Amazon’s Cloud: A Threat to Apple iTunes?

Anyone who follows my thoughts in this big cyberspace is quite familiar with my affection for Apple.  I love Apple products and have been a faithful Apple user since college.  (for those who are counting, that would be nearly 20 years)!  Despite my passion for Apple, I blogged a while back about “Why I’m Not Getting a Verizon iPhone” and “How This Apple Addict Fell in Love with the DroidX“.  Google stepped in and started changing the way my life was surrounded by Apple products.

With the recent announcement of the “Amazon Cloud Drive” and the “Amazon Cloud Player” I can’t help but wonder if Amazon is about to join Google in assaulting the massive market share of Apple’s dominance in the digital media world.

One of the most frustrating issues in dealing with my iTunes libraries across multiple computers is the lack of sync.  Sure, there are products out there that supposedly help you sync your iTunes libraries together across multiple computers.  I’ve tried some of this software and didn’t have a lot of success.

I have 2 primary iTunes accounts.  One account is for personal purchases and the other is for purchases I make through my Church account.  These get all mixed up and in my eagerness to get a new song over the weekend on my home computer I later find that it’s not on my church laptop.  Now, with the addition of a new studio computer at SSCC I have a 3rd location where I want to hear my music.  Having iTunes libraries from two separate accounts on 3-4 different computers is a real hassle … not to mention the issues of iPod syncing.

With thew new Amazon Cloud Drive I can begin uploading all of my music to the “cloud”.  (Travis, those quotes were JUST for you).  This gives me access to my music via web and the Android-based Amazon Player on my DroidX.

Granted, you only get 5 GB of free online storage but that’s quite a bit of storage and the price to increase storage is minimal.  To make things even better, if you purchase your music from Amazon.Com instead of via iTunes (the pricing is typically the same with less sync/copy restrictions) the music can be stored in your Amazon Cloud without using your storage space.

Want that new album?

Buy it on iTunes and it’s restricted to a few places.  Even to get the music on a different computer at all requires physically copying the files.
Buy it on Amazon and it’s available on your computer, on your phone, and in the cloud – accessible from any computer, any time, with web access.

I could be wrong but I think this will pose a serious challenge to the way Apple manages our media purchases and storage.  In the end, it’s all about access and convenience.  By the looks of this new Amazon Cloud, they have a promising product.

For me, I’m uploading music RIGHT NOW to the cloud.

What about you?

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9 comments on “Amazon’s Cloud: A Threat to Apple iTunes?

  1. Brian Otte says:

    Made the switch from iTunes to Amazon MP3 a while ago and haven’t looked back. This is just another pleasant reminder about why I jumped. Now not only does Amazon have $5 album specials, but buying one album also gets you a free upgrade to 20GB in your Cloud Drive. Amazon has definitely made a good move here. Let’s just hope they work things out with the record labels (

    1. Brian,
      Thanks, bro! Very interesting article about Sony, thanks for the link!

  2. Interesting! I may have to consider that! I have TONS of music in my iTunes on my computer (actually an external hard drive that I have to plug in each time I want to hear music) and iPod. But, I also have an Google Android phone, which I do not use for music.

    The idea of having all your music in the “cloud” out there somewhere is appealing, but a bit scary, too. What if the “cloud” goes away? What if the sun comes out? (sorry…) But, you know what I mean.

    I guess it’s the same transition I made several years ago when I moved all my worship ministry data from my Worship Software database on my computer up to the “cloud” of Planning Center online. I haven’t looked back, since, so I assume I wouldn’t in this case either.

    That’s a lot of uploading though, since I have about 36 GB of music in my iTunes. How much would that cost to store it in the “cloud”?

    Hmm… a lot to consider.


    1. Barry,
      I hear ya … I think that much storage is around $50/year. For me I’m going to be selective about what I upload. I didn’t even catch the idea that buying an amazonmp3 album would give you an upgrade to 20GB for free, either.

      If it were some other company, I’d have the same concerns about the cloud and the sun … but I think Amazon is pretty stable … I see how much money they make off ME every day!

  3. Travis says:

    Thanks for thinking of me. I love when people put things in “quotes” that aren’t needed because it is the actual thing you are saying and not something else.

    As for the service. Interesting for sure. Beats my Dropbox 2GB account hands down and with one album purchase I’ve got 10X the storage of dropbox for free. I’ll have to look into it and see if it will auto sync between computers & my iPhone.

    As for iTunes, I think it has proven it is here to stay. I hope this presents healthy competition and keeps them from pricing us out. The sharing limitations that Apple has are not theirs though. They come from working with the labels and all that. The reason Amazon doesn’t have the library that Apple has is because Apple does have the limitations. At least, that is my understanding of it.

    1. Travis,
      Good thoughts – I’m not quite so sure the DRM is all Label-pushed though, because I’ve purchased music on Amazon that had no DRM, yet the exact same artist/album on iTunes has DRM.

      Sony is already pressing the issue, though, so I’m sure the labels (who are all suffering, pretty much) will make a drive at it.

  4. Scott Lowder says:

    Yeah, I’m about to hit up the Cloud myself. You can’t go wrong with free music storage. Plus, I’ve got a Droid 2 myself, so it will make the music available everywhere.

    The only downside is that if you are anywhere without a wifi or 3g connection, you’ll have no access to your music. But, how often does that happen nowadays 🙂

    1. Scott,
      Exactly – if I’m so far out in nowhere that I can’t get wifi or 3G … maybe I should just turn off the gadget and enjoy the beauty of the solitude that comes w/ that environment!

  5. FreedbyJC says:

    Ditto to uploading to the cloud …I’ve Ipods sitting around that I do not use due to sync issues…love the cloud’s (and Droid)anywhere access…

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