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Fred McKinnon is a Pianist/Composer from St. Simons Island, GA. Checkout the full BIO for more information and a complete bio. Worship Interludes Podcast - This podcast features instrumentals for prayer, meditation, soaking worship, relaxation, study music, and rest. Visit the Podcast page to listen or subscribe. Follow on Social MediaFacebookYouTubeInstagramTwitter

Pressing On | Piano Improvisation [episode 230, june 16, 2020]

“Pressing On” – Piano Instrumental Improvisation for Prayer, Meditation, Soaking Worship, and Relaxation Today’s interlude is called “Pressing On”. This is the first interlude I’ve recorded in more than a couple of weeks. I was actually a bit surprised that they weren’t missed! I expected to start getting emails and questions about why the interludes…

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In the Valley | Piano Instrumental Music [Episode 229, May 29, 2020]

“In the Valley” – Piano Improvisation by Fred McKinnon Life is a journey. Sometimes we feel that we are on the mountaintop admiring the wonderful view. Then there are times when we get down into the valleys. Sometimes valleys are beautiful and sometimes, they are bare. Typically we think of the valley in life as…

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The journey | Piano Instrumental [Episode 228, May 26, 2020]

“The Journey” – Piano Improvisation by Fred McKinnon Today’s interlude was a free-flowing improvisation that started in the Key of Bm and resolved in the key of D Major. Many times I will experiment a little before recording to find the melody or motif that is stirring in my soul. This morning, I hit record…

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