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Why not! Just do it!

So, I kicked it around and did what any good ole’ South GA boy with entreprenurial blood in his bones would do … I said “why not – just do it”.

I’m a Victim

So – just the other day I was telling someone that I was surprised that I’d never really had any fraud charges on my credit card.

Tired of Spam

Note: this is the kickoff message in a new category called “Cool Stuff”. Yes, I’m a musician, worship leader, producer, etc., but I also spend a LOT of time online. As a result, people are always asking me about “online stuff” and other cool toys (albeit internet software, music, audio gear, etc). I decided it would be fun to have a category dedicated to stuff I’ve used and found to be of value for me … so hopefully, these things can help somebody else, too. So … enjoy!

80.32% SPAM

That’s the percentage of spam versus “legitimate” email that I receive at my personal mailbox for Highest Praise Productions.

I guess for any number of reasons … I’ve had the same email address there for hmm … let’s see … at least 6-7 years. I’ve posted to multiple worship, audio, and internet-related forums all over the internet with that address and have put it on our websites for years. As a result I’m on every possible spam list you can imagine.

Enter “Spam Arrest” …

When I send out the monthly “Highest Praise” newsletter I get bombarded with auto-reply emails from anti-spam filters and the like. Especially Earthlink … if you use Earthlink, PLEASE add our email address to your approved sender’s list.

One of the auto-replies I’ve noticed recently is from a group called Spam Arrest . Here’s how it works.

1) Spam Arrest copies all my email from the mail server to their servers every 2 minutes.
2) Any message that is NOT from someone on my “approved senders” list gets stuck in an “Unverified” folder.
3) All messages that ARE from my “approved senders” list gets put in my Inbox, which I check from the web or my email program.

If you (or someone else) sends an email to me and you are NOT on my approved sender’s list, you get a quick auto-reply asking you to click a link and enter a challenge code. From that point forward, you’re on my approved list and never have to do it again. The whole process takes about one minute – and one time only. There is a freebie version and a paid version – the paid version (which I use) lets you continue to check your email w/ an email program and also has a great, easy-to-use import/export tool to import your existing address book – so most everybody that would email you is already on your approved sender’s list and would never have to authenticate themselves.

You see – all this spam is coming from invalid email addresses or mailing list programs that don’t have a “real person” verifying themselves. As a result, I’ve had the pleasure of watching thousands of “spam messages” get trashed in my Unverified folder. 80+ percent of them, actually!

I’ve been using it for a week or so, and I’m totally amazed. I can see that it will take a few weeks of my needing to login to my “unverified” folder and manually authorize a few mailing lists that I want to receive (where most likely nobody will authenticate themselves), but that’s well worth it. Last few times I’ve logged in over the last few days – there’s been nothing in there but spam.

I’ve used spam filters for a while now, and they just don’t help as much as I need … so if you’re looking for something to “get rid of spam”, check out Spam Arrest – I think you’ll be amazed!

For the Kingdom,