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Democracy in Action

Well, here we are – Election 2004 – today. Oh how I wish it would REALLY be over today! Truth is, I’ll be surprised if we aren’t faced with lawsuits and weeks of rumbling before we know who our next Presidential leader will be.

Still, what a great honor we have to choose our leader. I’ve seen lots of articles about what the extent of a Believer’s role in politics should be. One thing I know for sure – the countries in the Bible that had Godly leaders were blessed. I’m also reminded of the parable of the good steward. I’d think that our “vote” is a “talent” that we’d best take advantage of, and cast with confidence and with the clear leading of the Holy Spirit. I hope you’ll do the same today.

I’m not afraid to declare my personal choice. I’m proud to be a supporter of George W. Bush. Not because he’s a Republican – but because I PERSONALLY feel that his views on important issues are more in tune with my own views that I’ve formed by searching the Word of God – not by listening to political pundits. (although I’ve listened to them way too much!) I’ll be disappointed if GW loses, and I’m not quite as confident as some of my friends who think it will be a “decisive victory”.

What is he does lose? I’ll roll up my sleeves and continue to pray for my President. I’ll be a blessing, and walk in love – and not display anger, hatred, or judgment. If this election does not turn out as you would like, I’d encourage you to not get into “judgment” … for our hope and freedom comes from the Lord – not from a political office or party. Granted, having one candidate over another may make things “easier” to advance God’s Kingdom here on the earth – but ultimately, regardless, my prayer is simply “thy Kingdom come – thy Will be done”.


For the Kingdom,

General Ramblings

Hi Friends –

Well, today I just felt like rambling a bit. It’s been a LONG WEEK. Perhaps, although doubtful, UGA will beat the Florida Gators this weekend, and that will just erase away all the grime from this week.

Nah – seriously, it’s not been that bad. A couple of folks from our church died so I’ve been doing memorial services (about to go to one in a couple of hours). Our huge “Fall Festival” for our church is happening on Sunday, so Joy has been really busy with that. I got some disappointing news that one of HPP’s most popular new songs, Praise The Lord, O My Soul did NOT make the final cut by the listening board for inclusion on Worship Leader Magazine’s SongDISCovery Resource CD for Jan/Feb. I was sure this was gonna happen, so it was a bit discouraging, but I trust the Father in that.

lunar eclipseDid you see the lunar eclipse Wednesday evening? It was so cool – it just reminds me of HOW BIG GOD IS and HOW SMALL I AM. I put up some more pics that I took of the eclipse the other night.

I got a few emails and comments from my political post the other day. What really got me thinking about that stuff was a post by a friend of mine … he typically has some unique insights with what I’d call a “prophetic edge” and he’s not afraid to speak the “truth”, even when it hurts. I encouraged him to make a “blog”, so check out his article called “I Knew Jesus Before He Was a Republican” at his blog.

Finally – my sweet, little Rebekah Grace McKinnon is a whopping 7-months old today. I can hardly believe it. She’s trying to crawl, and is sitting up some. Although she’ll probably shoot me 16 years from now, I couldn’t resist putting up a classic “tub pic” in the photo gallery.

Well, off to prepare for a memorial service, a big fall festival this weekend, and a ministry trip Sunday PM (more on that soon).

For the Kingdom,

Ballot Issues?

I created a new category on my “blog” …. “Politics”. (gasp)