Peaceful Sunrise | Piano Instrumental [Episode 89, July 10, 2018]

“Peaceful Sunrise” – Piano Instrumental for Morning Meditation, Devotion, Prayer

Today’s piano instrumental interlude is called “Peaceful Sunrise” and it’s featured as episode #89 in the Worship Interludes Podcast.  It’s Tuesday morning, July 10th, 2018.  The past weekend was really tough for our family.   Our loving golden retriever, Sadie, was expecting her first litter of puppies this past weekend.  A few weeks ago we learned that she only had one puppy in her womb and that because of the size of this puppy, the delivery was more risky.  We’ve been a bit anxious since hearing that news.  Sadly, the puppy was stillborn this weekend.   We were quite disappointed but our grief was exasperated with worry because our sweet Sadie had major complications after the birth.  Her complications required a very serious, lengthy surgery that kept her in the Pet “ER” for a couple of days.   We were sad to lose our puppy but really wanted our sweet dog to make it through this tough weekend.

Sadie golden retriever

I’m happy to say that Sadie is sleeping on the couch a few feet behind me in my home studio.   She has a long recovery ahead but should be ok.

This was a tremendous burden for me.  At the same time, I’ve been searching for a car for our 2nd child, Will.  He celebrated his 16th birthday in May and we haven’t found a vehicle for him yet.  We’ve been patiently waiting for the right deal – the make, model, mileage, and of course … the price … that we wanted.   We finally found the vehicle this past weekend.   So in the midst of our pet drama, we also were trying to buy a vehicle that was out of town.

As the sun set last night, we’d successfully purchased the vehicle and my son was so happy.  My beautiful golden retriever was home resting and it just felt like “all was right in the world”.

This morning, the sun rose on a new day and I felt a sense of peace that has been absent.  It’s not that peace wasn’t available for me – it was just hard to grasp.  I believe peace is always available for us if we take the time to slow down and find it.  For me, as a Christian, I must pause, pray, and worship.   That’s where this musical interlude comes from today.

In the accompanying video, I’ve selected numerous photos of beautiful sunrises.  The sunrise signified the start of a new day.  For me, I think the sunrise is one of the most soothing, peaceful things a person can witness.  May the sun rise on your day and may you discover completeness, peace, and hope as you listen to this music.





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2 comments on “Peaceful Sunrise | Piano Instrumental [Episode 89, July 10, 2018]

  1. Lea Sober says:

    My heart was broken when I read about Sadit and the loss of her pups. I pray that she is feeling a little better now, but she must feel the love and support her family is giving her. Bless her and hugs from friends too

    1. Lea, just seeing this. Thanks for taking time to post and listen. Sadie is all better now, we’re sad from the outcome, but glad she’s all well.

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