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School Today

Hey Ya’ll –

Couldn’t resist sharing this – Chris Moncus shared this with me today – he’s the Director of Design & Sales with our hosting company.

Without further ado, I present to you … “School Today” – there was no authorship or copyright info on this cartoon, so I cannot give credit where credit is due.

School Today Cartoon

Unfortunate Whale, Fortunate Shark

Hey Ya’ll –

OK – this is kinda gross and weird, but was too freaky not to share. Sharks are no uncommon thing off our coast – it’s one of the largest shark breeding grounds in the world – but not for GREAT WHITES!

Well, a friend of ours from Marine Fisheries, Coastal Resources Division sent us this photo, below:
Right Whale and Great White Shark off Cumberland Island, GA

This unfortunate right whale was hit by a ship and was found drifting off the coast of Cumberland Island – just south of us … and taking advantage of the deceased, a great white shark.

Now my brother may understand why I don’t like being the “deep guy” in the middle of the night when we seine for shrimp.

Oh well – I hear the themesong of “Jaws” now …



Hey Ya’ll –

Subject: New Music Uploaded at Mixposure.Com

I’ve been posting on the forums at SoundClick.Com about my frustrations in the lack of hits our websites receive from their visitors. Back when I posted our music on the old, we’d get over 1,000 unique visitors a day to HighestPraise.Com and our other sites. W/ our music available at SoundClick, we got far less than 1,000 visitors for the whole year. WAY LESS.

Anyway – some folks suggested that I upload some music to a site I’d never heard of … called Mixposure … so that I’ve done.

I’d be grateful if you’d help get us “exposed” there by visiting Mixposure and playing the two songs I’ve just uploaded.

You’ll notice I uploaded “Restless” – one of the songs I’ve prepared for my new instrumental. As w/ Live365 and Soundclick, I uploaded this into the “New Age” genre intentionally – “gone fishing”. A lady emailed Highest Praise the other day and was concerned that we were supposed to be “Christians” but had our music in the “New Age” genre. I took the time to reply about our strategy – most “new age” stuff is centered around the spiritual, right? Lots of seekers there … and our music is … well … DEFINITEY SPIRITUAL. Didn’t Jesus say something about the “sick needing the doctor”. (dont’ get me wrong – I’m not implying that the folks who listen or compose the music in that genre or sick, lost, etc).

Oh well – back to the grind – I’m going back into the studio this afternoon at Passion Music & Film Group for some recording time on the Yamaha C6 conservatory grand – say a prayer for me to record something I can keep!

For the Kingdom,