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My Dilemma

Hey Ya’ll –

So Joy and I were talking last night … we were sharing about the things God is speaking to us and areas of our lives he wants to make better. I began to dialog about some issues that I’ve been seeing in my own life and as I did, I realized something … I HAVE A DILEMMA!

Seriously, I do – but then again, I suppose we all have it. Now is the time to just “go deeper” with God and be more like Him. The dilemma is something like this:

How do I break free from “RELIGION” but remain “HOLY”?
How do I live as a “PECULIAR PEOPLE/PERSON” yet remain RELEVANT and approachable in my CULTURE?

You see, I’ve been enjoying a remarkable departure from some die-hard “religious” mindsets and actions. As a result, I’ve found so much freedom and my relationship with Christ as been more authentic. At the same time, I’ve found it to be very easy to go too far the other direction …

Example (hypothetical) – “self-imposed religion” may say “it’s a sin to go to a movie” … I get freedom from that, and know that I can enjoy a movie and be entertained w/o it being sinful … the dilemma – I begin to allow myself to go to movies that ARE SINFUL for me to watch, etc. It is not holy.

Holiness – there is the second dilemma. How can I be “holy” …. a “peculiar person” … a “chosen one” … but still be relevant in my culture and society. Still be “approachable”.

I’m sure we can seem “peculiar” easily – especially when we put on our religious garb and begin acting as if we are “set apart” from others and we shut them out. But that’s not relevant. If I am with a bunch of college buddies at a reunion who aren’t “born-again” … and they are all drinking and getting drunk … and listening to the most recent “cool band” (oh no – and maybe it’s not a “Passion CD”, HA!) … am I being “peculiar” by saying I have to leave … or would my peculiarity (is that a word?) be better in remaining there, relating to them, yet abstaining from doing anything that is sinful.

Oh well – I can tell by typing this that it ain’t hitting the mark – I’m not clearly saying what I want to say. It made so much more sense last night. All I know is this … I want to be holy. But I don’t want to be “religious”. I want to be peculiar and set apart – sanctified for God .. but I also want to be relevant.

Am I asking too much? I don’t think so …. I think Jesus is the model. Help me, Lord – become more like You.

What do you think? Look forward to your comments.

For the Kingdom,

This week

Hey Friends –

Several big things happening (or happened already) this week …

First: Sunday, October 31: our church had it’s annual “Halloween-alternative” function. We used to call it “Hallelujah Night” or “Hallelujah Hoe-Down”, as it would be held in the evenings. This year, a huge team of our “Kid Revolution” leadership took the reigns and made it a community-wide event. There were tons of churches represented and we raised over $10,000 for a young family on the island – the father was recently diagnosed with cancer – so this became a benefit for their family.

Sunday Evening (Oct 31) I headed 45 minutes south to Woodbine United Methodist Chuch where I ministered and did a concert. It was a sweet time and we really encountered the Lord in a special way that evening.

Monday, November 1st – a special day indeed – it marked my 9-year anniversary of moving to Saint Simons Island, GA and being a part of Christian Renewal, SSI. I moved here from Vicksburg, MS back on Oct 31st, 1995 – and it’s been a great place to live, work, and minister.

Tuesday – November 2nd – well – that’s a big day for ALL OF US here in the USA, huh!?

Saturday, November 6th – ahh … HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I celebrate my 34th birthday (yeah, I know – such a young ole’ pup). I’ve got some clear goals and vision already in place for this new “year” of my life and look forward to jumping out of the gate!

Blessings to you all!