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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear [Episode 214, March 12, 2020]

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear – Piano Instrumental for Peace during Corona Virus Fears

This title comes from a passage in 1 John 4:18. It speaks to me today because we are experiencing incredible fear, panic, and anxiety all over this world because of the Corona Virus pandemic. With each passing day, with each tormenting headline, more and more people are being gripped with fear and worry.

The passage I’ve quoted is not necessarily addressing that type of situation when taken into context but it still rings true. The best weapon against fear is love and faith.

When we are assaulted, day and night, with a relentless barrage of headlines that insight fear and worry we must choose. Will you choose to live in panic and fear, or will you choose to live in faith and peace? Make no mistake about it, I am not belittling or diminishing the need for our world to have the facts of this virus reported to us. It is important to be informed with facts.

I love Psalm 91 and I choose to meditate on this during these trials. I encourage you to read it and meditate on it as well.

Fear brings out the worst in us. Panic. It makes us stressed and when we are stressed our reactions and responses to our fellow mankind is not balanced.

Loving one another, praying for one another, being empathetic and compassionate to one another – this is how we defeat fear.

I created this short interlude as a means for you to take a break from the panic, fear, and hysteria that is being caused by this corona virus pandemic. I hope and pray that it brings you a few moments of focus, peace, and rest.

Listen to “Perfect Love Casts Out Fear” by Fred McKinnon

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Selah | Peaceful, Soothing Piano [Episode 213, March 10, 2020]

Selah – Solo Piano Improvisation Music for Prayer, Meditation, Soaking Worship, Mindfulness, Relaxation, Study, and Rest

Selah is a word that is found throughout the Book of Psalms in the Bible. Most scholars feel that this word simply meant to pause, rest, or ponder. Today’s interlude is a calm, soothing piano improvisation in G-minor.

Tuesdays are the day that I typically record the first interlude of each week but this day has become increasingly busier in my life over the past months. I can honestly say that when I looked at the clock and it was after 9:30 AM and I hadn’t even started recording … I seriously considered skipping the interlude today.

Every time I’ve allowed the busyness of life and the cares of the world to rob me of these sweet, peaceful musical interludes, I feel a sense of regret and disappointment.

It’s quite common for one to feel a sense of sadness, lament, or focus when listening to an interlude such as this one which is in the minor key. I think that it’s important to allow ourselves to go into that place where we sense the tension, the fatigue, yet, battle through and find rest.

As you listen today, I hope and pray that you allow yourself to slow down, soak it in, and discover peace and rest for your soul.

Grace and peace,
Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer

Photo by Mateusz Dach from Pexels

Listen to “Selah” Piano Improvisation by Fred McKinnon

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Unending Love | Piano Solo [Episode 212, March 6, 2020]

“Unending Love” – Piano Improvisation by Fred McKinnon

This piece, “Unending Love” comes from my piano improvisation on the morning of Friday, March 6, 2020. It is featured as Episode #212 of the Worship Interludes Podcast which was created as a soundtrack for personal times of prayer, devotion, meditation, relaxation, and rest.

Love is such a powerful gift. I’m not thinking about the kind of love we may have emotionally or sexually with someone. That’s definitely part of love but I’m referring to selfless, never-ending love that chooses to serve, bless, and honor. Love is such a beautiful gift when it’s given with no expectation of return or benefit.

Truthfully, loving with that kind of love is extremely difficult. Yet, Christ has called us to love one another in this way.

One of the main reasons that I record these morning interludes is so that the listener can have a peaceful, calming soundtrack for their personal times of prayer and devotion. In this episode, consider meditating on how you can love others more completely and selflessly. Allow yourself to see your shortcomings and opportunities for growth in this area.

May we learn to love in the way that we are loved by our Heavenly Father.

Grace and peace,
Fred McKinnon, Pianist/Composer

Photo by Evie Shaffer from Pexels

Listen to “Unending Love” Piano Solo by Fred McKinnon

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