Mindful Moments

Mindful Moments, Opus 4 [Episode 246, November 17, 2020]

“Mindful Moments, Opus 4” – Short Piano Instrumental Improvisations by Fred McKinnon Today’s interlude is part of my “Mindful Moments” series, which are shorter instrumental interludes that are designed for quick, impromptu moments of meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and relaxation. We are all so busy and life is moving so fast. It’s easy to assume that…

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Mindful Moments, Opus 3 [Episode 233, July 7, 2020]

“Mindful Moments, Op. 3” – Short Piano Instrumentals Today’s new composition is the third installment (opus) of my “Mindful Moments” series. These are piano instrumental improvisations which are shorter in duration. Typically they are under five minutes and are created for pauses in the midst of our busy, chaotic lives to slow down and pray,…

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