SOAK | Episode 256, April 23, 2021]

“Soak” – Solo Piano Improvisation for Prayer, Meditation, Relaxation It’s been a full month since I last recorded. That may be a record for the length of time I’ve taken off from the creative/recording process. I explained this in an email that I sent to my newsletter and patrons earlier this week. You can read…

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The Darkness | Episode 256, March 23, 2021]

“The Darkness” – Solo Piano Instrumental Improvisation Today’s episode is called “The Darkness” – it’s in the key of G-minor and has more of a dark, tense vibe. These are musical reflections of how I often feel when my prayer is filled with more concern or when I feel that I’m in spiritual warfare through…

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Mindful Moments, Opus 5 [Episode 255, March 9, 2021]

“Mindful Moments” – Short, Peaceful, Soothing Piano Improvisations Today I’m releasing another improvisation in the “Mindful Moments” series. These instrumentals are shorter (less than 5 minutes) and perfect for a short respite during your day. Thanks to everyone who reaches out to me with emails and social media posts and messages. It always encourages me…

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