Worship Service Recaps from St. Simons Community Church

I’m not sure where to start.  The last few weeks at my home church have been … well, incredible.  We’ve made a conscious effort to slow it down, to hear God, and to allow God to do what He loves to do … change lives and minister to people.

It started 3 weeks ago when we prepared for a service where we’d offer people the opportunity to be baptized – right there, right then, no excuses.  We baptized 126 people.  It was amazing.

Then we shared testimonies and built faith.

Then we prayed for the sick and those in need of healing.

Yeah … at that “community church” – <begin sarcasm> you know the one where they don’t allow the Holy Spirit to show up.  </end-sarcasm>

I’m sensing a flow, an anointing, an expectation … that I haven’t sensed in a while.  I cannot explain it, other than to say .. I like it … a lot.

One of the big objectives that was given to me in taking this position over 3 years ago was to get more people involved in the music/worship ministry at SSCC.  I think that’s definitely happened as we’ve experienced tremendous growth.

Perhaps the biggest joy I have is in stepping back and allowing others to lead.  This Sunday was no exception when my friend Russ Hutto led his first full service at SSCC.  Russ has led a song here and there and has played in the band plenty of times.  I felt like the time was right and handed the keys to Russ and he did an amazing job.

Our songs:

“My Savior Lives”
“Beautiful One”
“Holy and Anointed One”
“Blessed Be Your Name”

After singing “Overcome” and moving into one of my favorites of all-time, “Holy and Anointed One”, it seemed that the Presence of God was so thick you could touch it.  Something about singing “we will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony” followed by singing the Name, “Jesus”.


So, how was your worship services?

PS:  Oh yeah, almost forgot – I’m sharing this recap as a part of the weekly “Sunday Setlists” event hosted at TheWorshipCommunity.Com.

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One comment on “Worship Service Recaps from St. Simons Community Church

  1. Fred, isn’t interesting how God is able to have His way – from whatever the starting place is – if people gather together who have a desire for Him?

    Sounds like great things are going on there. Keep up the good work of being a leader who follows Jesus!

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