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The Thin Veil | Piano Improvisation [Episode 187, November 5, 2019]

The Thin Veil – Solo Piano Instrumental by Fred McKinnon

Today’s piano interlude is called “The Thin Veil”. As I was playing and recording this morning, I was thinking and praying for a dear friend in our community. He’s been in the long, weary stages of battling a disease. Without a miracle, he will be taken from us soon. He’s told me before how much he enjoys listening to these interludes so I am dedicating this to him.

I personally believe that there is a thin veil between us and eternity. We grow up thinking of heaven as some destination in the sky. I wonder if the people on the space station are closer to heaven and God than we are here on Earth. Yet, I’m convinced that it doesn’t work that way at all. I’ve been in the hospital or hospice rooms too many times and witnessed those final, passing moments where it’s obvious that the veil between this life and the next is so very thin. It’s right there, and we are so close to just stepping through that veil into glory.

As my friend Steve faces the veil, I pray for him. I still pray for miraculous healing. I pray for peace, comfort, and a release from pain. I pray for his beautiful wife and children. I grieve that we are in this fallen world filled with disease and pain but I celebrate that this is not our home.

I hope that you enjoy this episode.

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Listen to “The Thin Veil” Piano Instrumental:

Watch the music video for “The Thin Veil”

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Hope | Soaking Instrumental Worship [Episode 186, October 29, 2019]

“Hope” – Piano Instrumental Music for Soaking Worship, Intercession, Prayer, and Meditation

This morning I watched the dark, black sky slowly begin to turn orange as the sun began to sneak over the marsh here on St. Simons Island, Georgia. I was sitting in my truck praying and watched the color of the sky change. It reminded me of how faithful God is and how we know that each day the sun will rise and it will set.

With each sunrise it represents a new day. Hope. Promises. Mercies that start all over – a bucket full.

If you’re tired, weary, or feeling hopeless, I hope you’ll take the time to get lost in this ten minute instrumental track. Find refreshing in your short time of solitude, prayer, and meditation.

As always, I love to hear back from you. Does this music bless you? Please let me know.

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Listen to “Hope” Piano Instrumental Interlude:

Watch “Hope” Piano Instrumental Video:

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Take Time | Too Busy for Soul Care? [Episode 185, October 22, 2019]

“Take Time” – Piano Instrumental Music for Soul Care

Today’s interlude is a short breath of fresh air. I recorded this on a day when I had a million other things on my mind and what seems like a never-ending task list in my business life. The temptation to skip the interlude today and rush into my ever-growing task list was great. Yet, I’ve learned over the years that if I don’t stop and tend to my soul, things don’t go well. My effort to be productive is always counter productive when I ignore my devotional time.

Let’s be honest. Who isn’t super busy these days? Practically no one. We all have to remind ourselves that taking a moment to tend to our soul doesn’t have to take a long time. Even a brief 5-minute break in our day will yield positive results. As you listen to this interlude, consider just putting down your devices, disabling your notifications, and closing your eyes. Take slow, intentional, deep breaths. As the thoughts of all of your tasks and to-do list flood your mind, try to just let those thoughts pass through. If your mind is super active, replace the busy thoughts with thoughts of gratitude.

My guess? If you do what I suggested, after listening to this brief interlude you will feel more at peace. Rest. You’ll want to play it again. The thought of opening your eyes and returning to the chaos will not be so attractive.

The chaos awaits. We have things that have to be done. But ignoring our soul – spirit, mind, and body, is not an option.

Take time.

Grace and peace,
Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer

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