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This Sunday was a special day for us at St. Simons Community Church.  As we’re closing out the Summer we had a “youth sunday”.  Blake and Russ, our student ministry worship leaders, led a wonderful group of your youth musicians and singers in a fantastic set.

It wasn’t just the music that was youthful – the message was given by our two youth pastors, Beau and Justin.  We had students share testimonies and inspire us with what God is doing in their lives.  It’s so exciting to see what God is doing in the hearts of our young people.

As the Worship Pastor I reminded our guys that even though it’s “Youth Sunday” we still had a diverse congregation that we were responsible to lead.  This meant not being too over-the-top and staying true to our philosophy of multi-generational worship.  I wanted our kids to be themselves but also wanted our church members to connect as well.

The leaders did a wonderful job crafting a setlist that would include some tunes from their world and familiar tunes that we sing on Sundays.  Here’s a run down of the morning:

Walk In:  “My Savior Lives”

Opening Song:  “10,000 Reasons”

Second Set:
“Like a Lion”
“Revelation Song”

Closing Song:  “Set a Fire”

As we left today it was obvious to all that we saw the Church in action — young and old.  To see a generation passionate about Christ stepping up and leading was exhilerating.  I can’t begin to express how proud I am of that team!

I’m posting this recap as a part of the weekly Sunday Setlists event hosted by TheWorshipCommunity.Com.  Check it out for other setlists and ideas.

How did your Sunday go?  Tell us about it by leaving a comment below:

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6 comments on “Youth Worship Teams at SSCC

  1. Ashley Ferguson says:

    We really enjoyed the youth service yesterday! It was amazing to see how on fire the younger generation is for the Lord. There is so much talent there, we loved it!

    The girl on the drums was so amazing, I could have watched her play and sing for hours. 🙂

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Thanks so much – I was SO PROUD of them. They were really worshiping and did such a great job. The girl on the drums was Katy Marshall. What I love most is seeing her singing while she plays – eyes closed, worshiping. Wonderful!

      1. Ashley Ferguson says:

        Definitely, that’s what I loved most about her!

  2. Richard says:

    Fred, you refer to a ‘set list’ – what criteria do you (or others for that matter choose to create this list. In our more traditional worship, I am employ (in general) a combination of ways to select the songs and the order they appear. First, I seek to discover the theme of the service, basically, what is the theme/direction/purpose of the sermon. Then, I look at a ‘worship’ order – begin with ‘let’s talk to God’ with praise/adoration, then move to talking to each other encouragement/exhortation/etc. (this is ofter affected by other worship elements (offering, children’s sermon, etc.), and closing with a response to the sermon. Of course, blended into this conglomeration are issues like familiar vs. unfamiliar, key relationships – going up or going down, and a whole host of other minute things that play a role.

    When I see more contemporary services, I don’t readily see these types of elements, so I am curious as to the process of song selection employed and whether is it similar or even better than that above.

    Granted the method of thumbing through the hymn/song book and picking out favorites is still around – may God save us from this planning as much as possible, and that God’s hand can work in mysterious ways even when our planning is also ‘mysterious.’

    Just some questions (and thoughts) from your friend at . Richard.

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Hey Richard,

      Thanks for the post – sorry for the delayed reply. I think we actually do much of the same thing in context, it just may be named differently.
      I consider several things when making the setlist, including what instrumenalists/musicians I have on hand for that Sunday, the topic of the sermon, the frequency of songs that have been used in the past few weeks, overall themes, etc.
      Each week our flow can be different, depending on what we’re trying to accomplish … but we generally have greetings, announcements, response songs, etc ….

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