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Fred McKinnon is a Pianist/Composer from St. Simons Island, GA. Checkout the full BIO for more information and a complete bio. Worship Interludes Podcast - This podcast features instrumentals for prayer, meditation, soaking worship, relaxation, study music, and rest. Visit the Podcast page to listen or subscribe. Follow on Social MediaFacebookYouTubeInstagramTwitter

Fire By Night | Piano Instrumental [Episode 236, August 4, 2020]

“Fire by Night” – Piano Instrumental Music by Fred McKinnon Today’s piano interlude is called “Fire by Night”. Improvised in the key of Em, I wanted to create a certain bit of tension because I was feeling it inside. There were a few things that happened last night that just deposited some tension in my…

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Still Waters | Piano Instrumental [Episode 235, July 28, 2020]

“Still Waters” – Solo Piano Instrumental Improvisation Background Music The past two mornings here on Saint Simons Island, Georgia have been stunning. Some days the sunrises are more spectacular than usual and this week they have not been a disappointment. I was driving home yesterday morning after my workout and had to pull off the…

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Humility – Piano Instrumental Improvisation Background Music This morning I was reflecting on the attribute of humility. Scripture tells us that “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble”. (James 4:6). I’m not sure what you may believe about God. But for me, although I realize God is loving, I certainly do not…

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