One Day In Your Courts | Psalm 84:10 [Episode 163, July 5, 2019]

One Day In Your Courts – Piano Improvisation

Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere …

Psalm 84:10

What a wonderful time of prayer and reflection I had this morning. Today is July 5, 2019. Yesterday we celebrated Independence Day which is a national holiday in the USA on July 4th every year. It’s one of my favorite holidays because our family tradition is to relax and open our home and backyard pool to any friends who wish to join us for a day of leisure and relaxation. I spent most of the day relaxed in our pool chatting with friends. I played piano at The Lodge at Sea Island for guests last night and was able to watch a spectacular fireworks display before coming home and watching my beloved Atlanta Braves in a big win over a division rival.

This morning presented an opportunity for me to really start my day in the wrong direction. I’d hoped to rest and sleep in but our huge cat, Hunter, had other plans. He’s big enough to stand on his back legs and literally knock on our door. He’s huge. When I say huge, that’s an understatement. He loves to eat and even though we have him on a diet, it doesn’t stop him for begging for food.

Around 5:45 AM, I heard our bedroom door rattling back and forth. I thought there must be some big storm outside rattling the doors. It continued and as I woke up I got more and more angry because I realized what was probably causing this unsettling noise that awakened me from my dreams. Sure enough, when I opened the bedroom door, that cat was sitting there looking up at me as if to say “wake up and feed me”.

I did not feed him; rather, I tossed him out the front door.

You know that feeling when you wake up frustrated? I just wanted to sleep in and wake up on my own terms. I was frustrated with the cat and I was more frustrated with my family who I’ve asked to always put the cats out before bed for this very reason.

As petty as it may seem, I was in a bad mood. I could feel those nasty chemicals and hormones stirred up down in my chest. I didn’t feel like having a quiet time but sat down with a cup of coffee and my Bible. As I read through the Scriptures my heart softened. Next, I put on my headphones and tuned in to one of my favorite YouTube channels as background music for my prayer time.

Despite my morning frustrations, I began to sense the peace of God flooding into my spirit. I glanced up from my studio desk and begin to gaze at my “monument of remembrance”. This is a heart-warming display of family pictures that my wife lovingly strung together and hung from my studio/office windows. It reminded me of what is important in this life. I began to express gratitude and thanksgiving for all of God’s blessings in my life.

As I pressed in a little deeper, I realized that I was making a choice. This morning presented me with the choice of two doors. One door was the doorway into my own selfish emotions that could quickly give way into sinful thoughts and actions. The other was the door into my Father’s courts. And as the Psalmist declared, “better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere”.

Each day presents us with this choice. Each passing minute and hour present us with this choice. Will you walk into the door to the courts of praise and thanksgiving or will you walk into the door of being mastered by your own selfish nature?

As I sat down to record this interlude I wanted to base it off this beautiful passage in Psalm 84:10. I wanted the music to reflect the peace of God that comes from being in His gracious presence. I wanted the music to reflect the awe, mystery, and beauty of what these courts must look like, if we could visually see them. I wanted you, the listener, to walk through that door with me … ever so slowly, intentionally, and humbly … and receive what the Creator of the Universe has waiting for you.

Enjoy this interlude.

Grace and peace,
Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels



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