6 Reasons I Ordered an iPad2

Well, I did it.  I’m a gadget addict, I confess.  I’ve successfully starved off the craving to own an iPad since those sleek, sexy tablets came out.  It lasted for quite a while.  But now, I’ve caved.

Yes, I ordered an Apple iPad 2 yesterday.  They seem to be out of stock everywhere so I ordered from Apple.Com and it’s supposed to ship in 1-2 weeks.

My purchase was not without a good bit of prayer and research.  Prayer?  Well that’s a nice chunk of change for a gadget that is clearly more of a “want” than a “need”.  Am I being a poor steward of my finances in making the purchase?  Couldn’t those funds be better used by those in need?  Research?  Well, I’ve read numerous reviews both praising the iPad and bashing it.  I have trusted friends who gave theirs away and others who say if they had to do it all over again, they’d still make the purchase.

Here are 6 reasons I took the plunge:

1.  Portability:  I carry my 15″ MacBook Pro around everywhere, and I don’t carry it around without having my backpack.  There are so many times when I prefer a digital workspace but don’t want to lug the bag and laptop around.  I think of how portable and easy it would be to carry this (and only this) into my meetings for notes, sketches, ideas.

2.  Digital Archives:  I try to be as paperless as possible – if we’re handed a few pages of notes or outlines at our church staff meeting, I followup immediately afterwards with a request for the e-document and I throw away the papers.  Using a cloud-service like Dropbox enables me to keep my documents with me and easily accessible.  I am planning on creating an extensive database of lyric/chord charts that I can access on demand when leading more spontaneous, free-flowing worship times.

3.  Worship Production:  Two of the applications that we use daily in creating, planning, and executing corporate worship services are PlanningCenterOnline and ProPresenter.  The iPad allows me to interact with either of these (as a music stand, a lyrics display, etc) from the stage with a minimal footprint.  If only the iPad ran Ableton Live, I could keep my laptop off stage completely.  I also understand that there is an app that may allow me to connect remotely to our Yamaha M7CL mixing console and adjust my monitor mix.  Travis would love nothing more than never having to tweak my picky monitor preferences again.

4.  Product Sourcing & Sales Data:  as I begin to get more involved in product sourcing for my e-biz, I find myself needing online access to verify a product’s sales rank in the marketplace, verify competitive pricing, etc.  With plans to visit some trade shows and expos where I’d need to make fairly quick decisions on bulk purchasing, this information is critical to me.  As I’ve been making arrangements to visit one particular event, I could only imagine negotiating with a manufacturer or vendor and having to say “could you wait for me to find an office somewhere around here where I can pull out my laptop and do some research”.  What I can imagine is having an iPad within reach where I can do quick research via the Wifi and web browser on the spot without having to setup a mobile office space.

In addition, we’ve recently migrated all of our e-biz sales data to FileMaker Pro.  Although we do have web access to our FileMaker databases, some of the functionality of the software is not available unless you connect with the actual software of their iPad app, FileMaker Go.  After previewing the FileMaker Go app on the in-store iPad at Verizon the other day, I was hooked.  FileMaker has a great promotion running where purchasing their iPad app gives you a $150 discount on their desktop app, which I am required to purchase.  This sweetened the deal for me.

5.  Entertainment:  well, c’mon let’s be honest.  Having an iPad will just be fun.  I look forward to de-stressing by playing some pinball, Angry Birds on bigger screen, or watching a movie in the car.  With 4 kids, all who are constantly asking my wife and I if they can “play my phone” … I’m sure it will become a family media device.  I’m OK with that.  Granted, that usage needs to be balanced, but I’m up for the challenge.

6.  Personal Study and Reading:  From everything I have read, the Kindle is simply a better device for reading.  Period.   I’m a gadget guy, absolutely, but I’m not planning on buying a gadget just for reading.  Enter the Kindle App and my ability to read books via the iPad.  I look forward to interacting with YouVersion.Com as well in my daily Bible Study.

I’m sure there are pros and cons to owning an iPad.  I would be the first to say it’s a luxury item.  Perhaps I’ll update you in a few months on how it panned out.

How about you?  Do you own an iPad or tablet?  How do you use it?

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26 comments on “6 Reasons I Ordered an iPad2

  1. @darylgoard says:

    I’m a Windows admin and mine is in route as well. I am conducting an experiment to see if it can replace my laptop and also how viable a platform it will be for our business. With the apps maturing more and more every day, I think there is a chance I can make it work. Worst case is I’ll be dialing into my desktop. Also YouVersion on iPad is great. I bought my wife an iPad for Mothers day and she hasn’t touched her laptop since. She’s a technology sales manager. Have fun!

    1. Daryl,

      Way cool – can’t wait to hear … and hmmm … you are a Windows admin … got any clue where I can get my hands on a XP license for very cheap?! (I need one to install on my Mac to run one-specific app) – I cringe at the thought of going out and paying retail for a license.

        1. Bill, well, I don’t require XP, actually, I could run 7 … but still, yikes, over $100 for software to run one stinkin’ app. I’m gonna scarf around on Twitter and facebook and find someone who upgraded and can giveaway their old XP license!

          1. Bill says:

            If you guys homeschool or know someone in college there’s always this avenue as well. http://www.microsoft.com/student/en/us/software/windows/default.aspx

      1. @darylgoard says:

        I just noticed helped tweak your site. Love that dude! Let me see if i can hustle up an XP for you. Can you not run the app under Parallels? Just curious.

        1. Hey … didn’t follow this line: “I just noticed helped tweak your site … love that dude” … who are we talking about? Regarding the app – yes, but Parallels is just the software that runs the host operating system … I have Parallels already, but Parallels is useless without an operating system (ie. XP, etc) installed on it. Thanks for the help!

          1. Bill says:

            One other thought, is your church or a ministry of your church (meals on wheels, preschool, etc.) a registered (at federal level) 501(c)(3)? You can get very inexpensive licenses through http://www.techsoup.org. ~ Just trying to help.

  2. Our music secretary just bought one and it came yesterday! I was looking at it a bit just this morning, and of course, the juices were flowing. Just then our senior pastor walked by and saw – his comment – “Don’t play all day…” joking, but, that’s still the sentiment – that it’s a toy and a splurge. I see it as a powerful tool for ministry! Just like anything else – a laptop, a phone – it can be used for both work and fun.

    It’s good to know about Ableton Live – I was actually just wondering that yesterday!

    I’m sure it will become an invaluable tool for your ministry (and a lot of fun!)


    1. Hey,
      Let me know if you take the plunge – and to clarify about Ableton, I was saying that “if only it ran” … meaning, as far as I know, it will NOT run on an iPad.

      1. Yes, I got that. I was wondering if it did or not, so your post clarified that. Thanks!

  3. I think you can remote desktop or LogMeIn to a computer running Ableton via iPad. Not sure about the processing or connection lag, but it might work to free you from the Macbook

    1. Hey Todd,
      Yeah – I found a YouTube video already showing how you can use it as an Ableton controller:

    2. Bill says:

      I think @willdogget (@loopsinworship) uses the iPad as a screen extender for his MBP. Look him up on the Twittersphere.

      1. Bill,
        Yeah – will is a great dude … I will check that out for sure … YouTube is full of videos on using it w/ Ableton – making me even more convinced I’ll find some great usage with it.

  4. ooohhhhh I bet angry birds is MUCH more fun on the ipad! 🙂

    1. Mandy,
      Yeah – well, i’ll have my kids let you know …’cause unless I go hide somewhere with it … they will be all over it. I think I’ve played a handful of times, maybe cleared 3 levels. I’m pretty sure my 5-year old has beaten the crazy thing!

  5. Adam says:

    I have an original ipad. I do not use at as much as my wife. I read on it and use it for quick web searches.
    My wife uses it for games and her email.
    We use it as a get through dinner device while out at restaurants with our two year old as well.

    1. Adam,
      Get through dinner – – haha, man, do I *EVER* relate to that one!

  6. Matt Newby says:

    Fred, you’ll want to take a look at a couple other Bible tools. The one I use most is PocketBible from Laridian. I’ve been a Laridian customer since using MyBible on the Palm platform. One REALLY nice feature is that once you buy a book for one platform, you can download it and access it on other platforms. So, the NIV Study Bible I bought on the Palm was available to download after I got PocketBible installed on my iPod Touch. And recently they offered their PC client at no charge with the purchase of any book, so now I’ve got my whole library available on the PC side too (in my case in a WinXP virtual machine running on the Mac under VMWare)! Laridian makes a number of public domain texts available at no additional charge.

    The other app to look at is Accordance. They are probably the premier Bible study tool on the Mac, and if you’ve already got books in your library there, you can add them to the iOS Accordance library as well. Even if you don’t have Accordance for the Mac, they’re shipping their app with the ESV as the included text.

    The advantage to both of these is that they are offline Bible tools — you don’t need to be near WiFi to get the next chunk of text downloaded.

    I’m interested in hearing more about using the iPad as a worship tool — lyrics and chords on the music stand, live controller for instruments, etc.!


    1. Matt,
      thanks – I finally found your comment in the spam folder. Very familiar w/ Laridian, I used them on my Palm Treo (Daily Reader, etc). Thanks for all the tips … we’ll keep the ideas moving!

  7. Matt,
    not sure why it’s not working, and didn’t get the comment either – other than your troubleshooting ones … maybe the noscript is doing something weird?

  8. Paulo says:

    You’re going to love iPad2. The m7cl app is a dream to use and so is the pro-presenter viewer and controller. Have you seen Jamal Hartwell’s experiment with using it in tandem with the yamaha es or xs keyboards? You should check it out on YouTube here: http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=CA#/profile?user=GospelMusicians&v=iICtztPXqZA&view=videos

    1. Sounds awesome – can’t wait!

  9. Tim Owens says:

    I’ve used the TouchOSC route as well using LiveControl (http://liine.net/livecontrol/) but recently also saw “touchAble” in the App store and it looks tempting as well (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/touchable/id385949475?mt=8). Both require Ableton running on another computer but the interface is super sexy.

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