McLean says:

    Fred, writing this comment from my Android powered HTC EVO. I am in the same exact boat and feel the same exact way. I’m gonna do a series on my blog some day soon. Oh and long time no speak – good too see you on the blog!

  3. Todd Barton says:

    Fellow HTC EVO user. Amazed at how easy it was to integrate with Mac, PC, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress blog, Google apps/calendar/contacts.

  4. Part 2 coming … had hoped to post it the next day .. oh, my blogging consistency is horrific these days.

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