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Unfortunate Whale, Fortunate Shark

Hey Ya’ll –

OK – this is kinda gross and weird, but was too freaky not to share. Sharks are no uncommon thing off our coast – it’s one of the largest shark breeding grounds in the world – but not for GREAT WHITES!

Well, a friend of ours from Marine Fisheries, Coastal Resources Division sent us this photo, below:
Right Whale and Great White Shark off Cumberland Island, GA

This unfortunate right whale was hit by a ship and was found drifting off the coast of Cumberland Island – just south of us … and taking advantage of the deceased, a great white shark.

Now my brother may understand why I don’t like being the “deep guy” in the middle of the night when we seine for shrimp.

Oh well – I hear the themesong of “Jaws” now …



Hey Ya’ll –

Subject: New Music Uploaded at Mixposure.Com

I’ve been posting on the forums at SoundClick.Com about my frustrations in the lack of hits our websites receive from their visitors. Back when I posted our music on the old, we’d get over 1,000 unique visitors a day to HighestPraise.Com and our other sites. W/ our music available at SoundClick, we got far less than 1,000 visitors for the whole year. WAY LESS.

Anyway – some folks suggested that I upload some music to a site I’d never heard of … called Mixposure … so that I’ve done.

I’d be grateful if you’d help get us “exposed” there by visiting Mixposure and playing the two songs I’ve just uploaded.

You’ll notice I uploaded “Restless” – one of the songs I’ve prepared for my new instrumental. As w/ Live365 and Soundclick, I uploaded this into the “New Age” genre intentionally – “gone fishing”. A lady emailed Highest Praise the other day and was concerned that we were supposed to be “Christians” but had our music in the “New Age” genre. I took the time to reply about our strategy – most “new age” stuff is centered around the spiritual, right? Lots of seekers there … and our music is … well … DEFINITEY SPIRITUAL. Didn’t Jesus say something about the “sick needing the doctor”. (dont’ get me wrong – I’m not implying that the folks who listen or compose the music in that genre or sick, lost, etc).

Oh well – back to the grind – I’m going back into the studio this afternoon at Passion Music & Film Group for some recording time on the Yamaha C6 conservatory grand – say a prayer for me to record something I can keep!

For the Kingdom,


Hey ya’ll –

Well, I never saw a movie preview – never really even knew this movie was out – but watched it last night and was left in awe. I’m speaking of the movie “Luther”. (see ) This is an epic on Martin Luther that was released on DVD and VHS somewhere around 11/30 from what I’ve been told. Some of the men at the prayer retreat I attended were talking about so we rented it at our local Blockbuster.

All I can say is that I think every Christian should watch this. What an incredible story. I’m saddened at the total ignorance I had regarding the history around Martin Luther. I knew he was the person who started the Reformation, but that was about it. I learned a lot – granted, I have no way of knowing how much of this movie was fiction and how much was fact … but the overall theme was incredible.

I was compelled by one scene in particular where one of the ministers was leaving a festive party prematurely. Martin Luther caught up to ask him why he was leaving – he’d just gotten his copy of the Bible in his own language … he as eager to get back to his people and share it. Martin Luther cautioned him that there was not yet any protection established for him and all he cared about was letting others share his experience of reading God’s Word for himself for the first time. Later, he was burned at the stake for it. Am I that desperate for the Word?

I’m so grateful for the pioneers, prophets, and people of God who have blazed trails before us. If I could share one tiny ounce of the passion, purpose, and boldness that these soldiers of the Kingdom had, I’d be doing good. Lord, help us all.

For the Kingdom,