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Fred McKinnon is a Pianist/Composer from St. Simons Island, GA. Checkout the full BIO for more information and a complete bio. Worship Interludes Podcast - This podcast features instrumentals for prayer, meditation, soaking worship, relaxation, study music, and rest. Visit the Podcast page to listen or subscribe. Follow on Social MediaFacebookYouTubeInstagramTwitter

Choices | Piano Instrumental [Episode 145, April 16, 2019]

“Choices” – Solo Piano Instrumental Music for Prayer, Meditation, Soaking Worship, Relaxation, Studying, and Rest

Every day we are faced with choices. We have the ability to make wise choices or poor choices. Some of our choices carry great consequences with ripples that can be felt throughout a lifetime. Other choices may seem entirely insignificant. The choices that we contemplate may be major decisions or they may be as simple as what we choose to eat for lunch.

I’ve been talking to my children about choices. I’ve also been journaling how I’ve been spending my time each day and it’s opened my eyes to the plethora of choices that I can make. One of those choices is whether or not I choose to make the choice!

Today you’ll have many choices to make. Preparing yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually is a great way to position yourself to make wise choices.

As you listen to today’s interlude, think about the choices you’ll be making. Pray and ask for guidance. Plan ahead for choices you’ll be faced with and make a decision about what your best choice will be.

Thank you so much for listening!



Morning Light | Piano Instrumental Music [Episode 144, April 11, 2019]

“Morning Light” – Piano Instrumental – Prayer Music, Meditation Music, Relaxation Music

Title: Morning Light
Composed and Performed by: Fred McKinnon
From Episode #144 of the Worship Interludes Podcast

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About this piece:

This morning was a rush for me as I had some parental responsibilities that required me to leave the house much earlier than normal. I woke up at 5:00 AM for my Thursday morning workout but turned off the alarm and got back in bed. Ten minutes later, I defeated the struggle in my mind and rolled out of bed, got dressed, and drove to our location for the morning workout.

After returning, having my devotional time, and showering, I only had about 20-30 minutes before having to leave. I was going to skip the recording but felt like I should try. I sat down and this piece just flowed from my fingers. It was soothing for me and really set the tone for the rest of my day.

I hope you enjoy it!



Abide With Me | Instrumental Music [Episode 143, April 9, 2019]

“Abide With Me” – Instrumental for Prayer, Meditation, Soaking Worship, and Relaxation

This interlude is a departure from most of my normal recorded piano instrumentals. In most cases I improvise and record the worship interlude in one take. This piece, “Abide With Me”, was actually created over two different days. [There’s a behind-the-scenes video of the creation of this piece available exclusively for my patron supporters!]

I layered several tracks together to build an extended play interlude that is perfect for longer sessions of praying, meditating, studying, or relaxing. There is this one single “A” note that drones throughout the entire sixteen minute composition. A flowing 4-chord progression connects the piece with sparse piano and choir.

I was inspired to create this extended track from some of my own soaking time with a YouTube channel called “Soaking In His Presence“. This channel has videos that have hours of music like this that last a lot longer.