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The Flood

Hey Ya’ll –

Down here on St. Simons Island, we’ve felt like we have been in a major flood the last couple of days. It’s been raining off and on quite a bit – and with several passes of really STRONG rain, we had lots of local flooding.

Brooke, the secretary at our church, called to tell us that a Wed PM rehearsal had been cancelled due to severe flooding, and that is wasn’t really safe to go out there to the church. So what did I do? Jump in the Explorer and go check it out (isn’t that REALLY what SUV’s are for?) Of course, on my return trip, a power line and tree had fallen over the road in front of Christ Church and I had to sit there w/ the police for about 40 minutes until Georgia Power showed up to move the power line off the road!

Here are some pics that I took w/ my camera phone … not great clarity or resolution, but you can get the idea … there was a LOT of water!

Pic #1:
Frederica Road between Christ Church, Wesley Methodist, and CRCSSI
Frederica Road, St. Simons Island

Pic #2:
Same picture, but with car … the car is coming out of the shallow part … it entered from Wesley’s driveway, and the water was up to the headlights!
Frederica Road, St. Simons Island

Pic #3:
Entrance to Fort Frederica … anyone got a boat?
Entrance to Fort Frederica, St. Simons Island

Pic #4:
Christian Renewal Church, SSI – Parking Lot
Christian Renewal Church, St. Simons Island

Looks like more rain today, but hopefully we’ll see the sunshine again soon!

For the Kingdom,

Podcasting – Oh my!

Hey Ya’ll –

Well … it’s on to the next internet craze … this time, it’s something called “PodCasting“.

First, we had “blog” – a combination of “web” and “log”.
Now, we have “Podcasting” a combination of “Ipod” and “Broadcasting”.

Basically, “Podcasting” is very similar to blogging except it’s done with audio instead. Folks who subscribe to your “podcast” will automatically receive and download your “audio” broadcast whenever you release it, depending on their settings.

I’d like to stay on the “cutting edge” of what’s hot online, and I got real excited when I read about this … honestly, it’s been going on for a while now, but I finally took a moment to get educated about it.

Basically, you can download free software which will automatically download any audio content that has been released on your favorite “podcast” … like “DVR meets Internet Audio” …

Yeah – we got DVR (Digital Video Recorder) recently, and it’s great to not have to remember to put in a VCR tape to record your favorite show, or to have to set the timer. You just record to the hard drive … and the interactive program guide (like Tivo) allows you to record your favorite shows whenever they come on … it’s so easy.

So is podcasting!

So – all you need is some software that allows you to subscribe to Podcasts. One such software is called Ipodder. However, my favorite is the newest version of Apple’s “ITunes” software – if you don’t have ITunes on your computer, you should (lots of love!). With the newest version of ITunes, you can subscribe to Podcasts directly in ITunes and you can setup Itunes to check for updates daily, every hour, every week, etc.

What’s so exciting about this? Well, my mind is racing on how I can use “Podcasting” to advance the Kingdom. Maybe I’ll start podcasting from this blog … maybe I’ll create an instrumental worship podcast … a Highest Praise/Praise & Worship podcast .. who knows! I’ll have to prayerfully consider it.

For example – let’s say that I launched a “Highest Praise” podcast … every day … maybe every week … I’d launch a new broadcast. With your ITunes software (you’ve subscribed for free to the podcast), it will automatically download the audio and it’s waiting for you whenever you’re ready to hear the newest issue!

Think it’s a cool idea – well, check this out – just for fun, THIS POST is going to include a “podcast” … this BLOG will now have some podcasting in it …..

Just to prove it … there’s a FREE COPY of a new, solo piano composition that I’ve been working on “embedded” in this message. If you are only reading the text blog – you can’t see it or hear it … but if you are podcasting … the MP3 will be delivered right to your podcast software (ie. IPodder or ITunes).

Now .. if you’ve jumped out there and downloaded IPodder (or downloaded/updated your ITunes application to 4.9+), all you need is the RSS feed URL to subscribe, which is simply:
(that’s the “feed URL” you will enter to subscribe)

For example, if you have downloaded and installed Apple’s ITunes (available for Windows and Mac users), you’ll go to:
Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast …
and copy/paste that URL above into the “URL” box. Try it!

Well, I hope this works … and pray for wisdom as I seek on how this new technology can be used to broadcast music, spoken word, and media for His Kingdom.

For the Kingdom,
(wanna hear the new song … get some Podcast software!)

Worship Under The Stars Logo

Worship Under The Stars Logo

Well … here it is … the new “Worship Under The Stars” logo, created by Joseph David Advertising. We’ve been meeting with this advertising/marketing group who has generously given of their time and talent to make this concert a reality. Next step is the development of our posters, billboard advertisements, etc. The accompanying letterhead with this logo is just as sharp! We’ll have the new website updated with the new art direction soon.

Hope you’re having a great week … it’s raining here today!

For the Kingdom,