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Preparation | Solo Piano Instrumental [Episode 111, October 30, 2018]

Preparation – Solo Piano Instrumental

Today’s piano instrumental interlude is called “Preparation”.   As I recorded this morning I was thinking of all the things I’d like to accomplish today.   I’m working on a new Christmas album and Tuesdays (today) is one of the days that I reserve to focus on writing and recording.  This day started out well – I was able to join my fellow F3 men for a solid workout at 5:15 AM.  It was a crisp and cool 51 degrees as we exercised outside.  Upon returning home I was able to spend time in the Bible and enjoyed a quiet time of devotion.  Lastly, I was able to sit down with my kids (well, two of them) for breakfast.

All of these things are important.  It’s a great way to start the day.   Preparedness is everything and as the old saying reminds us, “failing to prepare is preparing for failure“.

This piano melody came quickly and easily.  Take a listen and spend the next five minutes preparing your mind, your soul, and your spirit for whatever you have ahead of you.   Meditate on what is important in your life.  Give thanks.  Take time to just breathe and be still.   This will prepare you for the day to come.

I hope you enjoy this interlude.




For Such A Time As This | Solo Piano Interlude [Episode 110, October 23, 2018]

For Such A Time As This – Solo Piano Interlude by Fred McKinnon

Today’s interlude is a peaceful, soothing melody in the Key of Bb.  As I was recording this morning I thought about the whirlwind of change that has been happening in my life recently.   As I pondered these things I began to reflect on how we respond to adversity.  We can choose to be discouraged and own the role of a victim or we can lift our heads and look ahead to a bright new future.   The second path is the best route without any question.

For such a time as this … to love one another.
For such a time as this … to try new things.
For such a time as this … to choose to be uplifting and positive.
For such a time as this … to trust and obey.
For such a time as this … to look for the beautiful and the good in everything.
For such a time as this … to chase new dreams.

What time are you in?  Have you given up on dreams?  Have you settled into a way of life that is no longer fulfilling?  There is so much more for you.   For such a time as this!

I hope that as you listen, you’ll begin to reawaken and reimagine the dreams and hopes in your heart.


Love One Another – Solo Piano Instrumental [Episode 109, October 18, 2018]

Love One Another – Solo Piano Instrumental

Over the past couple of days I’ve been touched by a number of people in my community who just felt impressed to reach out to me.   It’s odd that so many people would do so in a 48-hour window.  I experienced a major life change earlier this month.  The dust around that situation had settled and I felt like everyone had moved on … until the calls started.   These calls had one purpose, and one purpose only.   They were friends who just wanted to check in on me.  They wanted to show me love and acceptance.

This outpouring of love for myself and my family is what I pondered this morning as I recorded this interlude.  I almost didn’t record today because I was running late but disciplined myself to sit down here in my home studio and just play.  I hope that you will sense and feel my response to the care and compassion we’ve felt.  I would encourage you to listen and think of someone in your life that you could express unconditional love towards.  Call them.  Text them.  Send them a letter.   Do something extravagant for them.

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