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God’s Benevolence

Hey Ya’ll –

For the last week I have been re-reading a fantastic book entitled “Christ The Healer” by F.F. Bosworth. It’s one of the most incredible books on the doctrine of “divine healing” and “divine health”, and God’s will for us, as Believers, to be healthy. It’s amazing how quickly we can forget the Word of God in this area when we are sick. I’d been struggling with back-to-back infirmities over the last few months, and had gotten really discouraged. This book is so full of the Word of God and is a refreshing reminder of God’s will for us.

I could blog (10) times a day for the next month quoting passages from this book – and I’m sure I’ll quote it a lot in the next couple of weeks … but this morning during my devotional time, I have been reading Chapter 4 – The Lord’s Compassion. F.F. Bosworth is describing God’s character attributes of being full of mercy and compassion. He attempts to get the reader to remove the obstacles they may have in receiving what God so desperately wishes to give to us – his mercy, compassion and goodness. This quote was so good – I just had to share it …

Suppose the vast Pacific Ocean were elevated high above us. Then conceive of its pressure into every crevice to find an outlet through which it might pour its ocean-tides over all the earth, and you have a picture of God’s benevolent attitude toward us.

WOW. I’ll type that backwards – WOW. 🙂

Ya know, that’s just the TRUTH. God is constantly being described throughout the Word of God as being “slow to anger, abounding in love, compassionate, gracious, faithful …”. I don’t know about you, but there are lots of areas in my life where I need God to lavish His overwhelming goodness, mercies, and compassionate benevolence on me. And I’ve decided that I’m crazy enough to believe His Word, and I’ve opened my “Accounts Receivable” doors wide. I hope you’ll do the same.

For the Kingdom,
Fred F. McKinnon

Rebekah has Pig Tails

Well, I couldn’t resist posting this quick snapshot of Rebekah Grace … she had her hair (or Joy had her hair, rather), in little pig-tails. Daddy is now wasted for the rest of the day!

Rebekah Grace McKinnon, August 15, 2005

Blessings from a proud Daddy,

Hello world!

Hey Ya’ll –

Well, today I just kinda felt like blogging … nothing really great to say or share – no huge announcement – no mind bending revelation (ha, like that’s gonna happen!) … just a desire to type, journal, and say “hello” to the world.

It’s around 3:15 EST … and things have slowed down a little bit – God is blessing me with a bit of a “breather” before I take off running again.

So … let’s see … what’s happenin?
Went to Savannah yesterday to see Dr. Fred Daniel of ENT Associates. I started getting this nasty infection in my right ear last Wednesday. It only got worse – I prayed about it and felt like I should try and wait for it to get better instead of just running straight to the doctor – dedicated some prayer time for it everyday … but in the end, I waited the 3 days that I had “in mind” and couldn’t stand it any longer. So, my right ear is pretty much swollen shut and hurts pretty badly, but it’s getting better every day. They put this little “wick/sponge” down in there so the medicine can travel down the ear canal. Hope Joy doesn’t decide to light my wick.

Worship Under The Stars is moving along like crazy. We’re still about $20,000 short on the funds needed to make this dream a reality, so please join me in prayer about folks stepping up to the plate and sowing a financial (tax-deductibe, by the way!) gift to Worship International. Practices are steady and the band and vocals sound fantastic.

Our world changes big-time tomorrow … Jon Michael, my oldest son (will be 5 on August 18) starts his first day of Pre-K school at Oglethorpe Elementary School tomorrow. Gotta have him up, dressed, fed, and out the door somewhere between 7:30 – 7:45. Man, I don’t know how all these Moms managed to do it everyday.

Well, I guess there’s much more I could talk about – but that’s enough for now … the itch is satisfied … but stay tuned.

OH YEAH – hooray to NASA and our brave astronauts for a safe return home today. I told our kids that the “space ship” was coming back, and without any prompting, Jon Michael immediately bowed his head and prayed “Dear Jesus, please help the astronauts get back to Earth safely”. Made me smile!

For the Kingdom,